How to Easily Translate Web Pages with Google Chrome

One super useful option is Chrome’s ability to automatically translate foreign websites so that the language barrier does not prevent you from exploring the Web. In this article, we show you how you can translate web pages with the Google Chrome browser on your desktop as well as your mobile device.

7 Most Important Steps When Translating a Website

Updating a website to be compatible with different languages can take time and money, but it’s worth it for companies who want to reach more potential customers. When you are faced with the task of translating a website, several steps should be taken before actually getting to work. First, it’s...

The 7 Best Instant Language Translators for International Travel

As you travel around the world, it can be pretty hard if the place you’re visiting doesn’t speak English well. That’s why you should have an instant language translator device in your pocket. These little machines will help you communicate with the locals through instant translation. So, to help prepare...

Dark Horse To Publish English Translation Of ‘Cat + Gamer,’ Beginning March 2022

From Japanese publisher Shogakukan, creator Wataru Nadantani, and translator Zack Davisson, Dark Horse is proud to announce the upcoming manga Cat + Gamer, available for the first time in English. ‘Meet Riko, a twenty-nine-year-old office worker with an obsession with video games. Her coworkers can’t quite figure her out—she never...
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Register Aug. 3 for in-person and online ORICL courses

“Great Monsters of the 20th Century” such as Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. “Outsiders’ Effects on Native Americans.” “Outline of the Mexican Past.” “The Story of the 1958 National Championship Oak Ridge Football Team.”. These are a few of the history classes being offered in person for the fall term...
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A clinic on wheels: Agape looks to expand its reach

Substance abuse and behavioral health treatment as well as solutions for general medical issues will soon be easier to access for Beaufort County residents who cannot get to a doctor or hospital. A fully equipped mobile unit from local nonprofit Agape Health Services will begin regular visits throughout the county’s rural areas in mid-August.

Top 8 K-Pop Songs That Will Comfort You In Hard Times

1. Lee Hi - 'Breathe'. Though this song may evoke strong emotions because of its context, written by SHINee's JongHyun before he passed away, the lyrics are there to give you a comforting hug. In the song, Lee Hi sings about how life can be hard, and that people can't always tell how hard it has been from the outside.

Userlytics improves transcription services with Amazon Transcribe

Userlytics, a global platform for easy and intuitive remote user experience testing, is introducing its latest technology update, offering a new and improved AI-based transcription service powered by Amazon. This updated transcription service will allow clients to quickly and accurately transcribe user testing sessions in up to 36 different languages...

Want The Best Online Jobs for Teens 2021? Read This!

Brian is a versatile freelance writer, copywriter, journalist, and affiliate Marketer. Did you know that you can make a decent earning working online? According to Forbes, 74 percent of the working population prefer working online. See, with the pandemic affecting significant operations globally, businesses are adapting to new methods of working.
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Voices of Monterey Bay

Postcard from Castroville

Saturday, July 24, was your typical overcast day in Castroville but you could still feel a special energy. Around 30 people gathered at the plaza to celebrate a Mixteco community member receiving her green card, an immigration status that allows her to work without fear of being detained and deported. Given the current immigration laws and the fact that the long-promised immigration reform is still stuck in Congress, any time one person obtains that desired status is cause for celebration.

Estonian Government to Develop Central Translation Platform

The government of Estonia has ordered the development of a central translation platform for the country, according to a July 9 report from Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR, from Estonian “Eesti Rahvusringhääling”). The nation’s Ministry of Justice said on July 2 that in developing the platform, it aims to bolster and increase the Estonian language’s digital accessibility, ensuring its use in online platforms.

Wait- What??

That feeling you get when you're daydreaming or your mind is busy with something and someone abruptly brings you up to reality and you're like,. @OfficialGamboaLikeUs article about "My Lutang Moments" Floated moments challenge. And I find it entertaining and fun to write. I have also read other users' entries about this challenge and it's so hilarious. After reading all of their entries, I have decided to make an entry too, knowing that I have a lot of "Lutang Moments" I guess, everyday. lol.