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Eddie Hall details horrific detached bicep injury which postponed Hafthor Bjornsson fight

Eddie Hall has revealed a detached bicep injury he suffered in training has forced him out of his boxing match against fellow strongman Hafthor Bjornsson. The fight, which was dubbed "The heaviest boxing match in history", was supposed to take place on September 18 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, but will now be pushed back until March or April of next year.

Marvel Fans Show Off Their Versions of Thor’s Stormbreaker

Marvel had fans make their own version of Thor’s Stormbreaker for a recent Marvel Mission. Using a bunch of home-safe materials, the Marvel Universe came through in a huge way. There are axes made of cardboard, duct tape, and scrap metal. For such lowly items, the fans got the absolute most out of them. The company was so impressed with some of the submissions that they showed them off on Twitter. People thought long and hard about how to bring Thor’s big weapon from Avengers: Infinity War to life. In the artbook for that film, Joe and Anthony Russo break down what made them approach Chris Hemsworth’s new weapon.

GBB 2021 Consensus Big Board: 31-40

We’re entering the part of the board where it’s super far out of the Memphis Grizzlies’ region. A lot of these prospects are good players that are probably reaches at 17, but are too high to be in the 51 range. However, you never know what could happen on draft...

Thor Annual #1 Review

Writer: Aaron Kuder / Artist: Aaron Kuder / Marvel Comics. When you give writers a one-shot, they are guaranteed to have some wild ideas. Annual issues tend to bring out the craziest concepts a writer can think up for a story. And the format lets them run with that idea full throttle. Thor Annual #1 is probably Thor at its best, adding to what has been a spectacular run on the comic. Writer and artist Aaron Kuder’s work complements Cates’ run by building on those storylines to create a great one-shot adventure.

Loki could hold the key to Thor 4’s biggest mystery

Just as Loki starred multiple versions of Marvel’s God of Mischief, next year’s Thor: Love and Thunder will feature not just one but multiple Gods of Thunder. In addition to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Love and Thunder will also see writer-director Taika Waititi transforming Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) into The Mighty Thor for the first time on-screen.
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Saúde: O confronto de boxe de Eddie Hall e Hafthor Björnsson está em espera

After a year-plus of smack talk and training montages, the much-anticipated boxing match in between competing World’s Strongest Guy winners Eddie Hall and Hafthor Björnsson has actually formally been postponed. Hall revealed on Instagram that he removed his biceps throughout a training session last Monday, and went through surgical treatment to fix the muscle on Thursday.
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Exclusive: Tribes Of Midgard has a sword that summons lightning and other shiny EpicGear

Viking-y Action-Survival-RPG-Majig Midgard Tribe I’ll be out tomorrow. When asked for an elevator pitch, they say “Walheim meets Diablo and Hades”, which is a pretty decent pitch. If the idea of ​​mashing up these three games into one is appetizing, you’re in luck. Developer Norsfell gave us an exclusive sneaky peek at some of the mega weapons and magical god armor later in the game. You can wear an angry mitt and really stick to the nasty giants of the game.