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Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic teaser videos leaked on Twitter

Samsung's highly-anticipated Unpacked Event on August 11, where we expect the company will unveil the. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Now, SamMobile has released teaser videos for the upcoming smartwatches, thanks to an unnamed tipster. The two videos released by SamMobile on Twitter show glimpses of One UI Watch. There are...
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Will my smartwatch get the Wear OS 3 Update?

Wear OS 3 is a smartwatch operating system that was made from combining the basics of Wear OS 2 and Tizen and it will be powering the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 - amongst others. The vast majority of watches can NOT be updated to Wear OS 3. There are however 4 watches that can be updated to Wear OS 3 and in order to do it you will have to perform a factory reset.
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Samsung The Frame 2021 gets a gigantic 85-inch version in South Korea

Samsung Electronics is one of South Korea’s top firms as well as a global powerhouse. The company has just unveiled the biggest variant of its lifestyle TV, The Frame, to its home market of South Korea. The new 85-inch The Frame TV joins the 2021 lineup, which includes the 43-inch and 75-inch models released earlier in the year. The biggest The Frame TV yet is priced at KRW 6,690,000 ($5,800) in South Korea.
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Forecast: Global Smart TV ownership to top 50% by 2026

Strategy Analytics reports that more than 665 million homes worldwide owned a Smart TV at the end of 2020. This equates to 34 per cent of global households, a figure that is set to rise to 51 per cent by 2026 when Smart TV ownership will reach 1.1 billion homes.

Samsung Launches 85-Inch Version of The Frame TV in South Korea

Samsung introduced the 2021 version of its lifestyle TV, The Frame, earlier this year. However, it was only available in screen sizes from 43-inch to 75-inch. Now Samsung has launched the 85-inch version of The Frame in South Korea. It will be gradually launched to other markets too. The new...

Study: Smart TV Global Penetration To Reach 54% Of Homes By 2026

The estimated global penetration of smart TVs at the end of 2020 stood at 665 million households (or 34% of households around the world), according to a new study from market research firm Strategy Analytics. The study released last week further forecasts the penetration number to rise to 54% (or...

Google formally reveals the name of the Galaxy Watch 4's OS

We have previously seen some rumours regarding the name of the OS that is to power the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4's - Since Samsung have abandoned Tizen on wearables as they have previously done on mobile. Now, Google has officially released the name of its OS next wearable OS, Wear OS 3. The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be the first Samsung smartwatches to use Wear OS 3 by default.

34% Of Global Households Owned Smart TVs At End Of 2020

More than 665 million homes — or 34% of households worldwide — around the world owned at least one smart TV as of the end of 2020, according to Strategy Analytics. The research firm projects that the number of smart TV homes will hit 1.1 billion, or 51% of global households, by 2026.

6 of the best 32-inch TVs for comfortable viewing

Affordable and moderately sized, watching your favourite shows and films can now be made possible wherever you need, with the very best 32-inch TV. 32-inch TV’s are the perfect size for comfortable viewing in smaller spaces like your bedroom, kitchen or even grandchild’s room - ideal for areas of your home that aren’t centred around viewing.

Over 665 mn homes own smart TVs globally: Report

San Francisco, July 25 (IANS) More than 665 million homes worldwide owned a Smart TV by the end of 2020 (34 per cent of global households) which is set to rise to 51 per cent by 2026 when Smart TV ownership will reach 1.1 billion homes, a new report has showed.

How to update a watch with Wear OS, all the ways

As with mobiles, smartwatches with Wear OS also receive updates. As usual, They tend to jump in the form of a notification, but this warning does not always arrive when the update is available. We teach you how to manually check for those Wear OS updates. It cannot be said...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Watch4 and Buds2, everything we already know before Unpacked 2021

We already know almost everything about the newest from Samsung, so here you have all the details of the Unpacked before the Unpacked. We are getting dangerously close to the date defined by Samsung to teach us the best of its Galaxy catalog in 2021, although the truth is that next August 11 we will see an Unpacked with practically no surprises, and it is that of the Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2 we already know almost everything.
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The best Apple Watch alternatives: Fitness trackers and smartwatches for Android users

The Apple Watch was not the first connected watch. Thanks to Dick Tracy, people have been dreaming of wrist-worn communicators since the 1940s, and companies have actually produced usable companion devices since the early 2000s. But since “Apple’s most personal device ever” launched in 2015, it’s come to dominate the smartwatch market by sheer volume. However, the best wearable for everyone isn’t necessarily Apple’s. In fact, the best Apple Watch alternatives provide all kinds of fantastic functionality without having to commit to iOS.
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — what it needs for me to skip Apple Watch 7

If the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 dreams of dethroning the Apple Watch 7 this year, it’ll need to bring outstanding wearable innovation to the table — err, wrist. Although the Galaxy Watch generally caters to different users than the Apple Watch, the direction of smartwatch trends is often determined by the new features both companies introduce to their flagship devices.

Exciting New Update Plan From Google for Wear OS 3

Google provided more details about its upcoming Wear OS upgrade plan. As we reported, Google and Samsung are teaming up to revive the troubled Wear OS. Samsung is abandoning Tizen watches and bringing its Exynos SoC to the Wear OS platform, and Google will start Wear OS development again after basically ignoring the operating system in the past few years. The post on the official Wear OS forum is titled “What does Wear OS 3 mean to you” and describes the difficult transition to the new operating system. First of all, it is important to note that the publication officially referred to the improved Wear OS as “Wear OS 3”. This is a detail that Google has missed from all official statements so far. It has chosen “unified platform” and uses OS.”