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Sam now a hurricane; More strengthening expected

Hurricane Sam: What was Tropical Depression #18 only a few days ago is now Hurricane Sam. The movement direction and speed remain largely unchanged since it first formed, however it will take a more northwesterly turn later this weekend which could put it near Bermuda as we head through next week. As of the Friday morning update, Sam had 75 mph winds with a westerly movement at 15 mph. It is forecast to strengthen over the next 5 days reaching category 3-4 status over the weekend.
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Tropical Storm Sam forms, and is expected to become a major hurricane

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Tropical Storm Sam formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday, becoming the 18th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season. At the 11 AM Thursday update, Sam has winds of 50 mph, and is churning to the west at 16 mph. Sam is expected to quickly strengthen into a major hurricane by early next week, with forecast winds of 125 mph by Tuesday.
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Sam a Category 2 hurricane; Subtropical Storm Teresa forms

Hurricane Sam strengthened Friday evening into a Category 2 storm that’s expected to intensify by Saturday, the National Hurricane Center said, while another system in the Atlantic became Subtropical Storm Teresa. The seventh hurricane of the season developed into a Category 2 storm Friday evening with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph and higher gusts, moving west at 14 mph, according to the ...
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Future tropical cyclone “Sam” next concern

“Peter” needs to be watched for maybe some effects for Bermuda but the other systems are for now all “fish storms” aka out at sea. However, Invest98 (red-oval future Sam) bears watching in the long-haul. Near-term, for ATLANTA the big cool down and dry out I first told you about...

Sam becomes hurricane, continues to strengthen in Atlantic

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Sam has become a hurricane and expects rapid strengthening to continue. As of Friday morning, Sam was about 1,470 miles east-southeast of the Northern Leeward Islands and was moving toward the west near 15 mph. Maximum sustained winds have...
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Hurricane Sam strengthens to a category 2 status

Hurricane Sam continues to gain strength and is expected to become a major hurricane this weekend. Hurricane Sam continues to be the main focus in the tropics as it moves to the west as a healthy category 2 hurricane. Sam is still forecast to become a major hurricane over the...

Tracking five tropical waves across the Atlantic Basin

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We have a lot of active weather in the Atlantic Basin, so let's get right to it. There are five areas of interest, but one that is coming nowhere close to the United States. First, Invest 94-L (the area shaded in red) has a 90% chance of...

Friday night forecast; cool morning ahead

Clear sunny skies started off our day, with a crisp and cool feel outside. Morning time lows dropped into the mid-to-upper 50s, with sunshine hanging around into the afternoon. Daytime highs warmed up slightly into the mid-to-upper 70s! Any evening plans are looking fantastic - including Friday night football! By halftime time, we'll be resting in the lower-60s. So if heading out tonight, you might want to grab a light jacket or blanket!

TROPICS: Tropical Storm Mindy made landfall and will weaken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There are a couple of areas across the Atlantic basin we are tracking in the coming week. Both systems are impacting the First Coast this week with swell moving in from Larry and tropical downpours moving in from Tropical Storm Mindy. Bottom line: Expect waves of thunderstorms...

Tropical Storm Peter could bring rain, surf to Puerto Rico, and new storm could form

The Atlantic is looking crowded this week with two named storms and a possible third on the way. Tropical Storms Peter and Rose are still churning through the middle of the Atlantic, where they pose little threat, and a tropical wave several hundred miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands could become the next named storm — Sam.
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Hurricane Ida takes form and aims at U.S. Gulf Coast with projections to become major storm

Ida grew into a category 1 hurricane Friday afternoon as it made landfall along Cuba’s Isle of Youth, the National Hurricane Center said. It is expected to become a major hurricane by Sunday night before hitting the U.S. Gulf Coast. For now, projections have Ida making landfall in Louisiana, the NHC said. If that forecast holds true, Ida would hit 16 years to the day since Hurricane Katrina ...

Tropical Storm Nicholas forms in the Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Nicholas formed this morning and the NHC forcasts a northerly track with the center of the cone of undertainty right over the Houston region.The computer models are coming into better agreement on what track it might take. As of right now the storm is not expected to reach hurricane status but will drop significant rain over the region the next several days.
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Just over half of original tropical storm names, including Nicholas, remain

Nearly half of the original names for Atlantic storms have been retired due to the intense damage they've wrought since meteorologists developed their current naming system in 1979. Tropical Storm Nicholas, which formed in the southwest Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and is expected to hit the mid- and north...

Mindy Moving Quickly Across the Southeast

Tropical Storm Mindy (formally Invest 91-L) formed Wednesday afternoon in the Gulf of Mexico with sustained winds of 40 mph. The storm made landfall on St. Vincent Island at 8:15 PM CT with winds of 45 mph. It has since been downgraded but is still producing heavy showers across the region.