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Is The Wheel of Time Season 2 coming in 2021?

We’re still waiting for the arrival of The Wheel of Time Season 1, but we know Season 2 is happening. Will The Wheel of Time Season 2 come in 2021?. There isn’t much longer left to wait for The Wheel of Time Season 1. It premieres next month with three episodes dropping at once. Like many other Amazon shows now, it’s getting a hybrid release format and after the first three, the show will get a weekly release.
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‘Wheel of Time’ Behind the Scenes Footage Shows Off Amazing Sets

New behind-the-scenes looks and clues about what’s in store for Amazon’s Wheel of Time series. The road to an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s beloved high-fantasy novels started over twenty years ago. Now, fans only have one month till the long-awaited Wheel of Time streaming series premieres on Amazon. Set in...
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Wheel of Time’s Rosamund Pike Narrates a New Audiobook of The Eye of the World

Next month, a new audiobook of The Eye of the World is being published—and this one will be narrated by none other than Moiraine Damodred herself! Actress Rosamund Pike will narrate the novel, the first in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. This new audiobook will be published just before Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation, arriving on November 16th—three days before the series premieres.
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The Wheel of Time Season 1: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot on Amazon Prime!

Guys, if you are a big fan of the series Game of Thrones, then “Wheel Of Time” is definitely for you. This brand new epic fantasy is based on Robert Jordan’s famous book series of the same name and developed by Rafe Judkins. So, all those who haven’t read the books yet, be ready to spin The Wheel of Time.

THE WHEEL OF TIME Featurette Offers an Exciting Behind-The-Scenes Look at The Fantasy Series

Amazon Studios has shared a new featurette for its upcoming epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time, which is based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels. It offers us an exciting behind the scenes look at the show featuring some cool behind-the-scenes shots along with interviews with the cast including Rosamund Pike, who plays the powerful Aes Sedai Moiraine, as well as showrunner Rafe Judkins.

Wheel Of Time Audiobook Coming From TV Adaptation Star Rosamund Pike

Amazon's television adaptation of "The Wheel of Time," the popular fantasy book series by Robert Jordan, will be paired with a new audiobook by Moiraine herself, Rosamund Pike. Macmillan Audio announced the news today that Pike will narrate an audiobook version of "The Eye of the World," the first book...
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Rosamund Pike to narrate audiobook of 'The Eye of the World'

NEW YORK (AP) — Rosamund Pike, who stars in the Amazon Prime Video series based on Robert Jordan's “The Wheel of Time" books, also took on the epic task of narrating the audio edition of the late author's fantasy classic “The Eye of the World.”. Support local journalism reporting on...

‘The Wheel of Time’, ‘The Last of Us’, ‘The Sandman’: The Battle of the Adaptations is Heating Up

In many ways, adapting a beloved franchise for television is a thankless task. You’re often working with an unwieldy source material (be that a comic book, video game, or novel) that doesn’t easily translate into the episodic structure of TV. Plus, you’ve got to grapple with the high expectations of the fans — and their unmitigated fury if you mess it up. And it’s hardly a guaranteed win: for every Walking Dead, Watchmen, or Game of Thrones, there’s those that fizzle or flop, like Shadow and Bone, The Alienist, or, indeed, the much-hated final series of Thrones.

Amazon Is Already Spending Game Of Thrones Money To Make The Wheel Of Time

In case you haven't heard the big news — the next "Game of Thrones" is on the way! It's called... "Westworld"? Or maybe "The Witcher"? Perhaps it's "The Expanse"? Or Amazon's "Lord of the Rings"? So many shows have had the title thrown their way, that it's getting pretty hard to keep track. But the latest addition to the club has been getting the comparison since the project was first announced.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: 14 epic fantasy books

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time high fantasy series is epic in more ways than one. There are 14 installments where Jordan creates an imaginary magical world in immense detail, and introduces thousands of good and evil characters. Sadly, Jordan died in 2007. The last three books in the series were completed by Brandon Sanderson (famous for the Mistborn science fiction series) using notes left behind by Jordan for another writer to use.

Get A Look Behind The Scenes Of Amazon's Wheel Of Time Series

When a TV adaptation of a fantasy series is done right — like HBO's widely popular "Game Of Thrones" — it can become an all-out cultural phenomenon. Just think back to shows like "Once Upon A Time" and "Supernatural" — there are easily identifiable reasons that they were on air for so many seasons. Since "Game Of Thrones" had its somewhat disappointing series finale, fantasy fans have been looking for a new series to sink their teeth into. Netflix provided its own take with "The Witcher," which has been well received by audiences (via Rotten Tomatoes). And now, Amazon is ready to take a stab at the genre with the long-awaited "Wheel of Time" TV adaptation.

Inside ‘Wheel of Time,’ Amazon’s Huge Gamble on the Next ‘Game of Thrones’

Not long ago, this quarry, 40 kilometers outside Prague, held a carefully built fake town called the Two Rivers. Then, a few days back, the producers and set dressers of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time burned it down. The town’s inn, an intricately rendered two-story building, is now blackened, its left side plunged into spiky rubble: Smoke machines give the impression that it is still smoldering. There are holes in roofs, artfully destroyed beams. Every house—interior and exterior—has been charred enough so that it shows on camera. The actors who wander the Two Rivers are made up to match. Rosamund Pike, who starred in Gone Girl, is smudged with soot. Rain has begun to come down in earnest, pooling in the muddy streets and making the extras and the stuntmen shiver. Michael McElhatton, who played Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones and is playing a character called Tam al’Thor on The Wheel of Time, sits on a stump in the middle of it all in a big down jacket, staring at nothing in particular.

'Wheel of Time' Behind-The-Scenes Clip Gives First Look at Fan-Favorite Characte

Amazon dropped another clip from The Wheel of Time series on Monday, giving fans their first look at Alexandre Willaume in character as Thom Merrilin. The 36-second video includes some shots from the show itself and some behind-the-scenes glimpses, as well as commentary from stars and producers. Over on social media, fans focused mainly on meeting their favorite gleeman in the flesh.