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Medical staff shortages continue to cause struggle

Staffing shortages across health care fields have been a concern for a while, and they continue to be highlighted as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Blair Shock, Clinton County health administrator, said people in public health have had to keep a work-life balance. He remembers how he and his staff worked especially long hours at the beginning of the pandemic and had to try to keep that balance.
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Nursing shortage creates challenges for HospiceCare in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The shortage of nurses in the area isn’t just impacting area hospitals. HospiceCare in Charleston, West Virginia is hoping to fill several nursing positions in the coming weeks. Right now there are ten positions open for full-time nursing staff across the group’s 16-county coverage area. “There...
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Cdn nurse wanting to travel 1-2 years

Hi, I know this is more of a "Travel Nursing" topic, but I haven't posted in a while and just wanted to ask specifically Cdn nurses (passed NCLEX), how to get started in travel nursing. What agencies are best, most reliable, and also well paid. If I go, I will be travelling with 2 children and so need more of a permanent situation as opposed to just 6-13 week contracts. I can only really consider the state of Florida because I would need family back-up and that is the only state I have family.
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St. Francis hospital in Topeka adopts vaccine requirement; Stormont Vail's mandate not to blame for shortage

The St. Francis hospital in Topeka will require all staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, officials publicly announced this week. "After a great deal of thoughtful consideration, we announced to our staff last week that we will be joining The University of Kansas Health System in requiring all employees, physicians, students, volunteers, vendors and anyone working in our facilities to be fully vaccinated effective December 1, 2021," hospital officials said in a Tuesday COVID-19 dashboard report.

How to Stay Healthy As a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is many things, but my favorite thing about it is that it is downright FUN. Exploring new cities, making new friends, and getting new opportunities to dive into a new restaurant scene or going out scene makes for an exciting assignment. In my experience, the more “fun” I had as a travel nurse, the more unhealthy I felt. After years of taking new assignments and letting my health slip little by little, (first I stopped going to church and regularly seeing a therapist, then my eating habits, and lastly my activity level), once I felt like crap, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and started to prioritize my health. What I learned was that I could have just as much fun travel nursing and I could still take care of myself. Below you’ll find the best tips to prioritize your help, what to do in a snap, and how to still have fun as a travel nurse.

New professor has impact at bedside, in classroom

Assistant Clinical Professor Shelley Burke brings four decades of experience. For Shelley Burke, DNP, MSN, RN, her role as an assistant clinical professor at the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing is an opportunity to continue her nursing career while passing the baton to the next generation. “The...
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Hochul wrestles with pandemic as state health boss resigns amid vaccine mandate

ALBANY – One month into her administration, Gov. Kathy Hochul finds herself in the same spot as her predecessor: trying to navigate the state through the Covid-19 pandemic. On Thursday, facing the potential of a statewide health care staffing crisis, Hochul announced the resignation of the controversial state health commissioner, continued pushing for everyone eligible to get vaccinated and doubled down on her demand that all health care workers be vaccinated or end up out of jobs.
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Concern growing in Maryland about 'critical shortage' of nurses

There's growing concern about a nursing shortage in the Baltimore region as hospitals are reportedly struggling to meet patients' needs. One nursing school dean said the shortage is the worst she has seen in the past 40 years. VACCINE INFO | TRACKING THE NUMBERS | LATEST COVID-19 NEWS | SEE...

Oncology fellowship opens door to nursing dream job

As a Quinnipiac nursing student, Francesca Marchiano ’22 learned to combine holistic, compassionate care for patients with the clinical skills necessary to secure her ultimate dream job. After an extensive vetting process, she was one of only five nursing students selected for the 2021 Susan D. Flynn Oncology Nursing Fellowship...

Florida hospital administrators ask for state help amid staffing strain

Hospital administrators in Florida are asking for help from the state as they grapple with staffing strain during the latest COVID-19 wave, according to the News Service of Florida. The administrators detailed the staffing strain, as well as the financial strain hospitals are facing, for state House committees Sept. 20.

Preparing for a Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Program

Applying for a nurse practitioner training program is not always an easy task. Along with the work of choosing the right postgraduate program for you from the hundreds that are now available, it’s also important to ensure that you meet the often-demanding entry requirements for these programs. For nurses who are qualified with a master’s degree or a doctor of nursing practice degree, postgraduate programs designed to prepare them for a role as a nurse practitioner will often have a long list of entry requirements including letters of recommendation, admissions essays and interviews along with requirements surrounding experience and more. However, by investing time and energy into applying for a nurse practitioner training program, you will often be rewarded.

The degradation and devaluation of nurses

Where do I begin? Maybe at the beginning. Let’s start with the degradation and devaluation of nurses across this country. For decades, I lived the devaluing of nurses. Daily huddles from our nurse managers, ER nurses, ICU nurses, and behavioral health nurses. Emails and huddles about downsizing. Nurse-patient ratios. Decreasing nursing staff and increasing patients. ICU nurses typically had a 2:1 ratio and, depending on the patient’s acuity, a 1:1 ratio. But as years went by, we watched our nursing world become increasingly unsafe. Decreasing our staff because we were told: “For the sake of the budget.”

7 Best Baby Carriers for Traveling the World with Little Ones

Happy kids make happy parents, and, when you travel, packing one of the best baby carriers could be your ticket to a more fun, comfortable, and easygoing time for all. From historic cities with bumpy cobblestone streets and countless stairs to beaches and mountain trails, there are some situations in which even a travel stroller won’t cut it—unless you want to feel like you’re trekking your family along the Oregon Trail.

Advice for a Travel Nurse heading to Livingston

My girlfriend (F/41) is planning to do an 8 week travel nursing gig in Livingston, MT starting soon. We're from Florida and know absolutely nothing about that area. What should we know or do you have any tips for us? Housing, travel, weather, etc. Thanks submitted by /u/uniqueusername316 [link] [comments]

Helpful or hurtful? The ‘double-edged sword’ of travel nursing.

Rural hospitals are struggling with staffing shortages as more of their nurses leave for better-paying travel nurse roles—but some experts warn that hospitals' reliance on travel nurses may be a "double-edged sword." The nursing shortage particularly strains rural hospitals. Hospitals around the country have seen a shortage of health care...