Antique Tiered Trough Fountain

Antique carved stone trough fountain with cascading water from 2 tiers falling into a rectangular antique trough basin. The tiers create a beautiful water sound!. We could customize to be self contained fountain or could be an overflow fountain into a larger basin. Carved limestone, beautifully weathered. Import from England.
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Morning storms bring a possible slow commute for several days

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Low pressure to the north, high pressure to the south, deep tropical moisture and a trough of low pressure in the near Gulf waters are all combining to produce excellent chances for storms. Thunderstorms have been widespread along the coastal Suncoast this morning and rainfall has...
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Forecast: Scattered storm chances continue

An upper-level disturbance will continue to pass through South Florida, increasing our rain chances for Thursday. The active pattern that we’ve had lately will gradually subside by Friday as the aforementioned upper-level trough moves into the Gulf late Thursday. Rain chances will likely still be scattered on Friday, but rather than being an all-day chance, we’ll see more typical afternoon-style storms.
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Fluff Trough XL

Fluff Trough presents the Fluff Trough XL. The product was created for bulldogs to accommodate their wider faces, as well as other larger breeds. Its design is great for messy eaters and pets that struggle to eat from traditional floor-based bowls. At 9 in. by 9 in. by 13 in., the product is heavier and sturdier than traditional pet feeders and holds around five cups of dry food, the company reports. The product has a patented open-front design so pets can eat in a more ergonomic position. It features a nontoxic, BPA-free silicone insert that is made from high-quality, food-safe materials and can be put in the dishwasher.

12 Fantastic Beverage Cooler Ideas For Your Patio

Chilling out beside your swimming pool is one way to spend the summer, but if you’re going to be serious about it, then you’ll need something else too – a drink caddy or a storage item for your favorite summer beverages. Well, that’s not enough. If we’re talking about proper enjoyment in the summer, you’ll want your drinks to be cool so that you can refresh yourself instantly. That’s why you actually need a beverage cooler that you can fill up with ice and use it anywhere you need quick access to cold drinks in your outdoor areas.
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Influencers selling stuff from Aliexpress trough their own websites are scammers and should have their accounts removed.

An influencer from my hometown got caught by a local news website when the jewelry and accessories she sold trough her own website and claimed to have designed herself turned out to be cheap crap from Aliexpress she was selling at impressive mark ups (60 Euro's for a "designer" handbag that costs 10 euro on Aliexpress). Apparently this is common practice these days; there are whole Instagram channels devoted to "exposing" influencers trying to push products from Aliexpress at 10 times the original price. And even though it's technically legal, I think they aren't getting enough dirt for it. You are actively trying to scam your own followers, taking advantage of their trust in you. For this, your account should be suspended. submitted by /u/Th3_Accountant [link] [comments]

New submonolayer copper telluride phase on Cu(111) -- ad-chain and trough formation

We present a so far undetected submonolayer phase of copper telluride on Cu(111) with $\left(5 \times \sqrt{3}\right)_{\text{rect}}$ periodicity and coverage of 0.40 ML Tellurium (Te), which can be grown with perfect long-range order. It is structurally characterized by a combination of quantitative low-energy electron diffraction (LEED-IV), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and density functional theory (DFT). We find that Te induces the formation of four atom wide linear troughs within the Cu(111) surface filled up by two Te atoms per unit cell. Additionally, the interspace between the troughs is decorated by Cu$_2$Te$_2$ ad-chains sitting at hcp sites. All Te atoms exhibit the same local sixfold coordination: They occupy threefold hollow sites of the substrate and are one-sided attached to another three Cu atoms. The presented structural model is verified by a LEED-IV analysis with Pendry R-factor of R = 0.174 and quantitative agreement of structural parameters with DFT predictions. It also has by far the lowest energy of all models tested by DFT and simulated STM images agree perfectly with experiment. It turns out that the new $\left(5 \times \sqrt{3}\right)_{\text{rect}}$ phase is the most dense surface telluride phase possible on Cu(111) before bulk-like copper telluride starts to growth.

Trough fillers

Hi I had mine done for the first time about 5 weeks ago. I’m really happy with the results. I also had a tiny amount in my cheek to compliment the TT. I’m now not using any under eye concealer. The dark circles aren’t perfect but much, much better. I’ll...
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These houses are for sale in Greenwood

(GREENWOOD, MS) Looking for a house in Greenwood? Take a look at these listings pulled today from our classifieds, where homes from around the area are collected in one place. Whether you’re looking for privacy and quiet or a cozy neighborhood where your kids can visit neighbors and play in the park, there’s something for every buyer in this blend of units.

Lots of humidity in the forecast, but what about rain chances?

You can follow Melissa on Facebook here and Twitter here. After some thick patches of fog in the western part of the area to start the day, skies look to be clearer this afternoon with only a slight 20% chance of a scattered shower or storm popping up in the western part of the area.

2 Simple Ways To Keep Your Horse’s Water Trough Clean

Scrubbing water troughs seems like a never ending job in the summer. Algae and grime are constantly building up on the sides and bottom. Your horse is less likely to drink from a dirty bucket. They could experience dehydration if they’re not getting enough water, especially in the warmer months. These tips will save you a lot of work!