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Demolition Racer Wreckfest Coming To Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment have revealed that Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch. The demolition racer comes to the portable home console with an up-to-16-player online multiplayer mode and a “constant” 30 frames-per-second. Promised to be “jam-packed with upgrade and customisation options,” you will be able to kit out your car with reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and more.
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Political thriller This Is the President is out on December 6

THQ Nordic has announced the imminent release of the global adventure strategy This Is the President. The political thriller, reminiscent of House of Cards, will be available on Steam on December 6th. In This Is the President, our hero is a billionaire businessman, head over heels in dirty business. In...
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This is the President prepares for inauguration this December with new trailer

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for satirical political thriller This is the President ahead of its launch next month. As the title suggests, the game puts you in the role of the most powerful person in the United States. However, the twist is that you also happen to be a shady multi-millionaire businessman with a long list of crimes. Therefore your aim is to change the United States constitution to help you get away Scott-free.
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Swear Allegiance To One Of These Five ELEX II Factions

It’s only been a few months since we first found out that Jax was going to be returning to Magalan, but since then Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic have already revealed more details surrounding ELEX II. We even got a release date of March 1, 2022, a collector’s edition that is available for pre-order, and learned that it will be released on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Review

Grand theft auto is a crime, but Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is an atrocity. Just is it possible that some of the most important and successful series of games of all time can be treated with such apathy by its developer and publisher?. These were...

Rumor: Alan Wake’s console remastered the release date and time.

A remastered version of Alan Wake might be released shortly. Pre-orders for the action-adventure game are currently available on Taiwanese websites. However, neither Remedy Entertainment, THQ Nordic, nor Nitro Games have made any public statements. It’s worth noting that console versions of the game are available for pre-order. The PS4 and Xbox Series X versions of Alan Wake are being advertised on Taiwanese websites such as Rakuten and Ruten.

With 25 AAA games in development, Embracer to add 37 more studios

During its financial presentation for Q2 2021/2022, Embracer Group announced it has 25 AAA games due out in the next five years. “Currently we have a pipeline that consists of 25 AAA games for premium PC and console,” Embracer Group chief executive Lars Wingefors announced. “They all have notable or significant marketing budgets and are expected to become multi-million unit sellers. Each game will have at least 100 game developers at peak, but normally a lot more — up to 250.”

ELEX II Shows Off Its Factions

Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic have released new information regarding the factions that will be available to the player in ELEX II. Five factions will be available in the game, four of which featured in the first ELEX while another will be brand new. The first returning faction is the...

Embracer games sales up 89%, group expecting 37 M&A within 12 months

Embracer Group has released its financial results for the quarter ended September 2021, and reported a 89% increase in sales in its games segment to reach SEK 2.8 billion ($315 million). Looking at the sales breakdown by company, it's the group's mobile game developer Easybrain who led the pack, reporting...

"Elex 2": When is the release?

THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have announced the release date for "Elex 2". Fans don't have to wait long. The German development studio Piranha Bytes made history with the "Gothic" series. Especially "Gothic" and "Gothic 2" as well as the expansion "Die Nacht des Raben" are still among the best...

The action RPG from Germany presents its five parliamentary groups

Of ELEX II It is slowly reaching the home stretch, which is also noticeable in the increasing PR before the match. Recently there was a release date and we were introduced to the Collector’s Edition. Today there is a new trailer. Today the focus is on the five factions that...

Saints Row delayed until August 2022

The Saints Row reboot has been delayed from its February 2022 release date, parent company Embracer Group announced in a financial report today. Embracer is a large holding company with Koch Media as a subsidiary; Saints Row publisher Deep Silver is a division of Koch. No specific reason for the...

Embracer Group expected to acquire 35+ studios in the coming 12 months

Media holding company Embracer Group is not done with its shopping spree just yet. Not content with already being one of the gaming industry’s biggest umbrella corporations, Embracer’s newest financial results references plans to acquire at least 35 more studios within as short a time frame as the coming months, adding to the group’s enormous portfolio.

ELEX II ‘Factions’ trailer

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Piranha Bytes have released a new trailer for ELEX II introducing the game’s five playable factions, each of which offers their own unique weapons and skills. The five factions are as follows:. The Berserkers – Skilled magicians, who use the power of Elex to perform...