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The only total solar eclipse of 2021 in pictures: Amazing photos from Antarctica

On Dec. 4, 2021, the moon passed in front of the sun in the only total solar eclipse of the year. It was a dazzling sight, but one visible to only a few. The path of totality for the solar eclipse, a thin strip in which the moon's shadow touches the Earth's surface, stretched across a remote part of Antarctica where relatively few human observers could see. (A partial eclipse was visible to parts of Saint Helena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Crozet Islands, Falkland Islands, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia.
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Total solar eclipse plunges Antarctica into darkness

A total solar eclipse plunged Antarctica from summer into darkness early Saturday in a rare astronomical spectacle witnessed by a handful of scientists and thrill-seekers—and countless penguins. "The visibility was excellent," said Raul Cordero of the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), who was on site to witness "totality" at...
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Stunning photos show total solar eclipse over Antarctica

These stunning photos show the moment the sun is completely covered by the moon in an amazing solar eclipse. The phenomenon saw the sun completely disappear – however was only properly visible over Antarctica. However, those in the Southern Hemisphere may have caught a partial eclipse. Parts of Australia, South...
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Total solar eclipse to bring black sun, sudden nightfall to Antarctica

Day will turn to night for a few fleeting moments Saturday in Antarctica as the new moon intercedes between the Earth and sun. Daylight will be extinguished during the ephemeral total solar eclipse, the last worldwide until April 2023. Unlike recent total eclipses seen from the United States and South...

The Only Total Solar Eclipse of the Year Will Cover Antarctica in December

We've seen different eclipses already this year, including the full lunar eclipse that took place back in May and the "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse that came into view in June. According to Mental Floss, there's going to be a total solar eclipse this year, too, and it will be the only one of 2021. This eclipse will take place in December and will be the last one you can see until 2023. Since it is a full eclipse, it will darken the entire sky, specifically in Antarctica. While it will be more difficult to see, there is still a chance to catch the celestial sight depending on where you live.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse Is Bringing Big Changes. Here’s How To Prepare

If you don't have plans this Saturday night, don't sweat it. There's a powerful new moon total solar eclipse in Sagittarius taking place that will provide more than enough weekend entertainment for all of us — in a good way. While eclipses are often strikingly intense, the upcoming lunation on December 4 is bringing a much more positive, optimistic tone to the astrological world. Forget about.
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Lunar and solar eclipses: Their meaning spiritually and in astrology

Destiny calls your name. Will you answer? Your life will never be the same again. Whether or not you’re ready, the universe has chosen: it’s time for rapid change. Since the dawn of mankind, people have looked up to the sky and witnessed wondrous and terrifying events — such as solar and lunar eclipses. These cosmic events were often seen as harbingers of dramatic natural and social events — climate catastrophes, plagues, civil uprisings, or even the rise or fall of empires.

An Epic Lunar Eclipse Is Coming Tomorrow – The Longest of Its Kind in 580 Years

Space lovers are in for a treat this week. Late Thursday night and into the early hours of Friday morning (in terms of US time zones), you'll have the chance to witness the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years.  And don't let the 'partial' part fool you – this lunar eclipse will be pretty much as close as you can get to a total eclipse, with more than 97 percent of the full moon cast into a red hue by Earth's shadow (NASA says 99.1 percent will be covered, whereas Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles says 97 percent). At its peak, only a...

20 of the best places to view the 2024 Great North American Eclipse

The total solar eclipse set to occur April 8, 2024, will dazzle everyone who views it. However, potential observers might have some questions. Where exactly in Mexico and the U.S. will totality be visible? That’s easy to answer with a detailed map, such as the one below. But which locations are the best spots to view the event? That answer is less straightforward. You’ll surely want to set up shop near the center line of the eclipse, where totality will last the longest. But what else makes for a good viewing site for a total solar eclipse?