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A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Primer

This primer introduces some of the common NLP tasks that can be carried out using Python. Examples mostly use the Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK) and scikit learn packages. It is assumed that you have a basic working knowledge of Python and data science principles. The data used in this notebook...
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Twitter Is Testing Reddit Like Downvote And Upvote Buttons For Tweet Replies On iOS, Android Users Have To Wait

On iOs, Twitter has started testing a reaction of upvote and downvote buttons. This report has been confirmed by the platform microblogging, According to this platform, Twitter has started testing upvote and downvote features, this feature is available for some users on device of iOS. This news is confirmed after many screenshots of the test reaction were shared by the User. Those users were part of this testing reaction pattern of Upvote and downvote. Before the screenshot shared by the users, many people believe that this was fake news or someone spreads this news for publicities. But after the screenshot shared by the Users, who were part of this test, the microblogging platform confirms this.

Halsey Calls Out Press On Social Media For Exploiting Her

American singer Halsey has called out the press in a series of Tweets after allegedly being “exploited” and “misquoted” in a recent article. Halsey’s posts come in the wake of featuring in a cover article for Allure Magazine. The 26-year-old thanked the magazine for their cover image just days earlier on Twitter.
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Why does Lane Kiffin take shots at Alabama football coach Nick Saban? The Ole Miss coach says 'it's all in fun' | Hurt

HOOVER, Ala. – Lane Kiffin the coach has more in common with Lane Kiffin the social media star than you might think. For one, in either medium Kiffin likes the quick strike. The Ole Miss football coach and former famous Alabama assistant loves to sting hard and fast, and that’s especially true when he is using Twitter to tweak his former boss, Nick Saban.
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Creeping Censorship in the Name of Public Health

While McCarthyism is recalled as a low point for our democracy, most Americans in the 1950s were sympathetic to the Wisconsin Senator’s efforts to root out alleged communists from government and other walks of life. Massive fear generated by the very real threat of global Soviet aggression led to a reprehensible trampling of constitutional rights, in a classic example of how the ends do not justify the means – even if that was only widely grasped in retrospect.

Is the Pen Still Mightier Than the Sword?

Alternatively, is the Tweet mightier than the gun?. “The pen is mightier than the sword” — a powerful and inspiring battle cry that has passed through the lips of many journalists, leaders, and philosophers. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, this saying is used to emphasize that. “thinking and writing have...
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12 Days Until 2021 Training Camp: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well. We are very close to the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2021 training camp. We don’t know the official report date for the team but we know the first public practice will be held July 28th. And we’re fortunate enough to have tickets for every single practice. Can’t wait to bring back our daily reports, even if things still look slightly different this season.