Department Of Fish And Wildlife’s “Trap, Tag, Haze” Program Sabotaged By Angry Tahoe Community Members

LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — Researchers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s “Trap, Tag, Haze” program say they’re being harassed by community members. In the program, researchers catch the bears, collect samples, tag them, and then when they release them, they use paintball guns to scare them so they don’t get too comfortable with humans. The goal of the program is to keep track of the activities of Tahoe bears, but some people in Tahoe do not see it that way. Researchers say that community members have yelled at them to leave the bears alone. They also claim research traps are being sabotaged by people pouring ammonia on them so bears stay away.

Minnesota: Extension Soliciting Cooperators for 2022 Corn Rootworm Trapping Project

2021 saw root injury and lodging caused by the feeding of corn rootworm larvae in many Minnesota fields. The resulting rootworm beetle populations were also high. Western corn rootworm populations and root injury appeared to be larger in continuous corn, particularly in geographic areas where a large proportion of fields were planted to long-term continuous corn. Northern corn rootworms and extended diapause populations in rotated corn also increased.
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Riveting Camera Trap Photos Create New Database of Amazon Wildlife

A big cat rolls around on the ground playfully with her cubs. A giant anteater wallows in the mud, taking a cooling bath. Lots of animals pause, take a moment, and stare. These are all images and videos captured by camera traps in the Amazon basin over nearly two decades.

Scientists ready for another AGH trapping season

Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) officials are preparing to start Asian giant hornet monitoring efforts this year with a new monitoring program of paper wasp nests and setting 1,000 traps in Whatcom County. WSDA is asking Washington residents to “adopt” one or more paper wasp nests to monitor from...

Bloc Party return to ‘The Late Late Show’ to perform ‘Traps’

Bloc Party have made their return to The Late Late Show with James Corden, performing their 2021 single ‘Traps’ on the show. The performance, which aired on Tuesday night (May 24), marked the band’s third time appearing on the show. The Flight Attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco and Top Gun: Maverick actor Glen Powell were also guests on the evening’s taping. Bloc Party previously served as the show’s musical guests for episodes in 2015 and 2019, performing ‘The Love Within’ and ‘Banquet’ respectively. Watch the performance of ‘Traps’ below: