Two Rivers Museum is a little-known trove of Clark County history

WASHOUGAL — In the lowlands and spacious prairie next to the Columbia River sits the Two Rivers Heritage Museum, an unassuming treasure trove that displays the history of eastern Clark County. The seemingly small building becomes expansive as soon as visitors pass through the front door. Framed news clippings...
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Maplewood History: The Emma Beauvais Thomas Grumley Trove – Part Two

In 1896, William Lyman Thomas Took a Little Trip – To Memphis. The trove, as I received it, was in a large box. It consisted of two folders, each containing some images, but the largest number, 200+, were in the bottom of the box in no particular order. Ms. Thomas was in the habit of writing her name on the backs of her images. More accurately she wrote her name on the backs of most of her images whether or not her visage appeared on the front. All well and good but I’m certain some of them are of her. I’m just not sure which ones.
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Humble Choice drops Mac and Linux platforms

Humble Choice has halted its support for Mac and Linux users. This is a surprising change to the subscription as the traditional Humble company has offered indie game bundles for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms since its inception in 2010. Another significant change is the transition to a single monthly subscription for US$11.99, whereas previously Humble offered multiple tiers.

Twenty Top Tumblr Gems From the Tumblr Trove of Treasure

These Tumblr gems were some of the top posts of the week. Take a trip and check them out. It's pretty cool to see the thread about the muscles in that new Disney movie that I haven't watched. Also, the switching of the rogues' galleries between Batman and Spider-Man is...

Phantom Blade: Executioners to start the closed beta test on January 28 ahead of the 2022 launch

Phantom Blade: Executioners is an upcoming ARPG action game developed and being released by S-Game. The game is described as a dark epic of KUNGfUPUNK, that will feature “endless combat styles, compromises, and confrontations.” The game looks to be an intriguing new release, with the unique art style already set it apart from the realm of other gacha titles currently on the market. Developers have released Phantom Blade: Executioners closed beta only for Android.

Microsoft can rescue a historic trove of lost games from Activision's vault

It's something close to criminal that Infocom isn't better known in the 21st century. The iconic developer of all-text story games — commonly referred to as "text adventures" — like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Zork series shut down in 1989, but not before releasing a library of titles that are some of the earliest to demonstrate the storytelling potential of video games. It's a rich history that's largely been squandered under the stewardship of Activision, which acquired Infocom in 1986.

Continum Wallpaper Collection

Comprised of four unique designs, the Continum collection of wallpapers derives inspiration from both the natural world and classical manmade motifs in equal measure – two reference ancient Greek mythology and two recontextualize nature in majestic ways. Paying homage to the Three Graces in Greek mythology – charm, beauty...

Categorisation of South Australian Organisations

Hi All, I'm slightly new the wikitree in terms of categorisation, but have three organisations that I cant find where is an appropriate category in which to place them. 1. Defence Science and Technology ( previously known as DSTO and Weapons Research Group. It is an organisation that is only in Adelaide (afaik). Should it be within Australia / Armed Forces, or Australia / Organisations or South Australia / Organisations ?

Mac and Linux games leave Humble Bundle’s Trove after January 31st | #macos | #macsecurity

If you’re on Humble Bundle and use a Mac or a Linux computer, you may want to download all the games you can from the service’s Trove before the month ends. Starting on February 1st, the Mac and Linux versions of the games in the Humble Trove will no longer available. The Humble Trove is a catalog of over 70 DRM-free games that you can access, so long as you have a Choice subscription. A few days ago, Humble announced that it’s simplifying its subscription service by offering a single $12 monthly plan that gives you permanent copies of all the games for that month.