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Maine Railroad Offering Civil War Reenactment Rides This Weekend

If any of those things piqued your interest, then keep reading because I'm about to tell you all about the fun to be had. According to a Facebook post made by Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad, they are hosting an event all about their Civil War re-enactment trains. The event takes place this Saturday, July 31st, at the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad History Museum, 128 Bridge St, Phillips, ME, United States, Maine.
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Civil War Union Army general’s gravesite restored

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Oakwood Cemetery in Troy has many notable residents and one of them is being celebrated this weekend. “A lot of people don’t know a lot about Oakwood Cemetery. It’s a gem. A cemetery a gem? People don’t think about that,” said Dave Dziewulski who is with Sons Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War.
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The Civil War Battle That Also Took Place In Yorktown

When someone mentions Yorktown, the first thought is often the battle that took place there during the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Yorktown was the last major military clash in the fight for independence that ended with British General Cornwallis' surrender. But many decades later, Yorktown was also the site of a face-off between Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War. And this nearly month-long conflict ended without a clear victory for either side, according to the American Battlefield Trust.
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Gravesite Rededication Ceremony To Be Held In Troy For Civil War General

A rededication ceremony is scheduled to recognize a Civil War general buried in the Capital Region. General George Thomas was born in Virginia, but fought for the Union Army. He is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Troy – the home of his wife – as his family disowned him for his stance during the war. The estimated $50,000 effort to repair elements of his gravesite has taken about 10 years and hundreds of hours of work.

Sing a song of Dante

THE PAST MIGHT NOT REPEAT ITSELF, BUT IT RIPPLES like a funhouse mirror, reflecting in often strange and twisted ways. (Or, as Mark Twain put it, “The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”) And so, when news crossed my desk from the group Big Mouth Society of a series of small-gathering outdoor picnic concerts celebrating the early 14th century poet Dante Alighieri, I found myself disproportionately, almost ridiculously enticed by the prospect: Dante, who in his Divine Comedy traveled through Hell and back for his readers, might have fit snugly into the 21st century––or at least, a funhouse-mirror version of it.

Upcoming Will Smith Movies to Keep On Your Radar

Fews actors have the natural star power that Will Smith so charmingly radiates. More than that, few have his very powerful street cred. We’ve spent so many years loving him as a leading man that it only takes his name on a poster to get theater seats filled. Which is exactly the kind of effect theaters are aching for.

Union Troopers with a Southern Twang

Alabama cavalrymen spearheaded General Sherman’s March to the Sea. When Major General William Tecumseh Sherman prepared to set out from Atlanta in the fall of 1864, he tapped the 1st Alabama Cavalry—a regiment of White volunteers recruited from within the heart of the Confederacy—for a key role in the campaign to come. From the commencement of hostilities, United States military and political leadership had sought loyal white Southerners willing to carry the torch of Union to the seat of secession. Now, the 1st Alabama would help to do so. Who were these men? How did they come to reject the Confederacy and embrace the Union in the most uncompromising terms? And how does their turn at the head of Sherman’s army, helping Uncle Billy bring his brand of hard war to the Deep South, add to our understanding of one of the war’s most infamous chapters?

One of the baddest confederate civil war songs

This is one of brian newsome's songs off his album called, born in the backwoods. the civil war would've never happened had they exterminated the jews upon arrival. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest 1 day ago (edited) @bannedforhatespeech:. First Jewish Friend. Unlike many 19th Century American Christians, Abraham Lincoln considered many...

MORE TO THE STORY: The Drummer Boy of Chickamauga

The United States was deeply divided in 1861, as political tensions had been escalating for years. By the end of 1860, issues of slavery, states’ rights and congressional representation hit a boiling point and resulted in the state of South Carolina seceding from the Union Dec. 20 of that year. By March of the following year, seven states had seceded, adopted their own constitution and were raising a provisional army of 100,000 volunteers — the Confederate States of America were born and, on April 12, opened fire on Union forces occupying Fort Sumter in South Carolina.