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Photography Through The Pandemic – A Spotlight on the Artists: Pt 3

Welcome to part three of our Spotlight on the Artists. In each article I’ll be sharing five of our contributors with you, telling you a little bit about their work and where you can see more. And of course, encouraging you to support our kickstarter campaign to get the book made!
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How to Build Clickable Travel and Hospitality Ads, According to AI

The travel and hospitality industry has seen its fair share of volatility. Try these data-backed insights into trends projected to pay off. Given the last couple of years, it can feel as though nothing is guaranteed, least of all the ability to travel. With the pandemic continuing its surge, some destinations are completely off limits.
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The first lens you should buy to get started in family photography

A kit lens is great for getting to know your DSLR. But what about when you want to level up your photo game? What lens do you need to get started in family photography?. When I transitioned to shooting for paying clients, I did a lot of research on what lens I should buy. From the beginning of my DSLR journey I had stuck with my two kit lenses: The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, and the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III lens. These served me well: I learned how to use my DSLR for action shots, in the dark, for landscapes and for portraits.
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How to become a successful freelance photographer

Portraits Refined may earn a commission on purchases made from links on this page. For more information, read Affiliate Disclosure. If you want to turn photography into your full-time living, learn how to become a successful freelance photographer. Table of contents. How much do freelance photographers make?. Freelance photography means...

How to use a DSLR camera: a beginner’s photography guide

You can get a professional Sony DSLR camera from a reliable store like Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The EMI store has a wide range of DSLR cameras for professionals and amateur photographers. A DSLR is a powerful camera that is capable of enabling you to take professional photographs. But how well you can take photographs depends on how much you know about DSLRs and whether you have used one before.

Discover the Colourful Medieval Village of Dozza, Italy

You've probably never heard of Dozza, but that's okay - it's just another beautiful Italian hilltop village. Except it isn't. Dozza is different. Surprising even. A fact we discovered on our recent late autumn visit. Located amongst the rolling hills and endless vineyards outside of Bologna, Dozza has a pretty...

IIT-Bhubaneswar’s Alma Fiesta Celebrates ‘Shades Of Odisha’ With Contests

Bhubaneswar: As part of the annual socio-cultural fest ‘Alma Fiesta’, IIT-Bhubaneswar has launched three contests to celebrate Odisha’s art and culture. The first contest, ‘Food o Shoot’ is a photography competition aimed at showcasing the rich cuisine of Odisha. Participants have been asked to send three unedited pictures of their favourite Odia dish by December 4.

Focus: How to monetize your travels

Much is made of the life of the digital nomad these days. Before the pandemic, working digitally made it possible to travel the world without taking leave. As the pandemic drags to an end, that lifestyle is becoming possible again, and many are perfectly happy living that life. However, for someone who truly loves travel, it might seem like a blessing and a curse. After all, you get to travel but you need to work everywhere you go.

What's the Best Focal Length for Your First Prime Lens?

When you get your first camera, you’ll usually receive a lens—known as a kit lens—to attach to the body. If you’re a total beginner, using this is excellent for learning the basics of photography while keeping costs relatively low. But as you take more pictures, you’ll get an idea of...

2021’s gifts galore for Christmas

It's the season of giving – and receiving, if you need an excuse to spoil yourself with a treat! But of course, with photography being such an expensive hobby, it can be challenging to find a worthwhile gift that doesn't break the bank. Don't worry, though – we've put together...

Rania Matar’s Intimate Portraits of Girls On the Cusp of Womanhood

A new book of environmental portraits made in the United States and Middle East explores the shared experiences of young womanhood. Palestinian-Lebanese photographer Rania Matar was only three years old when her mother died at the age of 28. Growing up in Beirut during the 1960s, Matar was raised by her father, with whom she was very close. In 1975, her father remarried. A month later, the Lebanese Civil War broke out. Over the next 15 years, the war would rage on, resulting in 120,000 deaths and the exodus of nearly a million people. 11 at the time, Rania Matar remembers the profound schism that emerged as a result. Her father was able to work, and she had the support of a blended family that included a stepsister of the same age. “There were moments where Beirut would reappear and life would go on. It was glamorous and beautiful. I remember my teenage years going out with friends, having boyfriends, going skiing and to the beach,” Matar recalls. “Then the war would happen and things would get so bad that we would have to leave the city every once in a while.”

How To Start A Photography Business: Complete Guide

Starting a photography business takes a lot more than some skill with the camera (although that is a significant part of it). To be successful, you’ll also need to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and embrace the business side of the industry. If you’re thinking of turning your passion for photography into a side hustle or full-time gig, you’re in the right place. Read on for a complete breakdown of how to start your own photography business, including the pros and cons of being a small business owner, what you’ll need to get started, and how to create your photography business plan.

Snorkeling at Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta

There’s an entire underwater world just waiting when you go snorkeling at Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta. I was relocated into its mysterious depths after a walk, a ride in a Volkswagen bus, and a short hike. Then: transcendence. A few guides in town will loan you equipment and take...

The 2021 Cherrydeck Holiday Gift Guide: Photography Lovers

Gifts can be hard to think of, but we got you covered! Explore gift ideas for photography lovers that go beyond the expected in our gift guide!. Gift-shopping certainly never gets easier. In particular, for a photography lover or enthusiast, the perfect gift is hard to think of when they already have cameras, films, camera bags, sd cards, and more. What would they like or need next?

15 Best Mini Tripods for Table Top Photography in 2022

The life of a photographer isn’t always easy, often travelling from one location to another. And then there’s the big bag of equipment you need to take with you. And the list of things you need to bring isn’t getting any smaller. That’s why the best mini tripods are becoming...

Backblaze Cloud Backup System Saved My Life

Backblaze Cloud Backup System Saved My Life – Why you need Backblaze Cloud Backup System. Backblaze Cloud Backup System saved my bacon, saved my arse, saved my life. Let me tell you a little story. I have been a photographer since 2003. I have been a serious professional since 2014....

50 Indonesia Pictures That Will Make You Want To Travel

Even after taking thousands of Indonesia pictures during our travels, I still don’t feel like I can capture the raw beauty of this Southeast Asian country. ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ is home to many spectacular islands, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, ancient temples, and so much more — and they’re usually great for photos!

What Do You Need In Your Urbex Backpack? (Urban Exploration Gear)

Urban exploration photography is one of the most exciting ways to venture out with your camera. Our cities and industrial areas are full of abandoned buildings. And they make a prime location for urbex photography. But you should never go exploring unprepared. If you plan on visiting abandoned places, you...

Why a Drone Is My Favorite Purchase That I Did Not Need

Drones are appealing to a wide gamut of people, from creatives to tech-heads, to aviation enthusiasts. For me, it was perhaps a blend of all three, but something I couldn't easily justify. Nevertheless, I bought one anyway, and it turned out to be the best poor decision I've ever made.