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Thinking of buying a used Maruti Suzuki SPresso? Advantages and disadvantages

Micro SUVs are becoming more and more popular in the country and the Maruti Suzuki SPresso has certainly attracted a lot of attention. The SPresso was targeting an audience who were looking to buy a premium vehicle at a lower price, but while a new model will cost more, if you are in the market to spend ₹ 5.50 lakh (on the road) on a car. used, then a 2020 SPresso would be a good choice of car to look at. But there are pros and cons and we list them all.
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Used car market becoming an economic measuring stick

The pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances in so many aspects of our lives, and the used car market is no different. “It's crazy,” said Richard Hughes, owner of Richard Hughes Auto Sales in Huntsville,

Used Vehicle Average Listing Price Close To $27K In September

The average listing price of a used vehicle closed in on the $27,000 mark in September amid sustained high demand. According to Cox Automotive, the average listing price of a used car, truck or SUV last month was $26,646 – up from $25,890 in August. The market research firm says the average list price of a used vehicle in September 2021 was about 25 percent higher than in September 2020. For context, the average listing price of a used vehicle surpassed the $20,000 mark for the first time ever in August 2020 and has climbed consistently from month-to-month ever since.

Is It Better To Buy a New or Used Car in the Current Market?

Welcome to Ask Clark, a column designed to answer your financial questions, by money expert Clark Howard. Joseph from Arizona asks: "I know that conventional wisdom is that buying a used car offers better value in most cases. I need to get a new vehicle because my 2005 car has finally given up.

Used Car Sales Manager

Sytner Group is looking for a passionate and driven Used Car Sales Manager to join our motivated sales team at Sytner Cardiff. As a Sytner Used Car Sales Manager, you will be responsible for the profitability in the used vehicle department and for customer retention. You will hire and monitor the performance of the sales executives and hold weekly sales meetings and conduct sales mentoring and support.

Invisible: September used truck prices continue towards the sky

According to JD Power Valuation Services, the group of late model used trucks cost 85% higher than in 2020 in the first nine months of the year as demand far exceeded supply. The prices paid could leave the bags with them when today’s desperate buyers sell them later. Every month,...

Buying a Used Car? 5 Things Smart Owners Do

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on a quality vehicle just about every day. You need a vehicle to perform well and safely so you can shuttle to and from work, run errands, and attend to personal needs throughout the day and week. Because a vehicle is one of the most significant purchases you’ll make, you want to be certain you are getting your money’s worth. It’s vital to choose something that will last and meet your needs but also a model that is in your price range.

Buick Encore GX Named One of the Best Used Models Under $30K

The used-car experts at Kelley Blue Book recently named the 2021 Buick Encore GX among the best subcompact luxury crossovers available for under $30,000. In the publication’s latest rankings, the Encore GX scored high for its versatile modern technology. Here’s why the editors considered it a prime pick for thrifty drivers who don’t want to compromise on upscale amenities.

Why a Used Buick Enclave SUV is Popular among Buyers?

Buick is known for making sturdy SUVs that would last a lifetime. This is the simple reason that even a pre-owned Buick Enclave SUV is so popular among buyers. However, this is not the only reason for the used SUVs high demand. Other reasonsmake a used Enclave to be popular...

Economical droplet-based microfluidic production of [F]FET and [F]Florbetaben suitable for human use

Current equipment and methods for preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography (PET) are expensive and best suited for large-scale multi-doses batches. Microfluidic radiosynthesizers have been shown to provide an economic approach to synthesize these compounds in smaller quantities, but can also be scaled to clinically-relevant levels. Batch microfluidic approaches, in particular, offer significant reduction in system size and reagent consumption. Here we show a simple and rapid technique to concentrate the radioisotope, prior to synthesis in a droplet-based radiosynthesizer, enabling production of clinically-relevant batches of [18F]FET and [18F]FBB. The synthesis was carried out with an automated synthesizer platform based on a disposable Teflon-silicon surface-tension trap chip. Up to 0.1 mL (4 GBq) of radioactivity was used per synthesis by drying cyclotron-produced aqueous [18F]fluoride in small increments directly inside the reaction site. Precursor solution (10 µL) was added to the dried [18F]fluoride, the reaction chip was heated for 5 min to perform radiofluorination, and then a deprotection step was performed with addition of acid solution and heating. The product was recovered in 80 µL volume and transferred to analytical HPLC for purification. Purified product was formulated via evaporation and resuspension or a micro-SPE formulation system. Quality control testing was performed on 3 sequential batches of each tracer. The method afforded production of up to 0.8 GBq of [18F]FET and [18F]FBB. Each production was completed within an hour. All batches passed quality control testing, confirming suitability for human use. In summary, we present a simple and efficient synthesis of clinically-relevant batches of [18F]FET and [18F]FBB using a microfluidic radiosynthesizer. This work demonstrates that the droplet-based micro-radiosynthesizer has a potential for batch-on-demand synthesis of 18F-labeled radiopharmaceuticals for human use.

8 Clever Ways to Use Your Spent Vanilla Beans

Using vanilla extract in any recipe for baked goods adds so much fragrant flavor. But, when you use vanilla seeds scraped right from the vanilla bean pods, you know you're getting even more of that intense vanilla flavor. I prefer using vanilla seeds over vanilla extract, but let's face it, vanilla pods are super expensive and I know I don't always have them on hand. However, when I do find time to make my way to the grocery store to buy vanilla beans in bulk, I know I don't want to waste any part of my precious vanilla beans! There is so much vanilla flavor in the leftover vanilla bean pod even after the seeds are removed.

Fire reported near Denver used car lot, homeless encampment

DENVER — Denver firefighters are working to put out a fire near a used car lot and a homeless encampment. The northbound lanes of Santa Fe Drive are currently closed between Alameda and Bayaud avenues for fire response, according to the Denver Police Department. The Denver Fire Department said there...

Which is the Best Used Chevrolet Truck to Get?

When it comes to pickups, Chevrolet’s name is what comes to people’s minds. They have such good trucks to purchase that it is hard to say, which truck would be the best. However, if you are getting a used Chevy truck, there are a few options you can explore. Chevrolet...