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TV Networks Spotlight Border Chaos . . . and DHS Changes Policy

The crush of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border pressured the TV networks to showcase the dramatic wave of illegal migrants who are accepting President Joe Biden’s loose border hospitality. “All three evening newscasts ran full stories on the border crisis tonight, something that hasn’t happened in months,” media expert...
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WWE RUMOR: Monday Night Raw And SmackDown TV Networks Want The Same Thing

You can’t do one without the other. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have been the two biggest wrestling shows for a very long time now. The former has been running since 1993 and the latter since 1999. Now that SmackDown is on FOX, its star power has risen even higher. You might not know that if you listen to WWE though, as Monday Night Raw is still presented as the bigger show. That is not sitting well with some higher ups.
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The biggest toss-up in TV

The future of television likely rests on the winner of an intense bidding war for one of the most sought-after programming packages in America: NFL Sunday Ticket. Why it matters: The winner of this multi-billion-dollar battle between tech giants and traditional media companies will have an enormous advantage as premium sports content goes digital.

Heeeere’s Johnny! The 12 Most Unforgettable TV Moments of the 1960s

The Beatles were hitting all the right notes in the 1960s—right down to their hit single “Revolution,” which was almost an anthem for the seismic shifts taking place in politics, music and society. At the heart of this cultural revolution was the television—an in-home staple for 90% of families by...

What Metrics Matter Most? TV Industry Grapples With Ratings Shortcomings in Fast-Growing Content Landscape

This is the final installment in a five-part series examining the transformation of television as the industry prepares to celebrate the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 19.  The rapid migration of TV viewers to streaming services and on-demand platforms has put added pressure on the need for transparent measurement standards at a time when Nielsen, the standard-bearer for TV ratings for decades, is under fire from the industry watchdog group Media Ratings Council. Earlier this month, the MRC suspended its backing of Nielsen’s national ratings service, amid charges the service has not been counting TV viewers correctly during the coronavirus pandemic. No...

Locast Ordered to Shut Down Permanently

Non-profit streaming service Locast has been ordered by a federal judge to shut down permanently. Locast stated on its official website that the service is ending its operations, effective immediately, and makes mention of how the company "respectfully disagrees" with the ruling. The company had suspended its service following another court ruling in early September.
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Global TV & Streaming News

Winsing (GOGOBUS, GG Bond) is to launch Team S.T.E.A.M.! Season 3 on all major TV channels and streaming platforms across China on Sept.18. On the same day, Winsing will hold the New Toy Line Release Conference to exhibit the new toys and other products for the show. The English adaptation and dubbing for the program is currently underway, and will debut during MIPCOM/MIP Junior. (

VideoAmp to kick off currency test with major holding companies

There’s a big opening in the TV measurement space now that Nielsen is without MRC accreditation, and the sharks are circling in the water. While there are various partners that could steal market share from Nielsen as it works to launch Nielsen One, the cross-platform currency it promises the industry by 2024, none are as far along as VideoAmp, media buyers say.
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Locast Is Officially Dead, Thanks To Federal Judge’s Ruling

Less than 48 hours after a New York Federal District Court Judge declined to honor its request for summary judgment in a case focused on copyright infringement brought against the operation by the nation’s “Big Four” broadcast TV networks, Locast on September 2 suspended its operations. Now, that suspension has...

Brand Integrations Are Having More Than a 'Moment.' Here's Why.

The industry is rife with chatter right now about the power of brand and product integrations in the entertainment space. And while this model of advertising is hardly new (it does, in fact, date back a full century), there’s good reason we’re seeing surging interest in the TV and movie integration spaces.

‘Nobody’s Happy’: Broadcast TV Battles the Streaming Blues as Fall Season Begins

This story first ran in Buffering, Vulture’s newsletter about the streaming industry. Head to and subscribe today!. CBS last week unveiled a new promotional video filled with stars of the network singing and dancing to a custom-made tune, all of them in unison exhorting audiences to “Feel This Fall.” Such spectaculars were annual occurrences as recently as the early 1990s; in 2021, the Eye’s decision to craft a bona fide jingle felt almost defiant. Wall Street and media-industry insiders may have declared TV’s Network Era officially over, but by investing so much time and money in a promo campaign, CBS seemed to be announcing it won’t be going down without a fight — or at least some fancy footwork.

VideoAmp to kick off currency test with major holding companies | Media

There’s a giant opening within the TV measurement area now that Nielsen is with out MRC accreditation, and the sharks are circling within the water. Whereas there are numerous companions that might steal market share from Nielsen as it really works to launch Nielsen One, the cross-platform foreign money it guarantees the business by 2024, none are as far alongside as VideoAmp, media patrons say.