If They Are Not Aliens…? Other Possibilities For The UFO Phenomena

To many people, if you say that you “believe in UFOs” then, in their minds, they often hear that you are saying you “believe in aliens”. Of course, as many of us realize, this is not necessarily the case. The fact is, these unidentified objects are definitely “something” – that much is clear, not only from the many witness reports and accounts over many decades but also from the recent statements from the Pentagon on the subject.
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UFOs: Congress Reportedly May Set Up Permanent Office to Investigate

Well, it’s about time. Wherever you Outsiders may fall on the prospect of aliens living among us, one thing is for sure. UFOs are out there, and they deserve investigation. No one is saying definitively whether these UFOs are alien or not. But the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act may help us get to the bottom of these reports. The document includes a provision for establishing a formal office dedicated to investigating “unidentified aerial phenomena.”
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🎧 Your Weather: First weekend of fall and UFOs

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It’s officially the fall season around here. Weather has been up and down with temperatures and rain. What does that mean for our weekend?. KOIN 6 Meteorologists Joseph Dames and Kelley Bayern hit the ground running in this weather podcast as they discuss the transition from summer to fall. Will we start to see the cooler mornings and fall afternoons more often? Your weekend forecast sure looks to favor more of one season than the other.
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Thousands expected to ‘make contact’ at 21st annual UFO Fest

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Skeptics and believers alike will ‘make contact’ in McMinnville this weekend to celebrate McMenamin’s 21st Annual UFO Fest. The out-of-this-world two-day event is the second-largest in the nation, offering live music, vendor booths, a ‘cosmic costume contest’, and speaker presentations. Hosted by McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon, the...

Watch trailer for Demi Lovato's UFO series, premiering September 30 on Peacock

Last October, Demi Lovato surprised fans by encouraging them to contact extraterrestrial life. Now, their new unscripted series about their passion for E.T.s has an official premiere date on the streaming service Peacock. September 30 will see the release of all four episodes of Unidentified with Demi Lovato, which features...

From UFOs to the Skinwalker Ranch to the World of Shamans and Martial Arts at a Distance

Dr. John Alexander is one of the great adventurers. Not only has he been to a hundred countries, he has traveled extensively in the undiscovered country of the mind. and the paranormal. Whitley says, “John is one of the most intrepid adventurers I have ever known. He has had every kind of extraordinary experience there is to have, and studied them all! He’s also been just about everywhere, including some of the wildest and most dangerous–and powerful–places on Earth. Most of them, actually.”