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Disney+’s ‘Turner & Hooch’: TV Review

The 1989 Tom Hanks vehicle has been turned into a like-minded series about a fastidious young U.S. marshal paired with a slobbering dog. When pandering to nostalgia, it’s probably important to be aware of what your intended audience is actually nostalgic for. As best I can figure it, when it...
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'Turner & Hooch' goes to the dogs with a toothless Disney+ revival

(CNN) — Who's a good show? Not "Turner & Hooch," which goes to the dogs in the wrong way, leaving behind a Disney+ series that's basically a remake but tries too hard to position itself as a sort-of revival. The result is a semi-confused cop drama that no amount of drooling and soulful puppy-dog eyes can fix.
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Turner & Hooch Series Premiere Review - "Forever and a Dog"

Turner & Hooch premieres Wednesday, July 21 on Disney+. Disney's new Turner & Hooch series is a charming follow-up to the original 1989 film, featuring Josh Peck (Drake & Josh, The Wackness) as the son of Tom Hanks' cop character and a new rambunctious, order-destroying hound ready to sloppily sniff out all the clues that evade local law enforcement.

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Turner & Hooch’ On Disney+, A Continuation Of The Tom Hanks Film, With A New Generation Of Cop And Slobbering Dog

Ever heard of the concept of a “legacy sequel”? It’s a sequel to a film or series that takes place years after the original, where the characters have some sort of connection to the original characters. More than likely, that connection is generational; it’s someone’s kid or grandkid. That’s what the Disney+ reboot of the1989 Tom Hanks comedy Turner & Hooch is. But is it good?

Turner & Hooch's Lyndsy Fonseca explains how dog slobber is an art

This story is part of I'm So Obsessed (subscribe here), our podcast featuring interviews with actors, artists, celebrities and creative types about their work, career and current obsessions. Lyndsy Fonseca transcends many Hollywood norms. She's regularly cast in roles that are both dramatic and comic, she's been in both films...
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‘Turner & Hooch’: A Dog Has His Day Again

In 1989, just months after he earned his first Oscar nomination for Big, and a few years before he went on a run of critical and commercial success that’s nearly unrivaled in the history of cinema, Tom Hanks starred in a series of middling movies that never would’ve suggested the megastar he’d become. One of these was Turner & Hooch, which starred Hanks as fastidious small-town cop Scott Turner, whose life is upended when he takes in a big, messy French mastiff named Hooch. It was a modest success, but reviews were mixed, and many audience members seemed more charmed by...
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Disney Plus’ Turner & Hooch sequel series bites off more than it can chew

In the year and a half since its launch, Disney+ has mostly stuck to the familiar, ordering up a slate of Marvel and Star Wars spin-offs, and reviving well-known franchises like The Mighty Ducks and High School Musical. Along with behind-the-scenes looks at these series with built-in fanbases, there have been a few true originals, including reality competition series Encore! and scripted sports drama Big Shot. But it’s just too darn easy for the streamer to pull a title from its coffers of existing IP and give it the reboot or spin-off treatment. With the legacy sequel Turner & Hooch, Disney+ takes another shot at a TV spin-off of Roger Spottiswoode’s 1989 film of the same title.
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Turner & Hooch Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Forever and a Dog

With reboots and revivals ruling the TV development slate over the last few years, I had reservations about a TV show sequel to Turner & Hooch. For the most part, expanding franchises usually results in people wanting the project to disappear from existence because of how detrimental they are to the memory of the original.
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What to Watch Wednesday: A ‘Turner & Hooch’ reboot, Jonas Brothers as Olympians

Turner & Hooch (Disney+) - This new 12-episode series is a sequel to the 1989 film starring Tom Hanks, and follows an ambitious, buttoned-up US Marshal who inherits a big, unruly French Mastiff dog and soon realizes the dog he didn’t want may be the partner he needs. Josh Peck plays Scott Turner, son of Detective Scott Turner, the Hanks character in the original film. The series also stars Carra Patterson as Jessica Baxter, Scott’s street-smart partner. Reginald VelJohnson reprises his role as Mayor David Sutton.
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What’s On Tonight: ‘Turner & Hooch’ And ‘Sexy Beasts’ Present Two Very Different Views Of Man’s Best Friend

Sexy Beasts (Netflix series) — A dating show where no contestant knows what anyone else (including their opponents and the “picker”) looks like, so that everything’s based upon personality? That sounds rather unorthodox. A dating show in which said contestants (and the picker) are clad in “fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics” to transform them into animals, aliens, robots, and more? This sounds completely off-the-hook, as well as fascinating. No one will be able to look away from this hot mess.
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Turner & Hooch: Disney+ Series Kills Off Tom Hanks' Character — Watch Trailer

The odds of Tom Hanks making a cameo in Disney+’s Turner & Hooch series just got extremely slim. The streamer on Wednesday released a trailer for its upcoming sequel series, which serves as a follow-up to the 1989 film starring Hanks as a detective who unexpectedly adopts the titular canine. In the series, Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) plays Scott Turner, the son of Hanks’ original character… who is revealed to have died in the trailer above.
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Reginald VelJohnson asked to reprise 'Turner & Hooch' role

LOS ANGELES, July 21 (UPI) -- Reginald VelJohnson said he asked the producers of the Disney+ Turner & Hooch series, which premieres Wednesday, if he could reprise his role from the movie. And they said yes. VelJohnson played David Sutton, Scott Turner's (Tom Hanks) partner in the 1989 film. "When...

Is Turner and Hooch a True Story?

‘Turner & Hooch’ is a comedy-drama created by Matt Nix that tells the story of U.S. Marshal Scott Turner Jr. (Josh Peck), who inherits a dog after the mysterious and untimely death of his police detective father. Soon, the dog becomes a partner to Turner, and the two, with help from the rest of the Turner family, investigate the death of Turner’s father.

“Turner & Hooch” Event Taking Place at Westfield Century City

Disney Fans looking forward to the new Disney+ series Turner & Hooch can enjoy photo ops, dog treats, and more at Westfield Century City on July 16 and 17. Westfield Century City will be hosting a Turner & Hooch Play Date Event from Friday, July 16 through Saturday, July 17 from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.