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Fast & Furious Star Admits He Didn’t Understand #JusticeForHan At First

The #JusticeForHan movement was the Fast & Furious fanbase making it clear to the filmmakers that they weren’t best pleased about how Sung Kang’s death was handled, even if they’d been bracing themselves for his demise since it was first established that the fifth and sixth installments took place before the events of Tokyo Drift.
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F9’s Sung Kang Dreams Of An R-Rated Fast And Furious Movie That Explores The Darker Questions Surrounding Han

Excluding archived Tokyo Drift footage used of him in Furious 7, Sung Kang had been absent from the Fast & Furious franchise for eight years by the time F9 came out. Years after Han Lue’s presumed death was shown yet again, this time with the added context of knowing Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw had deliberately crashed into his car, the latest Fast & Furious movie revealed that Han was actually still alive. Now he’s finally back with Dominic Toretto and the gang, and while it’s a good bet we’ll be seeing Han again in the final two Fast & Furious movies, Kang is particularly interested in making an R-rated movie that explores darker questions concerning his character.
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Roadkill’s Death Metal Charger Goes Tokyo Drift!

Roadkill has always had a reputation for doing things to cars that might upset the die-hards in any particular automotive camp. Take for example, Blasphemi, Mike Finnegan's Hemi-powered 1955 Chevy. To some, a Mopar engine in a Tri-Five Chevy just isn't done, hence the name. Finnegan is at it again, this time swapping the Mopar 383 out of his NASCAR 1968 Dodge Charger for a Toyota 2JZ (well technically it's from a Lexus SC300).
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Fast And Furious 9 Is Not An End – Know More

Fast & Furious director Justin Lin recently reveals that he wants to continue the franchise after its final film. Lin has directed the last five films of the series and will be directing the final two upcoming movies. The final parts of this franchise is expected to slate in the next couple of years.

'F9': What Is The Magic Trick Behind Han's Survival? Even Sung Kang Doesn't Know

Sung Kang has had an interesting journey in the Fast and Furious franchise. He made his Fast debut as Han in 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Even though he didn’t make it out of that film alive, he did wind up appearing in Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6. How exactly did the series get away with that? By restructuring the timeline so that the events of Tokyo Drift happen after Fast & Furious 6. The thing is though, that still meant the fan favorite character died eventually. Or so we thought.

Interview: Celebrating The F9 Director’s Cut With Director Justin Lin And Star Sung Kang

F9, the ninth entry in the long-running and continually successful The Fast and the Furious franchise, comes out tomorrow on home release with a brand new Director’s Cut from director Justin Lin. To celebrate the release, Universal held F9 Fest at Universal Studios in Hollywood, complete with stunt tutorials, photo events, and more. I spoke with director Justin Lin and star Sung Kang about the franchise (in two separate interviews):

R-Rated Movie Coming To A PG-13 Billion-Dollar Franchise?

The Fast and Furious is one of the biggest, most successful movie franchises on the planet. Going strong after almost twenty years, the PG-13 blockbusters have cemented their place in pop culture. But one of its stars would love to see the films take a slightly darker tone. Sung Kang, who plays Han in the franchise, hopes to see a Fast and Furious film that’s R-Rated before the story wraps forever.

F9 Director Hopes Fast & Furious Franchise Continues After Last Movie

Exclusive: Director Justin Lin reveals he wants the Fast & Furious franchise to continue even after the 11th film in the series closes the main story. F9 director, Justin Lin, wants to see the Fast & Furious franchise continue after the eleventh and final movie. Arguably the godfather of the series, Lin has directed five films in the franchise. He is set to direct the final two films in the series as well, which will come out over the next few years.

Zachery Ty Bryan Jokes He ‘Never Met’ Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Tim “The Toolman” Taylor authorised! Zachery Ty Bryan shared a foolish throwback photograph of him along with his Dwelling Enchancment costar Jonathan Taylor Thomas — however it’s what he stated within the feedback that had followers going wild. The Quick and the Livid: Tokyo Drift star, 39, took to his...

Sung Kang Shares His Baffled Reaction to Justice for Han

Exclusive: Sung Kang shares how he first learned of the #JusticeForHan movement and why he had a baffled reaction realizing what it was all about. Fast & Furious actor, Sung Kang, reveals his reaction to learning about the #JusticeforHan movement. Kang’s character, Han, returns to The Fast Saga in Justin Lin’s F9 after several years of being presumed dead. However, before the idea of resurrecting came up, there was already a buzz online demanding that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) be held accountable for murdering the beloved “la familia” member.

Fast & Furious 10 & 11 Will Be One Chapter In 2 Movies Says Justin Lin

Director Justin Lin reveals that Fast & Furious 10 and 11 will be one chapter of a larger finale story stretched out across the two films. Director Justin Lin says that Fast & Furious 10 & 11 will be one chapter set across two movies. Lin entered the Fast & The Furious franchise with the third film in the series, The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. He then directed the fourth, fifth and sixth installments before handing the keys over to James Wan for Furious 7, followed by F. Gary Gray for The Fate of the Furious. Lin re-entered the franchise with this year’s long-delayed F9 and is set to helm the next two films in the series, which will be the last in the main narrative.

Final Two Fast And Furious Films Will Be 'One Chapter In Two Movies,' Justin Lin Says

Justin Lin isn't taking anything for granted. With the long-running and much-beloved "Fast and Furious" franchise finally coming to a close, the director of multiple "Fast" films (including the best one, "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," and yes I will fight you about this), is dropping hints about the final chapter of the franchise and getting a little nostalgic at the same time. Considering "Tokyo Drift" was released in 2006, (I was in middle school! Time is a sham!) we can't really blame him. The world is a different place, but the "Fast" family has been our constant. Knowing it will all eventually come to an end would make anyone feel a little nostalgic for the mid-aughts.