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Hobbs approves FY21-22 budget

Fiscal spending keeps cash reserves around 48 percent. Predicting a volatile local economy, as well state legislation that has potential to cause a decrease in the city’s annual funding, the Hobbs City Commission unanimously approved the final budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The general fund of the 2021-22 budget...

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U.N. Warns World Hunger Has 'Shot up' During COVID Pandemic

Now, where global hunger is on the rise and the details from a brand new U N report from CBS Pamela. Far there has been a dramatic worsening of the hunger crisis facing the planet. World Food Programme executive director David Beasley. If this is not a wake up call, I don't know what is food shortages, covid 19 climate change and come Flights have left about 10% of the world's entire population, wondering where they will find their next meal. Pamela.
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True or False?

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UN States Agree to $6 Billion Peacekeeping Budget, Averting Shutdown

United. Nations member states agreed on tuesday to a budget of some six billion dollars for the world. Body's twelve peacekeeping missions for the next year diplomats said narrowly averting possible shutdown of the operations. The one hundred ninety three member. Un general assembly budget committee agreed to the peacekeeping budget for the year. Through june thirtieth. Twenty twenty two. It will be formally adopted by the general assembly today. Top u. n. officials said on monday that u n peacekeeping missions most of which are in africa and the middle east had been advised not to start putting contingency plans in place. In case in new budget was not adopted. By june thirtieth some diplomats said changes to negotiating procedures is used with logistics and tough talk pitting china against western countries had threatened to delay an agreement. Catherine pohlad the un head of management strategy policy and compliance told reporters on monday that if the june thirtieth deadline was missed. Then secretary general antonio gutierrez could only spend money to safeguard un assets and ensure the protection of the staff and the peacekeepers the united states is the largest assessed contributor to the peacekeeping budget responsible for about twenty eight percent followed by china with fifteen point two percent and japan with eight point five percent.