Anti-regime protests are shaking Iran to its core

Iran is facing what we call mismanagement of water resources. Iran is a country with a continental climate. Rainfall is relatively scant and is concentrated from October through April. There was never an abundance of water in the Shi’ite country, with most of its rivers being short, shallow and seasonal in character. However, 2021 is worse. Iran faced its driest summer in five decades, which has exacerbated the water crisis in the country. But it is not entirely the drought which is causing an intense water shortage in Iran. The real reason is that Iran has not been able to manage its scant water resources prudently.
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Did Japan PM Kishida just warn China of a pre-emptive strike?

Entangled in the World War 2 era pacifist constitution, Japan is increasingly realizing the fact that its abilities to counter the rising security threats stemming from China and North Korea are extremely limited. So, Japan seems to be following the maxim that “attack is the best form of defense”, as Japanese PM now hints at developing capabilities to strike the enemy bases in the face of an imminent missile attack.
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Uganda succumbs to China’s debt trap but the ordeal may not last long

The debt-trap diplomacy of China forms the bedrock of Xi Jinping’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative, and China is using it to hash out the assets of various nations in lieu of the debts these poor countries owe to Beijing. The modus-operandi is fairly simple—enter a country on the pretext of development activities, hand out fishy loans with exorbitant interest rates and when the state fails to repay it, capture its territories and strategic assets of national importance. Before anyone knows it, China becomes the de facto ruler of such countries, and they lose all their sovereignty to a Communist madman. This is what happened with Sri Lanka. It also happened with Zambia. Now, it is happening with Uganda.

UAE’s Crown Prince Bin Zayed is fast turning into the real leader of the Middle East

Saudi Arabia has always been revered as the undisputed leader of the Arab world. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad was born here. It’s the place where Islamic civilization started, and Qur’an was revealed. The Kingdom’s current de-facto ruler Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) has rightly carried forward this legacy, leading the Islamic Ummah by portraying his astute diplomacy to win friends, and courage to stand up to adversaries. But today’s geopolitical realities are changing and incipient equations are requiring MBS to play the leading role from behind the curtains.

Fighting India will cost China its Navy and Air Force

Over the past two years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has realised how its flawed military strategies have led to the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) ground force becoming a joke, whose ranks are replete with wimps, sissies and little emperors. For a decade now, the CCP has focused majorly on modernising the Chinese Air Force and Navy. As such, the PLA ground force has become a neglected entity. According to a report published by the Pentagon earlier this month, the Chinese ground force “remains a relative laggard within the PLA in terms of modernization”. But the conflict with India has changed many equations. The PLA has been exposed like never before, and the CCP’s propaganda has fallen flat on its face.

Captain America #191 Cover

Here's a prime 1975 Bronze Age Sal Buscema Captain America cover! This one has everything - The Falcon and Cap about to do battle with Stilt-Man in all out action!. This piece is for Trade only. I am looking for the following (in addition to CGC graded Marvel Keys *AF #15, FF #1, Hulk #1, JIM #83, TOS #39, etc):

Germany’s Chancellor-to-be has picked his enemy. It’s China

No one country has betrayed its brethren as Germany has done under the long rule of Chancellor Angela Merkel. As she leaves office, new revelations show how Berlin gave crucial submarines and destroyers technology to the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army, without letting the EU member nations get a hint of the same. While the policy under Angela Merkel was compromised beyond belief in favour of a communist authoritarian state, but the way in which the new coalition is shaping up goes on to show that things are going to take a 180-degree turn. The next German administration will not view China through Angela Merkel’s business-first prism.

How Taiwan turned China’s economic Coercion into a sea of opportunities

The threat of a Chinese invasion is real for Taiwan. China considers Taiwan an estranged province of itself, which remains out of its control and which must be dominated very soon. Taiwan is a free, democratic and sovereign country. In the past two years, Taiwan has made a name for itself around the world. Now, if China attempts to coerce Taiwan or invade it, the Communist nation might end up realising it just pressed on the self-destruct button. China has been violating Taiwan’s airspace with multiple packages of fighter aircraft at an unprecedented pace for quite some time now. These measures are taken to scare Taipei. However, Taiwan is only getting strengthened by China’s intimidation.

