How to Create a Scrollspy Navigation With UIkit

* { box-sizing: border-box; } body {margin: 0;}*{box-sizing:border-box;}body{margin-top:0px;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-left:0px;}. There are different ways to apply scrolling animations in a project. In the past, we’ve covered many of them. For example, we’ve built a project that uses the Intersection Observer API, another one that uses AOS.js, and another one that uses a short JS snippet. Today, we’ll build a page with scrolling animations by taking advantage of UIkit’s Scrollspy component.
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Making pixel art animations with UIImageView in Swift

Hallo heksen en tovenaars, leo hier. Today we will explore an API that I discovered recently. Last week I had to animate the pin of a map. But it's not animate it's changing in a path, that I already covered in this article. I had to animate the pin itself.
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Creating a Custom Modal for iPad in SwiftUI

If you’ve worked with the sheet modifier on iPad, you cannot control the presentation size of a modal sheet with SwiftUI. And the sheet gets too big on a 12.9” screen iPad. There is a question on Stack Overflow that asks about SwiftUI sheet() modals with custom size...

Build a SwiftUI PreviewProvider for UIKit Views

A simple way to see your UIKit ViewController changes instantly — live and on-demand. Have you ever tried the SwiftUI? Haven’t you found it so delightful and easy to work with?. However, in UIKit views, if you are prototyping a design in your codebase, you have to recompile...

Color System in SwiftUI

While working on the next update for Gradient Game, I realized that the colors are all over the place, and inconsistencies are creeping in. Someplace it is UIColor.systemGray5, someplace it is Color.systemGray. I created a folder for Design System to overcome this problem and have consistency across the app for...

SwiftUI vs UIKit

The knives are still out of SwiftUI, it seems, even if it’s been three years since its launch. A challenge for those entering the world of coding — do you still need to learn UIKit and SwiftUI, which one first, which is the easiest. UIKit has been around...

Integrating AppGallery Connect Crash Service in a Xamarin app for iOS

The Huawei AppGallery Connect Crash service is a free to use crash analytics service which is supported on a wide range of platforms and frameworks. Today lets take a look at how we can use in in a Xamarin, a hybrid framework and specifically set it up to work on iOS devices. This guide will start with a blank application but of course you can just as easily follow along and integrate into a pre-existing application!

Showing Large Title in Navigation Bar Conditionally

I’ve been working on an app that requires the main screen to have the navigation bar display the title in line with the other bar button items. The next view should allow the title to be displayed out-of-line and use a larger font when the main view is tapped.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development

Firefox, Chrome, Instagram, along many other apps have proved that cross-platform development is the ultimate solution to users & investing enterprises. Cross-platforms tools offer a higher audience reach and a native UI experience to users with a relatively limited budget. However, you must choose the proper UI framework to make...