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Fox News Parts Ways With Contributor Lara Trump

Lara Trump, a vociferous supporter of her father-in-law and his policies when he campaigned for re-election to the White House in 2020, is parting ways as an official contributor to Fox News Channel. The Fox Corp.-backed network confirmed Saturday that Trump, wife to President Donald Trump’s younger son, Eric, was no longer an official contributor to the network, which hired her in the role in the spring of 2021. “We appreciate Lara’s valuable contributions across Fox News Media programming,” the company said in a statement. Fox News’ decision was previously reported by The Los Angeles Times. Fox News has long maintained a policy...
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The Huge Scandal Jared Kushner Was Involved In Long Before The White House

One of the most prominent figures in former President Donald Trump's administration was his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The Harvard graduate and husband to Ivanka Trump served as Donald's senior advisor with hefty responsibilities including attempting to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine and handling the U.S.'s medical supply in response to the coronavirus. He was also the head of Donald's failed re-election campaign in 2020, per TIME.
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How Obama’s Big Economic Lie Caused Inflation Crisis

Conspiracy theories and lies have a unique power to reshape the human mind. The things that we believe, even when we initially know that they’re a convenient rationalization, become a part of us. And eventually we come to build our entire worldview around a lie that we told long ago.
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OUR OPINION: There was much value in the Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses have always been a bit misunderstood. “What is it you do there?” friends from neighboring states ask. “You break up into groups and if you don’t get enough votes for one candidate, you have to pick another? In a matter of minutes?”. Sure, the...
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Whelan: The goal is to get Paul home before their parents die

Earlier this week I wrote about American Paul Whelan who is imprisoned in Russia on charges of espionage. His family was worried because Whelan missed a previously scheduled phone call to them on Thanksgiving day. It was the first call he’d missed and the family was being told Whelan had been moved to a hospital.
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White House rebukes Trump's suggestion to suspend Constitution over 2020 election

The White House issued a stern rebuke on Saturday after former president Donald Trump suggested suspending the Constitution in his ongoing crusade to discredit the results of the 2020 election. "Attacking the Constitution and all it stands for is anathema to the soul of our nation and should be universally...

Grace in the Journey

The acclaimed Jewish author Chaim Potok once wrote, “All beginnings are hard.”*. The good rabbi might just as well have added, “As are all endings.”. There is no easy way to report the ending of anything you have loved—a much-needed vacation; a cherished relationship; an exquisite concert; or a fulfilling job.

Conservative lawmakers must be emboldened to defend Second Amendment

The White House and Democratic lawmakers, the Associated Press reports, are “emboldened” in their pursuit of an assault weapons ban. The report acknowledges that the term “assault weapon” is “inexact.” One Republican senator, Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota, told the Associated Press that he would prefer not to see the legislature attempt to nail down a definition when the variety of firearms continues to proliferate.

China unwilling to accept western vaccines

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is unwilling to accept Western vaccines despite the challenges China is facing with COVID-19, and while recent protests there are not a threat to Communist Party rule, they could affect his personal standing, US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines says. Although China's daily cases are...