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What’s the best guitar solo of 2022?

Each and every 12 months brings a cavalcade of fretboard-searing guitar solos, but this year’s felt especially incendiary. The obvious highlight is Polyphia and Steve Vai’s bridging of shred’s generational divide, but there were exceptional leads from across the genre spectrum. Mike is Editor-in-Chief of, in...
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Intervals' Aaron Marshall takes a deep dive into his guitar-playing philosophy, and talks tones, tempos, modes and his favorite guitar instrumentals

After Wolfgang Van Halen named him his favorite guitarist right now, find out how the Canadian prog virtuoso tackles soloing, melodies, harmonies and other aspects of instrumental guitar from the man himself. Those well-versed in the world of instrumental guitar will be familiar with the feats of Intervals virtuoso Aaron...
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Paws for thought: Hello Kitty Squier Strat prices have more than doubled since 2019

Reverb is reporting (opens in new tab) that prices of used Hello Kitty Strats have leapt up in recent years, rising from an average of $275 in 2019 to $700 in 2022. That’s a pretty astonishing increase – a price growth of 254% in just three years –especially for an instrument that was once dismissed by some as a joke guitar, or at best a beginner’s model.
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You can now find out what pedal brand is most popular in your state

You probably didn’t start your day questioning the pedal-shopping habits of all 50 US states, but thanks to the fine work of Pedal Haven, we can now discuss the finer points of Hawaii’s Universal Audio habit, or New York’s home state love-in with Death By Audio. The...
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The Matamp head Peter Green used on early Fleetwood Mac recordings is up for sale

The 1967 Matamp Series 2000 amplifier used by Peter Green during his Fleetwood Mac days is available to purchase, via London’s Denmark Street Guitars (opens in new tab). The vintage guitar specialist posted a series of pictures of the guitar amp on its Instagram and has confirmed it is up for sale (although they invite contact as it is not listed on their site).

See the trailer for the new John Scofield documentary Inside Scofield

A new documentary promises to deliver an unparalleled insight into jazz guitar icon and self-confessed 'road dog' John Scofield. Released on 2 December via video on demand and DVD, Joerg Steineck's film Inside Scofield is an 'in-depth portrayal of the life of the acclaimed jazz musician'. Scofield narrates the 87-minute...
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What is that charred guitar on the cover of the new Metallica album?

We’ve got our theories – and they could add a whole new layer of meaning to 72 Seasons’ artwork. The artwork for the metal titans’ new record depicts a broken crib and a number of charred possessions, reflecting its title – the 72 seasons, or first 18 years of our lives that form our selves, and the subsequent breaking free of that narrative. Cool concept, but one thing’s been bugging us: what the heck is the burned-up electric guitar on the cover?
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Watch Mark Tremonti give away his guitar to a young fan

The guitarist handed over his PRS after spotting the girl in the front row of a recent Alter Bridge show. Mark Tremonti has shared footage of one of his “happiest moments on stage”, in which he gives his guitar to a young disabled fan who was watching the show from the front row.
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Metallica announce new album 72 Seasons and share video for first single Lux Æterna

Metallica have announced their 12th album, 72 Seasons, is due to arrive on April 14, 2023, but you can already check out the video for their first single Lux Æterna. The 12-track album has once again been produced by Greg Fidelman (who also worked on 2016’s Hardwired… To Self Destruct), with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich also manning the desk.
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Hear Zayn Malik's take on Jimi Hendrix's Angel

The former One Direction singer offered up his posthumous collaboration in time for the guitar hero's 80th birthday. Former One Direction vocalist Zayn Malik might not be the first name you would associate with Jimi Hendrix fandom, but last week the popstar followed up on his earlier teaser post and shared his take on the guitar hero's track, Angel.

Paul Reed Smith says the theory that pickups are all that matter to tone and wood choice is irrelevant is “just not true”

“If the pickup is the only thing that matters, then dead strings don’t matter,” says the PRS supremo. You need not spend long in guitar culture before being confronted by myth and counter myth, of folk wisdom masquerading as science, and vice versa, and by the countervailing winds of opinion obscuring the boundaries between both.

Hear David Gilmour play guest lead guitar on new Donovan song Rock Me

David Gilmour is one of the rarified guitar players who has reached the level of being recognisable after hearing a few notes, and so it proves with his guest turn on Donovan's new song Rock Me. He said my album track Three Kingfishers, off my Sunshine Superman album of 1966,...

Peter Green’s 1967 Matamp head from his early Fleetwood Mac days is up for sale

The Series 2000 head was played onstage and in the studio and is truly a piece of rock history. A 1967 Matamp Series 2000 guitar amp head that was owned by the late Peter Green is up for sale. Played onstage and in the studio as Green shaped blues-rock history with Fleetwood Mac, the historic tube amp is being sold through Denmark Street Guitars – and if we were, say, Kirk Hammett, we would be calling them up right now.