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The Shark is Broken, Ambassadors Theatre, London, review: a zinging look behind the scenes of Jaws

That doomy, pulsing music, that fin slicing through rippling blue water… here comes the terrifying Great White that made movie history and launched a tyro Stephen Spielberg as king of the blockbusters. Except that, as this theatrical treat for film buffs reveals, the classic Jaws was almost sunk by the erratic behaviour of its toothy star – and some of the human cast weren’t much easier to handle.
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The World’s Best Dive Sites for Shark Lovers

Get up close and personal with one of the planet’s oldest species: These are the best dive sites in the world—according to shark experts. This challenging 110-foot dive has one of Hawaii’s largest collections of marine species, including hammerheads, whitetip reef sharks and tiger sharks. One of only two destinations...
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Scariest Wildlife Encounters: Sharks

Warning: The true accounts you’re about to read might scare the fishing pants off you. In reality, the odds of facing a frightening wild animal are infinitesimal, but shark encounters are not impossible. A bit of caution, a little common sense and some luck keep most of us out of harm’s way. These accounts are not intended to discourage anyone from kayak fishing. Instead, the following stories serve as a healthy reminder that once you paddle away from the land, you’re no longer the top of the food chain.
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Swimming With Sharks in the Maldives

By Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans. I’m currently holed up in our place in Brooklyn and missing my former pre-Covid peripatetic life very much. Yet I’m far from unique in this regard. A...

New Mexico has shark attack on record

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s Shark Week in New Mexico!. Just kidding, we’re landlocked. But The Land of Enchantment does have at least one shark attack according to the Shark Attack Database. A recent Reddit post showing a map of shark attacks in the United States had a lot of people...

Shark gets extra close to Gulf Shores beachgoers

Several visitors to a Gulf Shores beach have a story to take back home: They had a close encounter with a shark. WAAY 31 viewer Amanda Jarrett sent us the above video taken during a Tuesday stroll in Gulf Shores. In the video, you see the shark come very close...

10 Mind-Blowing Tiger Shark Facts!

Tiger sharks are fierce predators who will eat just about anything. These incredible animals hold a lot of secrets, including the one who had a murder mystery hidden in its stomach! From their ginormous size to the unusual development of their offspring, you’re bound to learn something new in this list of 10 mind-blowing tiger shark facts.

What do Tiger Sharks Eat? Their Diets Explained

Tiger sharks are the second largest predatory shark, and the fourth largest shark in the ocean. Named after the pattern on the side of their bodies, which fades as they age, tiger sharks will eat just about anything they can sink their teeth into. Their diet is varied, including fish,...