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Washington Must Hold Crisis Pregnancy Centers Accountable

Despite the US Supreme Court decision to revoke federal protections for abortion, abortion remains legal in Washington. However, there are still attacks on reproductive freedom within the state that must be addressed. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are anti-abortion organizations that divert people from receiving abortion care by using coercive tactics...
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Patterns Should Suffice for Conviction If Government Is Suspected

If someone is charged with a crime, the prosecutor must prove particular “elements” of the crime. For example, to convict someone of homicide, the elements to be proven are 1. that the victim actually died, and 2. that the killer had the intention of doing the killing. If his gun went off by accident, element 2 is missing, so no conviction will take place.
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Health Worker Vaccine Mandate Now ‘Irrational,’ Red States Argue

The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers should be blocked now that the pandemic conditions it was created under have lessened, a group of Republican-led states told a federal court in Missouri. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services “created a rigid, Delta-inspired rule that has no place—and...

COR Developers to appear before U.S Supreme Court Monday

District of Columbia — The COR Developers will appear before the US Supreme Court for oral arguments Monday morning. This is the final opportunity for Stephen Aiello and Joseph Gerardi to have their case heard and perhaps have their conviction overturned or vacated. Both men will be present in Washington Monday.

Think Trump is done for? Think again

The key analysis from the US midterms coverage over the past two weeks have been that the so-called “red wave” turned out to be a ripple and that the Republican Party underperformed. Former President Donald Trump, the theory goes, is losing: Trump-backed untraditional candidates in swing states were largely defeated, and only one US Senator has publicly endorsed the former president’s 2024 presidential bid. The “Trump is on the wane” narrative was given further impetus this week when every one of his three appointees to the US Supreme Court agreed to a decision forcing him to hand over his tax returns...

Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson gets a surprise bobblehead 2022

Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson gets a surprise bobblehead 2022. Kitangi Brown-Jackson has reached the pinnacle of the legal profession, not only becoming an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court with her swearing-in on June 30, but also as the first black woman to sit on the court. But, let’s face...

How Much of “Separate but Equal” was Plessy v. Ferguson?

The Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877, which completed the Democrats’ return to power, together with the Supreme Court’s opposition to Congress’s efforts to protect the civil rights of African Americans, emboldened Southern lawmakers to pass sweeping segregation ordinances as a way to reassert white supremacy. Jim Crow and...

America's Silent Progressive Majority

NEW YORK – The world heaved a sigh of relief this month when the feared “red wave” of Republican victories in the US midterm elections failed to materialize. While the Republicans took the House of Representatives by a narrow margin, the Democrats held on to the Senate. The Republican Party’s performance was not only worse than expected; it was the worst midterm performance in decades for a party not in control of the White House.

The Supreme Court of Georgia reinstated the ban on abortion after 6 weeks

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the state’s ban on abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy, abruptly ending access to later abortions that had been reinstated days earlier. In a one-page order, the justices upheld the lower court’s decision to overturn the ban...

Popular Sportsbook Partnerships with NFL teams

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports gambling in most states. While many fans around the country rejoiced at the news, the decision-makers in the sports industry knew they had to pivot from once opposing sportsbooks to embracing sports betting as a significant source of long-term revenue.

French MEPs vote to enshrine abortion rights in the constitution

Lawmakers in France’s parliament on Thursday voted to include abortion rights in the constitution in response to recent changes in Poland and the United States. MEPs from the left-wing France Unbowed (LFI) party and the center-centre governing coalition agreed on the wording of the new clause, which was approved by a large majority.

New York judge grants preliminary injunction against state law restricting guns on private property

New York federal judge John Sinatra Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction in Christian v. Nigrellixi blocking New York’s enforcement of the “private property exclusion” within NY penal law section 265.01-d. Judge Sinatra found the ban unconstitutional because it violates the US Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment regarding citizens’ right to “keep and bear arms,” as guaranteed in the US Constitution’s Second Amendent.

French MPs vote to include abortion rights in constitution

On Thursday, lawmakers in the French parliament voted on adding to the constitution the right to abortion, following the recent changes that took place in Poland and the United States. The US Supreme Court overturned back in June Roe v. Wade, a law granting American women the right to abortion....

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy

Georgia’s Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the state’s ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, temporarily reinstating the law that had been blocked by a lower court last week. The state Supreme Court’s order, in response to an emergency stay request by the Georgia Attorney General’s office,...

French parliament to vote on abortion as constitutional proper | World Information

Lawmakers within the French parliament had been set to vote Thursday so as to add the correct to abortion to the structure in response to current adjustments in the US and Poland. Members of parliament from the left-wing France Unbowed occasion and the ruling centrist coalition agreed Thursday on the...