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How can you detect hidden cameras invading your privacy?

Using the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor on commodity smartphones, researchers at the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University have developed a technique to detect tiny hidden spy cameras concealed in privacy-invading locations, such as hotels and bathrooms. With small form factors and lens diameters as small as 1 to 2 millimeters, hidden cameras are difficult to detect — even though they are hiding in plain sight.
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3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) Sensor Market 2021-2026 Overview, Applications, Dynamics, Companies, Growth, Types, Regions

The core objective of latest research report on 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) Sensor market size is to predict the industry’s performance for the upcoming years with respect competitive dynamics and regional landscape. Moreover, the study underlines the major growth drivers and profitable prospects that will boost the remuneration scope of the market over the forecast period 2020-2025. It also identifies restraints to the industry growth along with strategies to mitigate their impact.
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Week in review: Windows EoP flaw still exploitable, GoDaddy breach, malicious Python packages on PyPI

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and interviews:. After failed fix, researcher releases exploit for Windows EoP flaw (CVE-2021-41379) A local elevation of privilege vulnerability (CVE-2021-41379) in the Windows Installer that Microsoft supposedly fixed on November 2021 Patch Tuesday is, according to its discoverer,...
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Global Experts share Mobile Camera Trends 2022

Experts from the field of imaging technology and leading industry analyst discussed the evolving camera systems and mobile camera trends at the “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk” webinar. The leading technology research firm Counterpoint, had arranged this webinar included guest speakers from TECNO, a globally eminent smartphone brand...

Vision Components at Photonics West

At the Photonics West exhibition, Vision Components will present new products for even more intelligence on the edge, additional applications and longer transmission paths. The FPGA-based hardware accelerator VC Power SoM was developed for complex image preprocessing. Results are directly transferred to a processor board. Multiple MIPI-CSI-2 inputs and outputs mean that the accelerator is as easy to integrate as a conventional VC MIPI camera module. OEMs can thus work with the embedded processor of their choice and use its full computing power for their particular application. The initial VC Power SoM launch comprises a completely open FPGA for customer programming and demo applications. Vision Components plans to follow this up with its own FPGA designs for applications such as color conversion, 1D barcode identification, epipolar correction, etc.

ToF and SWIR Sensor Support Packages

FRAMOS GmbH has developed comprehensive support packages for the latest time-of-flight (ToF) and SWIR sensors. Support includes product-specific reference designs and corresponding embedded vision development kits. With the kits – comprising sensor modules, receive and transmit boards, lenses, drivers and adapters – customers can take an imaging project from concept to production.

Trees outside of forests as natural climate solutions

Trees outside of forests are numerous and can be important carbon sinks, while also providing ecosystem services and benefits to livelihoods. New monitoring tools highlight the crucial contribution they can make to strategies for both mitigation and adaptation. High-biomass natural forests are an important focal point for climate change mitigation...

How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras with a Smartphone

Scientists at the National University of Singapore and South Korea's Yonsei University developed a smartphone application that can find tiny spy cameras concealed in everyday objects, using smartphones' time-of-flight (ToF) sensor. The researchers said the Laser-Assisted Photography Detection (LAPD) app spots hidden cameras better than commercial camera detectors, and much...

How to detect from your cell phone if there are cameras nearby that are watching you

It is a project that seeks to detect if there are hidden cameras near where you are. From your cell phone you could discover them, even if they are very small. The advancement of technology allows more and more new things to be done, however, it does not always bring advantages. Spy cameras are increasingly small and difficult to detect with the naked eye, generating distrust in people when entering establishments or when acquiring services in hotels, among other activities.

Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms with this App

With the growing technologies, we have also welcomed some unwanted things that have compromised our privacy. While the list is long, one such thing is the hidden camera recording every bit of information about us. In Pakistan, we have come across many incidents when shopkeepers have installed hidden cameras in changing rooms and this is something very disturbing since we cannot trust trying clothes in any of the outlets. Now a new app has a solution to this problem and we can find out if there is any hidden camera installed somewhere through smartphone and app.

A novel time delay estimation algorithm of acoustic pyrometry for furnace

Acoustic pyrometry is a non-contact measurement technology for monitoring furnace combustion reaction, diagnosing energy loss due to incomplete combustion and ensuring safe production. The accuracy of time of flight (TOF) estimation of an acoustic pyrometry directly affects the authenticity of furnace temperature measurement. In this paper presented is a novel TOF (i.e. time delay) estimation algorithm based on digital lock-in filtering (DLF) algorithm. In this research, the time-frequency relationship between the first harmonic of the acoustic signal and the moment of characteristic frequency applied is established through the digital lock-in and low-pass filtering techniques. The accurate estimation of TOF is obtained by extracting and comparing the temporal relationship of the characteristic frequency occurrence between received and source acoustic signals. The computational error analysis indicates that the accuracy of the proposed algorithm is better than that of the classical generalized cross-correlation (GCC) algorithm, and the computational effort is significantly reduced to half of that the GCC can offer. It can be confirmed that with this method, the temperature measurement in furnaces can be improved in terms of computational effort and accuracy, which are vital parameters in furnace combustion control. It provides a new idea of time delay estimation with the utilization of acoustic pyrometry for furnace.

LAPD – A New Method To Detect Spy Cameras Via Smartphone

A team of researchers has developed an effective strategy to detect spy cameras using a smartphone. Dubbed LAPD, this new method addresses the limitations of most other solutions existing today. Using Smartphone To Detect Hidden Cameras via LAPD Technique. Researchers from the National University of Singapore, Singapore, and Yonsei Univerity,...

Convey Law Raises Over £40,000 for Charity in Bumper Fundraising Period

Convey Law staff were not only been busy in the run-up to the end of the Stamp Duty holiday helping clients complete their sales and making valuable savings but they also successfully donated over £40,000 to charity in September. Convey Law Conveyancing Supervisor Rhian Reynolds raised £500 by taking on...

Samsung launches Expert RAW camera app for Galaxy S21 Ultra

CCE, 58 minutes agoIn RAW just hope you have enough space, no SD-card on this S21Maybe limited to 12MP, which would be files of 22-25MB. Raw from 108MP would be much more than 100MB. Rating0 |. ?. Anonymous. Lj$. ToneTheBone925, 1 hour agoI can't wait for the Sony Xperia Pro...

Your smartphone could help track spy cameras

Academic cybersecurity researchers from Singapore and South Korea have repurposed the time-of-flight (ToF) sensors in smartphone cameras to help spot concealed spy cams. ToF sensors help resolve distance between the camera and the subject, and have started showing up in smartphones recently. For instance, Apple's iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and Samsung’s Galaxy S20+, among several others, all include a laser-based Sony ToF sensor that’s used for augmented reality applications, and for adding depth information to 2D imagery.

Your Smartphone May Soon Be Able To Detect Hidden Spy Cameras

By now it’s highly likely that the camera in your smartphone has become the primary (or even only) way that you take pictures. Today’s advanced smartphone camera setups are capable of much more than snapping scenery or selfies, though. Did you know they can reveal the location of hidden spy cameras?