CCP cancels Tencent

Chinese tech giant Tencent is being cut to size. Chinese despot Xi Jinping is making sure that Tencent does not remain a ‘giant’ for long and is reduced to an insignificant entity within China which is controlled entirely by the CCP. China’s ‘tech crackdown’ has been ongoing for over one year now. As part of the same, the Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reportedly instructed app stores and platforms to prevent Tencent Holdings from updating its existing apps and launching any new ones. Tencent Holdings runs over 70 apps and has published over 100 games under the Tencent Mobile Games banner. It also runs China’s WhatsApp rival WeChat, catering to around 1.2 billion users.

Chemical attacks in Syria were not done by Assad but CIA trained Jihadists”, Top scientist proves and gets cancelled

The story of Syria and Bashar Al-Assad has started to take a new turn, with the governments in Egypt, UAE and Israel working at different levels to bring Syria back into the political mainstream in the Middle East. Now, the latest revelations by Theodore Postol, one of the world’s leading authorities on warfare and weaponry, have shed light on how the chemical weapons attacks in Syria were not conducted by the Assad regime, but by CIA trained Jihadists. If true, it is quite reminiscent of how the USA used the Taliban to remove USSR from Afghanistan. However, speaking the truth comes at a price, as the scientist was cancelled.

It’s soon going to be all over for Xi Jinping

A secure leader is never anxious. And Chinese President Xi Jinping’s rising anxiety says it all about his treacherous political campaign. Amid the orchestrated cacophony around Xi Jinping attempting to cement himself as the leader for life of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), there lies a burgeoning anti-Jinping movement that the world must not give a miss.

Egypt invited China to set up a massive EV plant in their country and then sent them back

China’s Middle Eastern adventure is fast turning into a disaster. What China faces in the Middle East is an image crisis. While the United States is facing its dilemma and crises in the region, Russia is making rampant progress in establishing influence over the Arab world. China, until recently, or perhaps still, considers itself an influencer in the Middle East. However, the latest setback to China has come from Egypt, which has shown the door to China’s electric vehicle industry. Three years ago, an unsuspecting Egypt had welcomed China’s electric vehicle industry with open arms. In a post-Covid world, however, China is looked at as a menace and a headache that no country wants to entertain.

New Android TV, Chromecast with Google TV devices get six free months of Peacock Premium

NBC is giving away six free months of Peacock Premium to new owners of Android and Google TV devices in a long-running offer that will be available all of next year. Made by Google announced this offer today for the Chromecast with Google TV. However, the ToS reveals that “any device with the Google TV or Android TV operating system software that is purchased and activated during Offer Period” in the US is eligible. Existing owners are excluded along with Operator tier devices:

China never wanted Singapore to grow at its cost. But Singapore did

Singapore and Hong Kong have been rivals for as long as they have known each other. Singapore is a city-state, and Hong Kong was too. That was before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided to assault Hong Kong and impose a draconian national security law over the Asian financial hub. Today, Hong Kong is considered just another Chinese city, where the will of the CCP reigns supreme. Hong Kong’s demise as a financial centre in Asia has fuelled Singapore’s rise, to the extent that Singapore is now doing what it would have never dared to do, say, two years ago. Singapore is bringing in taxes on capital!

A Development in Belarus explains why Russia and China are not friends but sworn enemies

The stereotypical narrative spun is that of Russia and China being brothers in arms. Well, they are not. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a mighty game with China. In the short term, he is using China as an export market, but is also working towards expanding Russia’s influence around the world. As a matter of fact, a trade war is ongoing between China and Russia, and now, tensions between the two Asian giants have spilled over to Belarus.

Algeria-Morocco Crisis: The first American war in a long time which is not for oil but for food

The United States of America has waged many devastating wars for oil. Of course, the military-industrial complex of America, or what is also known as the ‘deep state’, wages wars across the world to mint money for the United States, but that is a story to be told some other day. Today, with the Biden administration at the helm of affairs in Washington DC, the main drivers of war seem to be shifting. Now, the United States expects to not import any oil by 2035, owing to its own fracking revolution.

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