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Tsareena Pokemon Unite Release Date Revealed

A new Pokemon Unite playable character is on the way. Due to things like leaks, it was suggested Tsareena would be on the way. Now, that’s confirmed. The Tsareena Pokemon Unite release date is December 9, 2021. Tsareena is a grass-type Pokemon. They start out at Bounsweet. Bounsweet then evolves...
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Pokemon Unite Wins Google Play’s Game Of The Year 2021 Award

TiMi Studios Group’s MOBA Pokemon Unite has been delegated as the Best Game of 2021 in Google Play’s Game Awards. Mobile gaming has been developing at a fast speed throughout the most recent couple of years, and 2021 has rapid been an incredible year for it by and large too. Google Play Store has additionally reported its best of the year champs, and TiMi Studios and The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon Unite has been delegated as the Game of the Year 2021.
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How to get 2,021 free Aeos Tickets in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite has been doing pretty well for itself since it debuted back in July, so much so that it was recently voted the best game on the Google Play Store for 2021. To celebrate, the MOBA is awarding its players over 2,000 free Aeos Tickets. Here’s how to redeem these tickets in Pokémon Unite.
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Location of Juggernaut Suit in WarZone: Call of Duty (2021)

Location of Juggernaut Suit in WarZone | Juggernaut in Warzone: Call of Duty Warzone, popularly known as warzone may be a popular multiplayer game that’s supported the royale plan. Apart from battle royale victories, players might complete a range of tasks and objectives to achieve additional game cash and points. Eternity Ward and Raven package collaborated on the sport, that was discharged by Activision. It had been created by TiMi Studios and discharged on each iOS and mechanical man for mobile play enthusiasts.

Pokémon Unite wins best game at Google Play’s Best of 2021

Pokémon Unite has been selected as the best game of Google Play's Best of 2021 awards. Developed through a collaboration between Tencent subsidiary TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Unite won for its dynamic gameplay and cross-platform experience, being available on both mobile and Nintendo Switch. On Twitter, Pokémon...

Pokemon Unite Leaks: New Pokemon, Dragonite joining the battle soon

Recent leaks revealed that the first dragon-type Pokemon is coming soon. Pokemon Unite data miners have found that Dragonite is a work in progress and we might see it joining the battles in Aeos Island soon. The Dragon-Type Pokemon was introduced in the first generation of Pokemon. Fans may remember...

Pokemon Unite Leaks: Free Tsareena License may be coming in next Event

The newest Pokemon Unite leak suggests that trainers will have the chance to earn a Free Unite License of Tsareena in the upcoming in-game event!. If the leak is correct, Tsareena will be one of many rewards. Here's everything the newest Pokemon Unite leaks outline and what could be coming...

Nymphali soon in Pokémon Unite? Date, attacks, etc.

Rumor has it that Nymphali will arrive on Pokémon Unite soon. Here’s everything we know about Fairy-type Evolition in the MOBA from TiMi Studios. Since its introduction in the sixth generation, Nymphali has been one of the evolutions of Evoli fan favorite, thanks in large part to its cute and mysterious design. And this creature could well land in Pokémon Unite!

China’s Big Tech Joins Facebook in Piling Into the Metaverse

Social media large Fb has thrust the metaverse into the limelight, reportedly going so far as planning to vary its identify to replicate its concentrate on the idea. The tech buzzword refers to shared digital areas that folks can entry through the web utilizing VR and AR units, and it has captured the attention of tech titans together with Microsoft.

Tsareena might be coming to Pokémon Unite for free next month, says dataminer

Tsareena could be the next Pokémon to join Pokémon Unite’s ever-expanding roster, according to a recent datamine by Sobble’s Unite Datamine. The dataminer claimed on Twitter that the Pokémon will arrive on December 9, and based on a promotional image extracted from the game’s files, it looks like it’ll be free to acquire.

As Facebook Joins the Race to the Metaverse, Chinese Tech Companies Face Hurdles

In the wake of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on Oct. 28 that Facebook will be changing its name to Meta Platforms Inc., Chinese tech giants scrambled to stake their positions in the space—despite stern warnings about the metaverse from Chinese regulators. The metaverse refers to a hypothesized next iteration of the...

Pokemon Unite – A fun MOBA (but only if you pay)

Did you ever think that there would come a time when you’re slam dunking orbs with a pokemon to score? No? Me neither. Fortunately, as strange as it sounds, Pokemon Unite allows you to do that and more. Released for mobile devices in July 2021, Pokemon Unite entered the world...

November 10 Pokémon Unite patch note: Nerf Rongrigou …

Content for a new Pokémon Unite update has been revealed. Scheduled for November 10, it will bring balances to several Pokémon and Items. Discover the full patch note in French!. It’s been a few months since Pokémon Unite released on Nintendo Switch, and its arrival on mobile has only increased...

season two kicks off with new looks and balances

The second season of Pokémon Unite is now available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Dubbed Sun, Sun, Sunshine, it features a host of new content for Nintendo’s popular MOBAs and TiMi Studios, including another battle pass with 90 levels to beat, as well as holowear for Pokémon and other rewards.