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Know your Tennessee Constitutional amendments

November’s midterm elections approach, and for Tennesseans, that means only a handful of major hot-ticket races.  Gov. Bill Lee has opposition for his second term from Dr. Jason Martin of Nashville. Martin entered the race as a reaction to Lee’s oft-criticized — from all political segments — handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state, […] The post Know your Tennessee Constitutional amendments appeared first on Tennessee Lookout.
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A constitutional fact-check to guide Americans toward the truth

There are many major current policy issues of concern to the American people that relate to the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, not enough Americans, including elected officials, are as knowledgeable as they should be about our nation’s governing document. Unfortunately, there has also been a lot of disinformation and misinformation...
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Daron Davis: U.S. is a secular republic, despite what some believe

In an earlier piece, I argued that the United States of America is not founded or based on Christianity. I feel like it was vital to make that statement. Why make such strong statements about what we aren't? The cause is both righteous, very present and ongoing. We are dealing with folks who mislead others with inaccurate and biased historical interpretations that even border on lies.

Wenatchee native's critically-acclaimed play "What the Constitution Means to Me" hits Broadway, earning a Pulitzer Prize nomination

At a time when political divisiveness appeared to be ascending towards a climax in America, a Wenatchee native's play couldn't have made it big at a better time. "What the Constitution Means to Me," was written by playwright and actress Heidi Schreck, a Wenatchee native who developed into skilled debater in the valley and toured the country during her teen years for competitions. Schreck took that experience and translated it into a wildly successful comedy that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and received two Tony Award nominations.

Constitutional convention backers see PFD as ‘spark’ for complete, far-reaching rewrite

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There Is Absolutely Nothing to Support the ‘Independent State Legislature’ Theory

The Supreme Court will decide before next summer the most important case for American democracy in the almost two and a half centuries since America’s founding. In Moore v. Harper, the Court will finally resolve whether there is a doctrine of constitutional interpretation known as the “independent state legislature.” If the Court concludes that there is such a doctrine, it would confer on state legislatures plenary, exclusive, and judicially unreviewable power both to redraw congressional districts for federal elections and to appoint state electors who quadrennially cast the votes for president and vice president on behalf of the voters of the states. It would mean that the partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts by state legislatures would not be reviewable by the state courts—including the states’ highest court—under their state constitutions.
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Celebrating Constitution Week

Two local organizations, Grimes County Republican Women and Robert Raines Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, shared information about the U.S. Constitution during Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23. Grimes County Judge Joe Fauth signed a proclamation declaring Sept. 17-23, Constitution Week in Grimes County. GCRW and DAR presented to...