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Careful assessment of patient needs can reduce costs in end-of-life care

Decision-makers can manage high expenditures as deaths increase and improve patient experience if they understand what drives end-of-life costs and if services find a better balance between treating disease and managing symptoms, according to a new policy brief in which Trinity researchers made significant contributions. The brief, "Health and social...
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University removes pedophile Schrödinger’s name from lecture hall

An Irish university has dropped the name of physicist Erwin Schrödinger from one of its lecture halls after it emerged the Nobel laureate was a paedophile. Trinity College Dublin, located in the Irish capital, has removed Erwin Schrödinger’s name from one of its lecture halls after it emerged he was a paedophile.
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25 children seen in adult psychiatric units last year

25 children were accommodated in adult psychiatric units in the first 11 months of last year. According to freedom of information figures, 27 were sent to adult inpatient facilities in 2020. The HSE says some of these admissions relate to crisis cases where no adolescent bed was available. Professor of...
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There was a ‘missing voice’ of independent science in Ireland’s Covid strategy

Prof Aoife McLysaght discusses her research in genetics and responding to Covid-19 through the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group. At the start of her journey into a scientific career, Aoife McLysaght was looking at lab technician courses because those were the jobs in science that she was most aware of. “I...

Predators help prevent biodiversity loss

In a new collaborative study between Trinity College Dublin and Hokkaido University, experts have found that predators help protect the biodiversity of ecosystems against the negative impacts of climate change. “Amidst the global extinction crisis, climate change will expose ecosystems to more frequent and intense extreme climatic events, such as...

The Ultimate Guide to Option Agreements for Indie Authors

Option agreements are the stuff of author dreams. We all want our books to go to screen or theatre or TV or any other number of exciting opportunities. This is the magic of copyright. But what is an option agreement, what do you need to watch out for and what should you consider? Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors welcomes and thanks Silvia Schimdt for her contribution to The Ultimate Guide to Option Agreements.

Sharifa Yateem Is UAE's First Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Sharifa Yateem Consulting is a consulting and training agency, which prides itself in empowering stakeholders in their work with people with autism spectrum disorder, or other related disorders. Situated in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it works with master degree holders and board-certified behavior analysts with years of experience working with communities. The agency is the brainchild of Sharifa Yateem, a holder of Master’s of Science (M.S) in Applied Behavior Analysis at Trinity College Dublin, and the first Emirati Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
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Science Gallery to take curtain call if talks lead nowhere

One of Dublin’s cultural institutions, Trinity’s Science Gallery may not be revived despite Government attempts over the last couple of months. Despite months of backlash from the public, the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) may be set to close its doors for the last time on 28 February, dropping the curtain on one of the last such public spaces in the city centre.

Robots Rise to Meet the Challenge of Caring for Older Adults

Robotic assistants could be used in nursing and retirement homes to help seniors care for themselves, assist with cleaning, provide emotional support, connect remotely with health care providers, and free up nurses to focus on patient care. Researchers at Ireland's Trinity College Dublin have developed Stevie, a robot on a...

Apex predators help to reduce climate change impacts on biodiversity

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin and Hokkaido University researched the impacts of apex predators in mitigating climate change impacts on biodiversity loss. According to new research led by scientists in Trinity College Dublin, in collaboration with scientists at Hokkaido University, predator species may safeguard against the negative impacts of climate change by mitigating against the loss of biodiversity.

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Yes – it has been 681 says since Covid-19 hit us and our world changed. From today, 22 January 2022, most restrictions in the state are gone, apart from the continuing need to wear masks in certain public places. Hopefully that West Cork sky over our house this morning, above, is a good omen for us. Today’s paper shows the stark tally:

Cork author Colm Keane dies age 70

Well-known author and journalist Colm Keane has passed away aged 70. A prolific writer, Mr Keane wrote 29 books - averaging a book a year for the past three decades. The latest book, The Book of St Brigid, was released last September. It marked the fourth book co-written with his...

Human forgetfulness is a feature, not a bug

Each of us builds a model of the world around us through our own experiences and our memories of those experiences. Forgetting something, from a certain point of view, is almost the same as if that thing had never happened at all. That’s why diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, which rob us of our cherished memories are so tragic. It turns out, that loss of memory might be a corruption of a totally natural and even helpful process of beneficial forgetting.

Nathalia Chubin

People came to know about Nathalia Chubin only after her romantic ties with a famed Australian actor, singer, and dancer Adam Garcia. However, she has also established herself as a hardworking and independent woman. Chubin is the former British Senior Brand Manager at PlayStation and present Director of Brand & Communication at Square Enix.

‘Fantastic buzz’ in Dublin city as restrictions end

There has been “a fantastic buzz” in Dublin city over the weekend after the Taoiseach’s address to the nation, announcing that almost all Covid-19 restrictions would end. Paul Cadden, owner of the Saba restaurant group, said there was “great excitement among staff and customers on Friday when...

Dublin festival celebrating women will be on St Brigid’s Day

A Dublin festival celebrating women will take place on St Brigid’s Day this year. Brigit 2022 is named after the Celtic goddess Brigit, associated with creativity and wisdom, and the traditional Gaelic festival of Imbolc. All events will be free across the city on February 1, with Mayor of...

University of Hong Kong world’s ‘most international university’

As territory’s oldest institute of higher learning, ‘Asia’s Global University’ boasts student enrolments of more than 18,000, 43% of who are international. Along with its English-medium programs, its international focus aiming to prepare students to become ‘global citizens’, helped the institution attain the ‘most international’ title for 2022, THE suggested.

Author and journalist Colm Keane dies aged 70

THE AUTHOR AND award-winning journalist Colm Keane has died aged 70. He died from cancer in Waterford, it has been confirmed. Keane was born in Youghal in Cork, and is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Georgetown University, Washington DC. He was the author of 29 books and wrote...

NPHET Advises That Most Restrictions Can Go

Nightclubs could open this weekend. Cabinet ministers will meet this afternoon to sign off on the widespread easing of Covid restrictions - after NPHET gave the green light yesterday. Health officials last night recommended the ending of most Covid-19 restrictions in the coming days. The optimistic advice from the National...