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Trucking Companies Save Time and Money With Digital Payments

A trucking company is saving tens of thousands of dollars a month after modernizing payments. Travis Trucking attributes the savings to the faster turnaround times on docks and guaranteed reimbursements enabled by automating its over-the-road payments, FinTech company Relay Payments said in a Wednesday (Dec. 7) press release. “Because our...
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New state grant hopes to bring more truckers back on the road

As soon as Dec. 14th, trucking company owners have a chance to apply for a state grant that can give them up to $2,500 to train new employees. The goal is to get the trucking business back on track. Across the country, there is a mass shortage of drivers, putting...
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Diversity in trucking shines if you know where to look for it

The Women in Trucking Accelerate 2022 event held in Dallas at the Anatole Hilton was inspiring, and this year’s event had a record setting 1,750 attendees. Ellen Voie, president and CEO of WIT, went on to clarify that while the U.S. Department of Labor states that the participation of women as truck drivers of all classes of commercial vehicles is approximately 7%, the number of Class 8 women drivers is 13.6%. This shows great progress in our traditionally male-dominated industry, but still well below a 50% value that demographics would expect.
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How the Trucking Industry Became the Dystopian Frontier of Workplace Surveillance

Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters. The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era of workplace surveillance that will extend well beyond our current crisis. Companies are increasingly monitoring employees who work from home, citing worries about security concerns or the need to boost employee productivity. In Amazon warehouses and UPS delivery trucks, surveillance technologies are being built into workplace infrastructure to monitor workers’ every move. In many industries, employers can easily access phone calls, texts, browser histories, emails, and even GPS locations with very little effort.
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$6 million in state grants to boost hiring of commercial truck drivers

DES MOINES — Trucking companies and other organizations that train commercial truck drivers could be eligible for grants under a new $6 million program announced Monday by the state. Through the entry-level driver training program, employers, nonprofits and “related organizations” who sponsor or partner on commercial driver’s license training...

From diesel big rigs to electricity: The costly transition begins

Never mind there are few on the market, or that keeping them moving requires a nonexistent network of chargers, California wants truckers to hurry up and replace diesel big rigs with versions that run on batteries or hydrogen. Regulations to achieve the transitions are not yet complete. The California Air...

Does the Trucking Industry Encourage Speeding?

The trucking industry is also struggling with a major driver shortage at the moment, causing many companies to turn to inexperienced truckers. When a trucker drives too fast, the immediate instinct is to blame the person behind the wheel. And it’s true that the trucker should shoulder a considerable amount of blame for causing accidents due to negligent, reckless driving. But what about the industry as a whole? What if the entire trucking industry is designed to encourage and even incentivize rushing, speeding, and cutting corners wherever possible? This is certainly a possibility that should be explored.
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First-year company finalist in inaugural competition | Business

TRAVERSE CITY — Revolok USA discovered the Women in Trucking Association at an event earlier this year. A first-year Traverse City company, Revolok was attending the Mid-America Trucking Expo in Louisville, Kentucky where it discovered the organization and its first WIT Technology Innovation Award. Dozens of companies applied for...

Heavy Haulers Near Me

Whenever you need to move a large piece of equipment, you want to find the right heavy haulers near you. These haulers will ensure that your equipment is transported safely. Whether you need equipment hauled to or from a construction site or a manufacturing plant, you can count on these companies to get the job done.
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Autonomous Trucking Companies Going Under as Reality Hits Self-Driving Vehicles

Autonomous trucking is a tough industry, and it has seen many high-profile startups stumble and fall. Among the latest examples is Embark Technology, which has seen a drastic fall in valuation since it emerged as a public company in the past year. However, it is not alone, and the downfall of self-driving vehicles is not limited to the world of autonomous trucking.

6+ Reasons to Get Your CDL in 2023

If you’re thinking about a career change in the new year, you may want to consider all that truck driving has to offer. A job in trucking allows you to make a difference while you travel, and cracking into the industry is not as difficult as you might think. Getting a CDL doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. There are several schools that offer accelerated programs, allowing you to get on the road faster. The average time to get licensed is 4-8 weeks, so you could be earning a stable living before the frost thaws.

Tesla Semi — 10-4, Good Buddy?

The first deliveries of the Tesla Semi were made last Thursday evening to a good amount of fanfare at Tesla’s factory in Sparks, Nevada. The Tesla Semi was first unveiled as a prototype in 2017. Five long years later, the first deliveries took place, ending with Tesla handing over the keys to the first production trucks to PepsiCo and Frito-Lay.