US plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday

Washington (CNN Business) — The Commerce Department plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday as the Trump administration's executive orders against the two apps are set to take effect. The Department said Friday that as of Sunday, any moves to distribute or maintain WeChat or TikTok on...
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China issues new regulations on foreign companies amid TikTok row

China issued a swift retaliation in response to a looming ban on US downloads of the Chinese owned apps TikTok and WeChat. On Saturday the country’s Ministry of Commerce announced regulations for its “unreliable entity” list, which target foreign companies they say compromise their national security. Any company that gets...
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U.S. to start blocking TikTok and WeChat downloads Sunday

The U.S. will begin blocking the distribution of the Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat on Sunday, the Department of Commerce said Friday. Commerce said in a news release that U.S. mobile platforms will be prohibited from distributing the apps, meaning new downloads will be blocked. But TikTok will not disappear...
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TikTok sues Trump administration over looming US ban

Washington (CNN Business) — TikTok sued the Trump administration Monday in response to what it said is a "heavily politicized" executive order that seeks to ban the short-form video app from the United States. The suit marks a major escalation in the fight between President Donald Trump and the wildly...
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Daily Crunch: Partial US TikTok ban is imminent

The U.S. Commerce Department has released details about how it will be implementing the Trump administration’s domestic ban of TikTok and WeChat. Both apps will no longer be available (and will not be able to distribute updates) in U.S. app stores starting this Sunday, September 20. At the same time,...
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TikTok CEO asks Instagram, Facebook to help fight TikTok ban

TikTok’s interim CEO, Vanessa Pappas, is asking Facebook and Instagram to “publicly join our challenge and support our litigation,” as TikTok faces a new executive order from the Trump administration that will block people from downloading the app beginning September 20th. The new order was issued by the Department of...
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This Week in Apps: iOS 14’s surprise arrival, Apple’s app bundle, TikTok & WeChat banned from app stores Sunday

How iOS 14 and Apple’s other new plans impact apps. But the bigger news for app makers was the surprise release of iOS 14. Typically, developers are given a much longer heads-up and at least have the updated version of their developer tools well before the actual iOS launch day. This year, however, Apple shocked app developers with an announcement during its live event that its new software platforms, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14, would arrive in less than 24 hours.
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Trump admin orders TikTok, WeChat gone from app stores on Sunday

Consumers inside the US will no longer be allowed to download TikTok or WeChat from any US app store after Sunday, the Trump administration announced today. Any "provision of service to distribute or maintain" the mobile applications or their "constituent code" is prohibited beginning after 11:59pm ET September 20, the Department of Commerce said this morning. That means Google Play and Apple's App Store will have to yank their listings for the apps, and users who already have one or both apps will not be able to download updates or patches for them.
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Why Teens Are Falling for TikTok Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracies like Pizzagate are all over the social media platform. Here’s why they’ve found an audience there. Of all the bits of sleepover gossip ever uttered, this was the most unexpected. “Basically, Hillary Clinton sex traffics children and sacrifices them to Satan or something,” said my friend Beth, straightfaced. “It’s called Pizzagate, or whatever.” It was a Friday night a few weeks ago and even though it was a typical girls-night-in, it was not a typical conversation—but I took the bait. “It’s called Pizza what?” I asked, totally unsure of what I was getting myself into. “Dude, you haven’t heard? Hillary and that one guy, John something? Podesta? They’re involved in this massive underground sex trafficking operation, I saw it on TikTok. It’s everywhere.” Half convinced she was kidding, I asked if she actually believed something so obviously ridiculous. “I swear, it’s legit,” Beth replied. “There’s been like five videos talking about it in a row. It’s clearly not a coincidence.”
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Why Hollywood isn’t worried about TikTok being banned by Trump

The first thing agents at the United Talent Agency did when it signed Charli D’Amelio, one of the biggest stars on TikTok, was help her build up her presence on YouTube. D’Amelio, a freckle-faced teen from Connecticut whose rise to fame came by way of bubbly dance videos she posts of herself on TikTok, already has 87 millions followers on the short-short-short-form video platform that has become the fastest-growing social media app in history by serving up a Dopamine-like rush of nonstop, lip-synching, dancing, and other goofy video snippets to its 1 billion active users. Charli and her sister, Dixie, a fellow TikTok phenom, also signed a partnership deal with Hollister jeans. And through another brand deal, with Dunkin’, there is now even a Charli D’Amelio iced-coffee drink.