Blinken cancels meeting with Russian counterpart over Ukraine invasion

Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced on Tuesday that he had canceled a planned meeting on Thursday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov due to Russia's move into eastern Ukraine. Why it matters: While Blinken said he remained "committed to diplomacy," the channels through which U.S. and European officials had...

For Ukrainian musicians, rejecting Russia is a matter of national pride

KYIV, Ukraine — Anton Slepakov, a Ukrainian electronic musician, used to spend a lot of time recording music in Russia. That was back when he used to sing exclusively in Russian with his former band. It made business sense. Bigger, richer Russia offered Ukrainian musicians more lucrative gigs, and...
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Ukraine: Putin tells Russia's spy chief to speak plainly

President Vladimir Putin has pressed one of his top spy chiefs, during a meeting with Russia's top security officials on recognition for rebel-held regions of Ukraine. As the head of Russia's foreign intelligence service shared his views on the current situation, Putin repeatedly asked him to clarify what he was saying and told him to "speak plainly".

Allies join U.S. in imposing sanctions pressure on Russia over Ukraine

Russia's decision to order troops into parts of eastern Ukraine is "the beginning of a Russian invasion," President Biden said on Tuesday as he announced a new set of sweeping sanctions targeting Russia's ability to do business with the West. The U.S. sanctions join those announced earlier by the U.K....

Putin's 'surreal' version of Ukrainian history alarms experts

Even seasoned Kremlinologists were alarmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin's belligerent tone as he offered a monologue on why Ukraine has no right to exist. In a lengthy televised speech Monday, Putin formally recognized the independence of two regions in eastern Ukraine — the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Luhansk People’s Republic.” He later ordered troops to roll over the border under the guise of being “peacekeepers.”

Ukraine crisis: UK to sanction Russia over breakaway regions decision

The UK government has promised to sanction Russia over President Vladimir Putin's decision to recognise two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. Recent legislation will be used to impose restrictions on people and organisations linked to Russia, the BBC understands. Government sources say sanctions would be "ratcheted up" in the event...
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Escalated Russia-Ukraine conflict would scuttle US stocks: Goldman

The S&P 500 and other stock indices are poised for a major selloff if Russia’s military aggression toward Ukraine escalates to a full-on invasion, Goldman Sachs analysts have warned. Goldman Sachs issued the dire forecast hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized two breakaway pro-Moscow regions in Ukraine as...