Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Galaxy S22 Plus vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: Explaining the differences in Samsung’s flagship lineup

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series is here. Just like the past three years, there are three models to choose from. Unlike the past three years, however, the gap that separates the highest end Ultra model from the other two devices is wider than ever. In fact, the Galaxy S22 Ultra feels like a different phone from the other two. And that’s because it basically is. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is essentially a new Galaxy Note. It looks like a clear evolution of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra than it does over the Galaxy S21 Ultra, from the boxy look with hard corners to the included S-Pen. The standard Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, meanwhile, are clearly Galaxy S21 sequels, with the same camera module design and overall in-hand feel.
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In defense of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s massive size

There was one stand-out star of Samsung Unpacked 2022 for me, and it wasn’t the Galaxy S22 Ultra or any of the other smartphones. It was a tablet: the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. When I first walked into the testing area for the new Galaxy devices, ready to get my hands on the new S22 or Tab S8, it was in fact, the Ultra Tab S8 that immediately caught my eye. I had never seen anything like it before.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra — here's how it could replace your laptop

Samsung unveiled a slew of new Android devices during its Unpacked event on Wednesday (February 9), including three models of the new Galaxy Tab S8 tablet. They all look promising, but one loomed large above the rest in my mind: the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Perhaps it’s the Ultra’s remarkably...
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Weekly poll: Samsung Galaxy S22 series - hot or not?

While Samsung believes the future is in foldables, the rigid Galaxy S phones are still best-sellers. Three new models are coming to stores soon – you can already pre-order them and the first units will ship out on February 25 (a couple of weeks from now). In case you...

We need to talk about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra zoom

You might not like that Samsung took its Galaxy S Ultra line and basically reassigned it to Team Note, but you'll forget all about the look, feel, and even that nifty integrated S-Pen once you start using the stunningly effective Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra zoom. Instead of a clear-headed upgrade...

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Which is right for you?

Apple and Samsung have always been the top dogs of the smartphone market, and the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra continue to build on that tradition. Both of these flagships offer professional-grade cameras, giant screens and some of the best performance you can find. Of course,...

Tested: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display blows away iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra packs one of the best-looking displays I've ever seen on a phone. This 6.8-inch Super AMOLED screen delivers a 120Hz refresh rate for super smooth scrolling that scales all the way down to 1Hz for power savings. And there's a new Vision Booster feature that automatically adjusts the display based on the surrounding lighting.
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Superior Bowl commercial: Inside Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad featuring Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler

Peyton Manning, TV funnyman, commentator and decent former NFL quarterback, is adding another commercial to his pantheon of ads leading up to Super Bowl 56. This time, though, Manning is joined by several sports greats and GOATs — and Steve Buscemi — in an ad for Michelob ULTRA that has been teased during NFL and other sports broadcasts leading up to the big game.

Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Which phone is best?

The recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra borrows from the best of the Galaxy Note and Ultra lines, but is it enough to unseat the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the top high-end flagship on the market? The Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the question that will be on the minds of many seeking flagship smartphone nirvana this year, so let’s figure out which comes out on top.

Balenciaga's $610 USD Ultra Flat Mule Has Toes and a Carbon Fiber Exterior

Balenciaga doesn’t stop — in the past day alone, it has revealed its latest Justin Bieber campaign, a Valentine’s Day capsule, and opened pre-orders for the upcoming Defender sneaker, and now it returns with yet another Spring/Summer 2022 runway offering: the Ultra Flat Mule. As seen on...
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Unlock Dying Light 2's hidden FSR Ultra Quality for better visuals

Dying Light 2 has plenty of graphics settings at its disposal, but there are even more settings available if you don't mind getting your fingers dirty editing a config file (as found by TheHybred over on Reddit). Along with options for tweaking the game's settings that are already offered in the game, there are a couple of extra options, such as for texture quality, clearer settings for sharpness, and the option to use AMD's Ultra Quality FSR—something that isn't available through the game's interface.

LA tops in nation on ultra-luxury deals, dollars: report

You already know some of the deals. In February 2020 Jeff Bezos paid $165 million for a Beverly Hills estate, setting a California record. Early last year one Malibu property went for $87 million, a price nearly matched a couple months later by a spec home sale on San Onofre Drive. Bezos’ record fell in October, when Silicon Valley legend Marc Andreessen paid $177 million for a 10,000-square-foot Malibu mansion.

Geothermal startup Quaise raises $40M for ultra-deep drilling

The MIT spinoff wants to unleash the vast geothermal resources today’s technologies can’t reach. Most geothermal energy wells reach down thousands of feet into rocks or reservoirs, tapping heat deep within the earth to make steam and produce clean electricity. Yet were developers to drill deeper, say 30,000 feet or farther, they could access a much more abundant and constant heat supply — not just near hot springs or volcanoes but virtually anywhere on land. The trouble is that today’s drilling methods aren’t up to the task.
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Motorola Edge 30 Pro leak just tipped new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rival

The Galaxy S22 Ultra sees Samsung reviving the Galaxy Note line in all but name, once again providing a dedicated slot for the much-loved S Pen. But it looks like it may have a rival on its hands, as new leaked images of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro show a handset with a chunky stylus of its own.

Ultra Air launched 2 x 1 promotion at 4 USD

Don't miss the latest aviation news from Latin America and Spain in our newly Aviacionline English Feed at Twitter and Telegram . You may also follow us in LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for our broader coverage in Spanish. Ultra Air, Colombia’s ultra-low-cost startup, began selling tickets, with a start date...

Save $100 on the Samsung T7, one of the best ultra-fast portable SSDs

It’s been quite a week for storage deals and it’s not over yet. Right now, Amazon is selling the 2TB Samsung T7 Portable external SSD for $230. That’s down from a $330 MSRP and a more recent price of $260. This is the non-touch version of the...

Ultra Long-Term Investing With Jeremy Siegel

Let's get set up for another busy week ahead. The January nonfarm payrolls report showed 467 thousand new jobs added last month, way higher than estimates for gains of around 150 thousand. The unemployment rate crept back up to 4% from 3.9% because more people said they're looking for work. Is the labor market stabilizing at long last? Keep in mind, 22 million U.S. jobs were lost between March and April of 2020. 19.1 million jobs have been added back, now 2.9 million below that high, and there are 10.9 million job openings in the United States right now.