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Silanna Semiconductor Moves to Full Production of Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) Controllers for Power Adapters beyond 100W

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Silanna Semiconductor, The Power Density Leader, has announced the full production release of an integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) controller that reduces the operational and no-load/ stand-by power consumption of high-efficiency chargers and adapters while driving down component count, BOM cost and size. Originally announced in September 2021, the SZ1131 ACF controller is now being delivered in volume to customers developing ultra-high-density power adapters with ratings up to 120W.

Catholic Schools Week

The families whose children attend St. Lawrence School and the staff members will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week beginning on Saturday, January 29, and continuing through Friday, February 4. This year’s theme is SonWest Roundup. Locally, the activities for Catholic Schools Week will kick off with the January 29...
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3 Popular Casino Games To Try Out In 2022

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what online casino game to play in 2022. Firstly, you have to select a category and you could play a slot game, card game, table game, or a live casino game. Then, you must decide which game within the chosen category you are going to play and it can take a while before you have narrowed it down. However, we have taken a closer look at many of the popular top casino games in 2022 and you will find the top 3 below.

Auction Preview 01/19/2022

This week we have several comic art lots from several Auction Houses that are ending soon or being featured by CAF. Although we do not include every auction house in our service, you can discover much of the artwork at auction by searching in our comic art for sale database or follow any of the links below to visit each auction house and bid there.

Marvel Reveals the Secret Origin of Its Most Powerful Hero

As the Defenders travel back through Marvel history, they discover two cosmic gods whose identities reveal new truths about the ultra-powerful Sentry. Warning! Spoilers for Defenders # 5 by Marvel Comics. The Defenders have arrived in the Third Cosmos, which has revealed Marvel’s most powerful hero, Sentry, has a secret...

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teases Gohan's Ultimate Power

Dragon Ball Super is teasing the return of Ultimate Gohan with the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie! One thing fans can agree on across the board is that Gohan definitely was knocked down a few pegs with the start of Dragon Ball Super. This gradual decline in importance began all the way back with the Majin Buu arc, but Gohan was at his lowest point in strength yet until the end of the anime's original run. With Gohan and Piccolo taking point in this new movie, it seems like Gohan is going to have a lot on his shoulders and will need as much power as possible to back it up.
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Letter: Redistricting measure meant to maintain GOP’s power

I’m writing to express my opposition to House Bill 2207, the Republican plan to change the way state legislative districts are drawn. For two decades, Republicans in the state House and Senate have benefited from some of the most gerrymandered legislative districts in the country. Now they are angry because the Legislative Reapportionment Committee is about to adopt fair election districts that only give them a slight advantage and don’t prioritize incumbent protection.

Tiger-Themed Beauty Collections

Shiseido just launched a striking Lunar New Year campaign that effortlessly fits into the beauty company's original branding. The tiger ( a symbol of luck), of course, takes center stage in the marketing materials and packaging. Chinese New Year—Shiseido stresses—is an important time as women are filled "with the hope of becoming a stronger more confident version of themselves."

[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Best Players In The World Right Now (2022)

The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate competitive scene is filled with unbridled talent and aspiring players looking to make a name for themselves by besting their opponents. Now, you could go comb through eons worth of footage from fifty different youtube channels, eight websites and your uncle’s basement, or you could look at this handy list for our Top 10 Best Smash Ultimate Players in the World Right now for 2022.

King Philip DECA Holds Annual Breakfast and Installation Ceremony

On Thursday, Nov. 18, King Philip DECA, the school’s business club, held its annual breakfast and installation ceremony. At the ceremony, 84 members and the new chapter officers were officially installed into the King Philip DECA chapter. During the ceremony, King Philip Superintendent Paul Zinni spoke to members and...

Cyclops’ Ultimate Form Showed His Mutant Powers Could Make Him a God

After the power-enhancing drug Banshee allowed Cyclops total control over his powers, he manifested godlike abilities X-Men fans never expected. Ultimate Marvel’s Cyclops learned that full control of his mutant powers could make him equivalent to a superhuman god. In the parallel Ultimate Marvel reality – created to reimagine and modernize Marvel characters – teenage Scott Summers gets a taste of ultimate power while using the performance-enhancing drug called Banshee. While the X-Men quickly learn the consequences of the highly addictive drug, Scott craves its power, which allows him to push past all physical and psychological limitations to become completely charged with solar energy, allowing him new and powerful abilities that could even battle his girlfriend Jean Grey, the host of her universe’s Phoenix Force.

Every Infinity Stone Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know these powerful objects as Infinity Stones, but way back when they debuted in Marvel Comics in the 1970s, they were known by another name: Soul Gems. The gems were introduced as pieces of an ancient cosmic being who died as a result of loneliness. In death, their energy broke apart into six pieces, creating gems that held domain over specific forces: reality, time, space, power, mind, and soul. United, they created a feedback loop of power. It was the Mad Titan Thanos who decided that with that infinite power supply, the gems needed a more apt name, and he coined the term Infinity Gems during his search.