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Whoopi Goldberg On Oscar Slap: “There Are Big Consequences Because Nobody Is OK With What Happened”

Click here to read the full article. Whoopi Goldberg, moderator of ABC’s The View and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors, said today that she accepts Will Smith’s apology for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday, but she added: “There are consequences. There are big consequences because nobody is OK with what happened. Nobody, nobody, nobody.” Goldberg also explained why producers did not publicly console Rock during the telecast and said she supported producer Will Packer’s decision to not eject Smith from the event. Watch the entire View segment below. Hollywood Reacts To The...
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Whoopi Goldberg On Will Smith Slap: “We’re Not Going To Take That Oscar From Him”; ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Condemn Violence

Click here to read the full article. The Oscar Slap was Topic #1 on ABC’s The View today, with moderator – and former Oscar host – Whoopi Goldberg saying Will Smith “overreacted,” Joy Behar commenting that “comedians are in danger everywhere,” Ana Navarro decrying “men behaving badly” and Sunny Hostin describing Smith’s “toxic masculinity” as “not a show of love [but] a show of violence.” “I think it was a lot of stuff probably built up,” Goldberg said, noting that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been the butt of jokes for various reasons for years, including previous jabs from Chris...
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‘The View’ Spars on Will Smith at the Oscars: “That’s Not A Show Of Love, That’s A Show Of Violence”

Today on The View, the hottest topic of all was, no surprise, Will Smith’s behavior at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. The actor slapped Chris Rock on stage for telling a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and later won the Best Actor Oscar, apologizing to the Academy (but not to Rock) for his behavior. Co-host Ana Navarro felt the same as the rest of us when she explained, “At first I thought it was a joke. I think a lot of us thought it was a joke,” saying that she couldn’t believe it was really happening and saying that despite Rock making a “lame” joke at Pinkett Smith’s expense, “Nothing, nada, cero, condones violence in this form. Nada.”

"The View" hosts side with Chris Rock after on-air Oscars slap: "Comedians are in danger everywhere"

The biggest moment from Sunday night's Oscars telecast wasn't Troy Kotsur's historic win for best supporting actor, Jessica Chastain's impassioned speech after securing the best actress award or the multiple Oscars won by "CODA." Instead, it was Will Smith's violent reaction to Chris Rock's onstage joke — an unexpected incident that prompted "The View" hosts to weigh in.

‘The View’ Weighs In on Consequences for Will Smith’s Oscars Slap: “Harvey Weinstein Still Has His Oscars”

The question of whether the Motion Picture Academy will punish Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock at this year’s ceremonies was hotly debated on today’s episode of The View. As Sunny Hostin and guest host Tara Setmayer discussed Smith’s outburst, Setmayer echoed comments that Hostin made on yesterday’s show, stating that if this was a school, such behavior would get you suspended.

Stephanie Grisham Blows Up on ‘The View’ in Trump Fueled Argument: “I Could Be Home Right Now”

After being a remarkably laid-back presence throughout the last few days of The View, gust co-host and former Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham came to blows with members of the panel. As regular guest co-host Ana Navarro began grilling her about why she stayed within the administration, the ensuing squabbles shed light on the panel’s own feelings regarding the Republican Party’s future.

‘The View’ Hosts Debate Grammys Banning Kanye West From Performing: “Very Uncomfortable With This”

Ahead of the Grammy Awards, sources claim that nominee Kanye West has been barred from performing at the April 3 ceremony due to his recent online behavior (from making threats against ex-wife Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend Pete Davidson to using racial slurs against Grammys host Trevor Noah). The controversial news led to a debate between the hosts of The View today, as they debated the merits of “consequence culture” vs. “cancel culture.”

Whoopi Goldberg Blames Oscars Viewers For Cut Categories on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg Disrupts 'The View' With Bizarre Joke About Donald Trump’s Love For Vladimir Putin: "Just Come Out!" 'The View' Calls Out Social Media Sites For Letting Kanye West Threaten Pete Davidson: "Really Scary" Audiences Slam 'The View' For Inviting Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham As Co-Host: "Will Not...

Michele Tafoya Returns to Cause Destruction on ‘The View’: “Let’s Just Get Into It”

Just as fans of The View expected, Michele Tafoya returned to the talk show ready to rumble. The controversial co-host, once again subbing in for Meghan McCain’s empty conservative seat, was called back to The View today to discuss hot topics like CPAC, the American education system, and more. Perhaps even more prepped for battle were the show’s permanent co-hosts, who came to the panel ready to throw down about the state of the Republican Party. Though it wasn’t as cringe-worthy as her debut on The View, fans were equally upset about her statements on the panel. And we have to do this all again tomorrow!

‘The View’ Highlights Backlash To Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Royal Tour Of Jamaica: “Make Reparations”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been forced to cancel recent stops on their Caribbean good will tour, as Jamaican protestors call on royals to redefine their relationship with the island and make reparations for their colonial past. That thorny topic led to some spirited debates on today’s episode of The View, as the ABC talk show’s hosts pondered what these protests could spell for the US.