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Twitter now lets all iOS, Android and web users listen to recorded Spaces

Twitter is also giving some hosts the ability to record Spaces on iOS and Android. The feature was initially only available to select hosts on iOS following the launch of recorded Spaces in October. To use the feature, a Spaces host will create their live audio room by giving their...
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Now you can listen to recorded Twitter Spaces on iOS, Android, and the web

Twitter is now letting all users across iOS, Android, and web listen to recordings of Spaces, which can come in handy for listeners who are late to a live broadcast. This comes after Clubhouse rolled out recordings for its audio-only chatrooms in September. Twitter is also giving “some” hosts the...
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Twitter for iOS now lets anyone listen to recordings of Spaces

Twitter is rolling out the ability to let all users on iOS, Android, and the web listen to recorded Spaces. This means that a Spaces host can now record a Space, then make it available to listen after the fact. The expansion was announced in a post from Twitter Support:
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You can now listen to recorded Spaces through the Twitter app for iOS

Twitter is now allowing some hosts to record their Spaces. Recorded Twitter Spaces can now be played back on iOS for the first time. Twitter has announced that it is making two changes to its Spaces voice chat feature, although only one of those changes will be available for all users. That change is the ability for some hosts to now record their Spaces, while everyone can now listen to recorded Spaces using the iOS app.
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Recorded Twitter Spaces Now Available for All iOS, Android, and Web Users

Twitter has rolled out playback of recorded Spaces to all iOS, Android, and web users, the company today announced. The ability to listen to a recording of a Twitter Space is now available to all users, making the company's live discussion rooms work more like traditional podcasts. Users can only listen back to Spaces that hosts have actively selected to be recorded.

Make your recorded Twitter space available to all iOS, Android, and web users | Today Nation News

Twitter gives all iOS, Android, and web users the option to listen to space recordings.Expanded.. With this latest move, the company’s space capabilities are closer to traditional podcasts, allowing users to listen to conversations after the live broadcast. This new feature follows Clubhouse’s introduction of a replay option that allows users to record a live room and share it later.

More Twitter Spaces features come to Android

Twitter’s Clubhouse competitor, Twitter Spaces has announced the arrival of two new features on Android. Previously only iOS users were able to record and playback recordings of Spaces, but now the feature is also available on Android. Recording Spaces are now available to select Android users, while playing back recordings...

Several Twitter users lost Twitter followers today: Here’re details

Have you observed a drop in your Twitter followers count if you are one of them? Take it easy, and you’re not alone. A number of Twitter users in India have reported on Twitter about an unexpected drop in their follower count on Twitter late on Thursday. It is important...

Twitter without Jack: WTF?!

Dorsey tweeted a "cryptic" tweet about Bitcoin, the dollar, the gold standard, the Treasury Bill standard, and especially about the US "Super Imperialism" If governments cannot kill bitcoin, and it continues its rise, then it stands a good chance to eventually be the next reserve currency. China's central bank has announced all transactions of crypto-currencies are illegal, effectively banning digital tokens such as Bitcoin.

Tweets Will No Longer Disappear Mid-Read

Twitter is updating its iOS app to prevent Tweets from disappearing while you’re still reading them. As part of the recent enhancement of its web app, Twitter has added a new update for iOS that will prevent Tweets from disappearing you’re still reading them. The iOS app will no longer...

Twitter are looking for a bug causing unintended logouts on iOS 15

Twitter Support has acknowledged a bug causing unexpected account logouts on iOS 15, promising that its teams are working on a fix and that it’ll keep users updated on when it’s resolved. Several Apple iPhone users have reported of a glitch in the Twitter app in the last week. Users...

Twitter’s New iOS Update: No More Disappearing Tweets

The iOS version of Twitter is being updated to prevent tweets from disappearing as users read them. The modification comes after Twitter last month updated its web platform so that new tweets do not automatically refresh timelines. When a user’s timeline would automatically refresh, tweets would frequently vanish from view...

For iOS, Twitter ‘disappearance’ tweet fix expands

The update will come to the Android app in the future, it confirmed in a tweet. Earlier this month, A Twitter update to address an issue that caused tweets to disappear from view as timelines auto-refreshed rolled out on desktop, and expanded to its iOS app on Tuesday. It’s a welcome change for anyone who’s ever had a tweet vanish before they could finish reading it. In September, it follows the company saying it was working on changes to fix the issue, acknowledging that it was a “frustrating experience.”

Twitter is investigating a bug that logs iOS users out of the app

Users say they are randomly being logged out — A bug on Twitter for iOS is causing random account log out’s for users. This problem has been reported for iPhones running iOS 15. Can you see this or did you get logged out?. We’re looking into a bug that’s causing...

Twitter for iOS has a random disconnect failure on several …

Has this Twitter error happened to you on iOS? Several users have complained to the social network about a disconnection that closes the session on their devices. The error has been noticed more in the iPhone with iOS 15 and Twitter has already announced that it is working on a solution.

Twitter fixed disappearing tweet problems in iOS.

How irritating is it when you are perusing somebody’s tweet and it out of nowhere vanishes, showing a lot of new tweets? Twitter recognized that and last week, it concocted a fix for Twitter clients exclusively depending on the web customer. The vanishing tweets issue was additionally common on cell...

Twitter fixes disappearing messages error

Nobody likes to be interrupted when reading interesting content, no matter how small. This can happen to you even if you’re reading a tweet from one of the accounts you follow, or maybe it’s a thread long enough to hook you. But users of the iOS version have been suffering a fairly important failure in the operation of the app, and that is Twitter has finally fixed the error whereby messages disappeared while the user was reading them.

Twitter Affected by Bug which Logs out Users on iOS

In a bizarre event, an unusual bug affected Twitter for iOS. Users running the latest iOS 15 were getting logged out from the microblogging platform. Additionally, several users also reported on the platform that they were logged out of the app on multiple occasions. According to a report by popular...