Eric Van Auken Tops WSOP Online Big 500 Encore for $94K

Players typically give a lot of thought when picking their screenname for an online poker site. Whether it was a matter of setting a goal or a tribute to Erik Seidel, Eric Van Auken manifested his performance in Event #26 ($500 NLHE The Big 500 Encore) on Sunday night. Van Auken navigated his way through a final table that included a member of the Poker Hall of Fame and the second place finisher from Saturday night to win his first WSOP bracelet and earn $93,627.
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Metallica, Tool and AC/DC Among Highest-Earning Bands of 2020

Billboard has published their annual list of the highest-earning musicians, and the numbers for 2020 have some metal and metal-adjacent names ranking in the top 40. The methodology for the ‘Money Makers’ chart is as follows:. “Money Makers was compiled with 2020 U.S.-only MRC Data and Billboard Boxscore statistics. All...
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Classic Rock’s Biggest Acts Among 2020’s Top Paid Musicians

Billboard recently published The Top Paid Musicians of 2020, and it came as no surprise that some of the biggest classic rock acts made it to the list. The coronavirus pandemic temporarily shut down touring, and millions of revenue were lost. Even so, several legendary rockers made serious from streaming and publishing.
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How to Use Webmentions with Gatsby.js – A Beginner's Guide

Webmention is a simple protocol developed by the IndieWeb Community that you can use to request notifications when your URLs are mentioned on the web. When you post on your own site and syndicate elsewhere (POSSE), Webmention lets you enable rich interactions on your syndicated posts. This article will walk you through the simplest way to turn your social media interactions into Webmentions and display them on your Gatsby.js site.

Summer Concert Series: Bootleg Mercy Hits the Broadway Plaza Stage Friday Night

The Broadway Plaza in Concordia's Annual Free Summer Concert continues Friday, July 23rd with a performance from the Salina-based hard rock band Bootleg Mercy. The band consists of Rich Thompson on lead vocals and guitar, Curtis Nightingale on lead guitar and vocals, Jeff Butler on bass, and Erick Winebrenner on drums.
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‘Sounds of the City’ is back — live, in person and safe!

NEWARK, NJ — Newark is filled with music again this summer thanks to the return of NJPAC’s much-loved free outdoor concert series, “Horizon Foundation Sounds of the City,” with in-person performances on the arts center’s Chambers Plaza. On July 15, Felix Hernandez’s Rhythm Revue Dance Party kicked off the seven-week...

The Reason Maynard James Keenan Had To Apologize To Tool Fans

There must be countless staple rules in the rock and roll world such as savage partying, endless drug and alcohol abuse, notorious relationships, and extremely funny stories. However, when rockers get bored of all of these assets or have an excuse such as April Fools Day, they often reveal their genius prankster side. While their fans mostly enjoy seeing their favorite artists pulling humorous pranks, it’s always possible for a prank to go wrong.
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Ongoing History Daily: Did Tool hide a song in some of their merch?

Tool is one of those bands who, when given a choice, will always do something unexpected and weird. In a 2011 edition of a newsletter, Tool mentioned an unreleased song called “Problem 8: The Reinmann Hypothesis” which they hid in a piece of Tool merchandise. Only 30 copies of this song were included in this run of merch. The newsletter read “Most people don’t even know they have it. It’s been staring them right in the eye on nearly a daily basis. The reason they aren’t aware of it is because they’d never think to play it.”
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Experts say smartphone orientation can endanger beginner hikers

For inexperienced hikers, smartphones are a versatile tool. Flashlight, emergency beacon and GPS are all included in one device. However, experts say it is unwise and potentially life-threatening for hikers to rely solely on their cell phones when heading into the wilderness. The app and online maps have confused hikers...
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AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Goes Viral On TikTok

One of the most famous TikTok users JGGLS has recently shared a video about AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson on his account. In the video, he had an imaginary job interview with Brian Johnson by using some of the iconic songs of the band and this job interview became a very popular video on TikTok.
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New book, documentary feature work of house photographer at The Gorge

Among the photos Darren Balch chose for his new book is one of Janet Jackson performing at The Gorge Amphitheatre in 1994. She’s looking directly at the camera as she gestures provocatively. “She broke choreography and crawled right up to me. It was just one shot, one frame,” said Balch,...
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Ikitan – Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia

Last year, one of my favourite releases was the debut recording from Italian band Ikitan, a twenty-minute-and-twenty-second opus named Twenty-Twenty. I couldn’t help but read into it feelings and experiences from that year. Of course, these were my feelings, and this being an instrumental suite, my inferences were in no way indicative of what Ikitan were attempting to convey. The beauty of instrumental music is the way it allows the listener to draw their own conclusions, or merely allows themselves to be taken along for the ride. And there is no doubting that Ikitan take us on a journey with Twenty-Twenty. Unlike the year it’s named for, however, Twenty-Twenty is a trip I’m happy to take again and again. I would have no hesitation in naming it my favourite EP from 2020, in a year that had a lot of competition.
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HEAVY MUSIC HISTORY: Blackwater Park – Opeth

Blackwater Park is the sound of a band hitting the ground running. Five albums into their career, OPETH were already making quite the mark on the metal scene. My Arms, Your Hearse had gained them their first simultaneous release in both Europe and the United States, and received widespread critical acclaim. The metal community was waiting with baited breath to see what would come next. The answer to that question was Blackwater Park, OPETH’s magnum opus, their first collaboration with prog producer and legend Steven Wilson, creating a truly unique formula which catapulted them into the metal canon.