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US Navy Canceling Railgun Project

The Navy—solid state lasers (SSLs), the electromagnetic railgun (EMRG), and the gun-launched guided projectile (GLGP) [aka hypervelocity projectile (HVP)] for about a decade. The US Navy’s proposed FY2022 budget requests research and development funding for continued work on lasers but wants to suspend further work on the EMRG and GLGP programs and requests no research and development funding for them. The Navy had been developing EMRG since 2005 and has spent nearly half a billion dollars.
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Search continues for missing 67-year-old snorkeler from California

MAUI, Hawaii (KITV4) -- The US Coast Guard and the US Navy continue their search for missing 67-year-old snorkeler from California last seen at Molokini Crater off Maui. The Maui Fire Department (MFD) reported the woman missing on Tuesday at around 11 am. She was with a charter boat based out of Lahaina Harbor.
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From world war one to Aukus: how Australia’s submarines have evolved

28 February 1914: Australia’s first submarine, HMAS AE1, is commissioned in Portsmouth, UK before departing for Sydney. 14 September 1914: HMAS AE1 strikes the sea-floor while diving during deployment near Papua New Guinea during the first world war. All hands are lost. 30 April 1915: HMAS AE2, Australia’s second submarine,...

Hawaii’s Famous Haiku Stairs Will Be Dismantled, Officials Say

Chances are that you're familiar with the Haiku Stairs. Located on the island of O'ahu, they make regular appearances in social media feeds, as they offer the perfect photo op, complete with a jaw-droppingly gorgeous view. Perhaps you were hoping to visit them one day yourself. Unfortunately, your chance to climb the stairs, popularly known as the Stairway to Heaven, might be gone.

Hawaii's famous Haiku Stairs will likely be removed

(CNN) — Hawaii's famous Haiku Stairs, sometimes called the Stairway to Heaven, are likely to be removed next year following a Honolulu City Council meeting to discuss ongoing issues with the site. The stairs, whose 3,922 steps wind through a 2,800 foot mountain trail in Kaneohe, on the eastern side...

Rolls-Royce and BAE set to benefit after Australia spurns French submarines

“These are the most complicated machines humans to have ever built,” said a senior officer of one of the Royal Navy's latest nuclear-powered submarines. “The space shuttle doesn’t even come close," he added, showing off the Western world’s most advanced attack vessel. Not only are they the most complex, but...

Japanese defence minister draws a 'red line' around disputed islands and warns China it will 'resolutely' defend its territory after standoffs with Chinese navy

Japan has staked its claim to the contested Senkaku Islands and will be defending them strongly against China amid escalating tensions in the region, the country's defence minister has warned. Nobuo Kishi said the territories, known as the Diaoyu Islands in China, unquestionably belong to Japan and warned any provocation...

Trump complained that the 'island' on new $13B aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford 'didn't look right' and boasted to top brass that he 'knew about aesthetics', new Woodward book claims

Former President Donald Trump was fixated with the Navy’s supercarrier USS Gerald Ford, complaining to senior military officers that the $13billion ship ‘just doesn’t look right’ and bragged that he understood construction from his career as a real estate mogul, according to a new book. ‘I know aesthetics,’ Trump reportedly...

The Port Chicago Disaster

Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon. Castbox | Stitcher | Podcast Republic | RSS | Patreon. On July 17, 1944, one of the worst disasters to befall the American military during World War II occurred. It didn’t occur in Europe or the Pacific, however. It took place on US soil.

Hawaii to remove famous haiku stairs

The Honolulu City Council voted Wednesday to remove the famous Haiku Stairs. Council members unanimously approved to remove them "to stop trespassing, reduce disturbances to local neighborhoods, increase public safety, remove potential liability to the City, and protect the environment." According to CNN, the 3,922 step stairs have caused issues...

Finch’s poster sends Tom Hanks to the Apocalypse with his dog and robot companion

The first poster was announced Finch, Starring Apple and Amblin Sci-Fi Drama Tom Hanks.. Hanks leads the cast as a robot engineer who wants to take care of the dog with the help of the robot after the robot leaves. The new poster shows the character’s appearance along with his best friend. Finch It will appear on Apple TV + in November. For now, check out the new posters below.


Daniel J. Donahue of New Hope, PA passed away peacefully on September 10, 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. His closest friends and family were with him in his final days and hours. Born in Philadelphia, Dan moved with his family to Mt. Holly, NJ when he was a...

China threatens to sail its navy into Hawaiian waters as US and Australia announce defence pact – days after flotilla of four Chinese vessels sail past Alaska

China today threatened to send its Navy into Hawaiian waters in the latest round of sabre rattling in the Pacific after Australia, the US and Britain announced a new naval alliance in the region. Four Chinese vessels have already been spotted sailing off the coast of Alaska this week in...