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Donald Trump to launch new social network dubbed Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced the pending launch of a new social network called Truth Social whose stated goal is to "stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech," according to a press release purported to come from one of his companies. The Trump Media and Technology Group,...
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Slog AM: Trump's New Social Media Site Is Called TRUTH Social, Seattle Pride Gives González Four Rainbows, and Cars Spell Trouble Around Climate Pledge Arena

Republicans have voted against voting. The Freedom to Vote Act just failed in the Senate. The bill would have created baseline national standards for running elections, reigned in the worst gerrymandering, and required certain millionaires to disclose which candidates they’d purchased. Democrats needed 60 votes to pass, which they didn’t get. But there’s a silver lining: The bill’s failure has once again demonstrated the harm of the filibuster, and now more congressional Democrats are talking about getting rid of it.
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Here’s Donald Trump’s Pitch for His New Technology and Media Empire

Donald Trump has announced a SPAC attack. The former president is planning a new media and technology empire that will be publicly traded after a merger with a firm called Digital World Acquisition Corp., according to a Wednesday press release from the Trump Media and Technology Group. The move comes after Trump was kicked off social media giants such as Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. and includes a new social platform called “Truth Social.”

Roundup: Donald Trump Announces TRUTH Social; Netflix Walkout; Delonte West Arrested

Donald Trump announced his new social media platform and it's going great ... Meghan McCain was not happy on The View ... Kristen Simena is opposed to raising the corporate tax rate so thanks for that ... wubway rider confronts unmasked officers, gets pushed off train ... the new owners of the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album have been identified ... James Gandolfini objected loudly to scenes on The Sopranos ... Warner Bros and Ruby Rose making allegations against each other ... Netflix employees staged a walkout yesterday over the Dave Chappelle special ... onions linked to salmonella outbreak ... University of Denver will now require flu shots ...

Trump’s New Free Speech Network Has Already Banned Any Criticism of Itself

Donald Trump hailed his own creation of a new free speech social media network, Truth Social, on Wednesday night—but a scan of its terms and conditions shows that users will not be allowed to criticize the site. The former president, who was thrown off Facebook and Twitter earlier this year for inciting the Capitol riot, announced the launch of his new network in a press release, writing: “I created Truth Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” The site’s landing page claims that the site, which is set to go live next year, will be a place for “open, free, and honest global conversation.” However, despite those promises, Truth Social has already published a long list of prohibited activities—including a clause that states that users must not “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.” Users are also told they must not “annoy” any of the site’s employees. It’s not clear if that includes Trump himself.

'Her Secret Identity' Instagram reveals the truth of social media vs. real life

In the midst of her unusual sophomore year of high school and tired of staring at her computer screen, now 16-year-old Lila Meltzer had what she thought might be a "crazy but awesome" idea: to create an Instagram account where she and others could reveal the reality that lays behind their curated social media facades.
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Making positive change: Seven high school seniors receive Sojourner Truth Social Justice Awards

NORTHAMPTON – For years now, activists have gathered annually in Florence under the spreading arms of the Sojourner Truth statue many of them saw get built, to raise their voices in song and award a handful of high school seniors scholarships in the great abolitionist’s name. You’d expect there’d be something missing in the Zoom version of all this, but led by Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee co-chairs Marcus Ware and Carol Rinehart, what one got was a pretty excellent show, with a lot of personality and youth of all ages, colors and creeds in full expression.