Biden's communication headaches

Boris Johnson told reporters on his way to the U.N. General Assembly on Sunday night he didn't believe it was likely that the U.S. would agree to lift its ban on vaccinated foreign travelers this week. Hours later, the White House did exactly that. Why it matters: For the second...
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Court Denies Appeal of Founder Involved in Alleged $1,500,000,000 Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

A court in Russia’s Tatarstan region has denied the appeal of the founder involved in the alleged $1.5 billion Bitcoin Ponzi scheme. According to Russian publication Inkazan, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan upheld the arrest in absentia of Marat Sabirov, the co-founder of Finiko, a company which the Bank of Russia put on its list as having signs of a pyramid scheme. The ruling proceeded without the physical presence of Sabirov in court.
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Axios Sneak Peek

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) may need votes from an unlikely source — the Republican Party — if she hopes to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill by next Monday, as she's promised Democratic centrists. Why it matters: With at least 20 progressives threatening to vote against the $1.2 trillion bipartisan...
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Ukraine-led Rapid Trident to increase U.S., NATO interoperability

Sept. 20 (UPI) -- The Rapid Trident 21 exercise to enhance interoperability between Ukraine, U.S. and NATO partners started Monday, with an opening ceremony at Central City Stadium near Yavoriv, Ukraine, and will run through Oct. 1. The United States and Ukraine have partnered over 25 years on the annual...

Fire damages historic Catholic church in Ukraine

Fire damage at the Church of St. Nicholas in Kyiv, Ukraine. / Courtesy photo. Kyiv, Ukraine, Sep 21, 2021 / 12:00 pm (CNA). A fire has severely damaged a historic Catholic church in Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv. The fire broke out at the Gothic-style Church of St. Nicholas during an...

The Truth About The Mass Grave From Stalin's Great Purge

In August of 2021, workers doing exploratory digging for a potential expansion of Odessa International Airport unearthed a mass grave that could contain as many as 20,000 human corpses, according to France24. The exact count may never be known, but if it is that many, that would make it one of the largest mass burial sites in Ukraine. The bodies apparently date back to the 1930s, and the man responsible for them is exactly who you'd expect — a guy named Joseph Stalin.

Ukraine government express optimism about cryptocurrencies

Ukraine government optimistic cryptos has many promising opportunities. NBU says increased crypto adoption would end volatility. Ukraine government to study CBDC adoption in other countries. Through the Central Bank, the Ukraine government is on course for a fair crypto regulation in the country. This is as the Ukraine Parliament adopted...
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The Russian and Ukrainian Spring 2021 War Scare

This paper is part of the CSIS Understanding the Russian Military Today executive education program. The massing of troops and hardware by Russia along its border with Ukraine in April 2021 brought back memories of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in 2014–15 and raised fears of another round of Russian aggression against its neighbor. Although the worst-case scenario did not materialize, these events require close attention and in-depth research because they could happen again should Russia’s leadership assess that their national security interests are at stake once more.
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Facebook Silent on Missing Hunter Biden ‘Fact Check’

Facebook continues to stonewall journalists on the decision-making process that led to its suppression of the New York Post’s pre-election reporting on Hunter Biden, and the role of Anna Makanju, Joe Biden’s former adviser on Ukraine policy, who held a senior content moderation role at Facebook when the story was censored.

Ukraine's Peaky Blinder! Oleksandr Usyk reveals he plans to watch his favourite TV drama before switching off Anthony Joshua in world heavyweight clash this weekend

Oleksandr Usyk will relax in unorthodox fashion in the hours before making his entrance into a Tottenham Hotspur Stadium boiling with the hostility of 60,000 Anthony Joshua fans. ‘If I read a book it will the Bible,’ Usyk says. ‘The words of God.’. There may also be time to watch...

Rigged vote highlights growing gulf between Putin’s Russia and democratic Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears genuinely convinced that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people.” As he made perfectly clear in his lengthy July 2021 essay “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” Putin believes the two countries remain inextricably bound together by a common past, and regards their current state of separation as a temporary and artificial aberration.

Even a Major Military Exercise Like Zapad Can’t Fix Some of the Biggest Security Challenges Facing Russia

Sign up for a weekly newsletter from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Sign up to receive emails from Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program!. The much-anticipated joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise called Zapad (which translates as west) concluded on September 16. The large-scale military drills, conducted in western Russia and Belarus, reportedly involved as many as 200,000 troops from Russia, Belarus, and several other countries participating in the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization. That number is probably inflated and includes all military personnel participating in the drills, parallel exercises, and logistics throughout the drill’s duration.

Central bank of Ukraine to promote ‘fair’ Bitcoin regulation

The central bank of Ukraine has moved to support the development of the cryptocurrency industry after the Ukrainian parliament adopted a major crypto law in early September. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) issued an official statement on the basic principles of monetary policies for the upcoming year in which it paid particular attention to the regulation of cryptocurrencies on Sept. 13.

No rest for the brave. How Ukraine’s legendary “Badgers” work & fight in the war zone (photo report)

2021/09/21 - 10:34 • Special projects, War in the Donbas. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live, work and fight in the Donbas war zone?All along the contact line civilians work their fields, children go to school, locals gather to discuss current events. But, just a stone’s throw away, Russian proxies mount their artillery systems, “vacationing” Russian snipers crawl to their positions and take aim.

Ukraine GDP up 5.7%

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the country's GDP shrank by 0.7% (taking into account the seasonal factor). Nominal GDP in April-June 2021 amounted to UAH 1.169 trillion, and GDP per capita was UAH 28,189. ■

Unions oppose regressive labour law reform in Ukraine

Among the proposed draft laws is draft law № 5371, which excludes workers of small and medium-sized companies from legal protection by setting a new "contractual regime for regulating labour relations", where all working conditions are determined by an employment contract instead of by labour law. Dismissals would be at...