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Sundance 2022: Goran Stolevski’s ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ Is a Bewitching Tale About the Need to Connect

“It’s a burning, hurting thing… this world,” intones a solemn narrator. It’s even more burning when you’re a witch! Steeped in Macedonian folklore, You Won’t Be Alone is a hauntingly humanistic fable about ancient witches struggling to make sense of the austere world around them. The feature debut of writer-director Goran Stolevski uses a simple horror premise to illuminate weighty themes of motherhood, jealousy, connection, and place. It’s a challenging, beautiful work of immense power that will undoubtedly find an audience in the 2022 arthouse scene.
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The Tale of an Emerging Equestrian Professional

Becoming successful in the equine industry is nothing short of phenomenal. This is not a job, it is a lifestyle. Horses will take every penny, minute, and joule of energy that you have. It’s why many professionals are burnt out and broke. Other fields don’t understand why we give everything to what we do.
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Team Behind Last Labyrinth Tease new VR Adventure The Tale of Onogoro

Japanese developer Amata K.K. launched its first virtual reality (VR) videogame just over two years ago, the dark surreal puzzler Last Labyrinth. Today, the studio has confirmed its next project isn’t far away, an action-adventure experience called The Tale of Onogoro. Amata K.K. has only teased the existence of...
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Japanse VR action-adventure game The Tale of Onogoro announced

Last Labyrinth developer AMATA K.K. has announced Japanese VR action-adventure game The Tale of Onogoro. Details for The Tale of Onogoro are scant, as the game has no specific virtual reality platforms confirmed but it will likely be for PC-based VR platforms. A release is set for sometime this spring.
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Dallas-area author wins National Jewish Book Award for tale about Charles Dickens

Plano author Nancy Churnin, whose children’s books spotlight lesser-known figures from history, has won the National Jewish Book Award in the children’s picture book category for Dear Mr. Dickens, an uplifting tale about an unlikely relationship between Charles Dickens and a Jewish woman in the mid-19th century. Established in 1950, the National Jewish Book Awards have been bestowed on such luminaries as Saul Bellow and Elie Wiesel.

The Tale of the Two Princes 3

If you haven't read the first two parts yet, you may do so here:. The weather isn't cooperating with Prince Nathan and Princess Amelie's plan, and a storm's eye appears to be on its way. The rain was torrential, and the wind was shrieking, blowing dead leaves from the large tree where they were hunkered down.
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Alhambra welcomes community to join in tale of Rumpelstiltskin

The Missoula Children’s Theatre will be presenting Rumpelstiltskin this weekend filled with costumes, scenery, props and lots of talented local students. The community of Hopkinsville is invited to join in and help Clara guess a mischievous little gnome’s name this Saturday, Jan. 29 at 2 p.m. at the Alhambra Theatre. Rumpelstiltskin is a classic German story written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The fairytale dates back to the 1800s addition of the Children’s and Household Tales. Rumpelstiltskin, an original musical adaptation of this classic tale, is about a cunning imp who has dark powers that will help people… but for a price.

Hive.Pizza Stake to Earn? Play to Earn? Engage to Earn?

Yes indeed you read that right. With the latest weekly update from @thebeardflex over at Hive.Pizza stakeholder returns have been announced and will be going live on 1/30- just 4 days away! If you haven't read the official announcement post yet check it out here. There were a few very...

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week

Today finally sees the publication of a paper (Taylor 2022) that’s been longer in gestation than most (although, yes, all right, not as long as the Archbishop). I guess the first seeds were sown almost a full decade ago when I posted How long was the neck of Diplodocus? in May 2011, but it was submitted as a preprint in 2015. Since then it’s taken far longer than it should have done to get it across the line, and it is primarily with a feeling of relief that I see the paper now published.

KneeGate, A Collection of Poems

The ODB team was as appalled by Matthew Mayer’s very on purpose knee to Tanner Groves’ face as the rest of the nation was…sike. To pay homage to the absurdity that was the ESPN+ crew and all of OU twitter’s reaction to an inadvertent knee to the face, the ODB team decided to tell the tale of KneeGate. The infamous story that will go down in NCAAM Basketball lore.

The Tale of the Two Princes 2

If you haven't read the first part yet, you may do so here:. "Hey!" Prince Nathan came to his senses when the lady clapped her hands in front of his face to get his attention. "Sorry, what?" He seemed to be hypnotized and bewitched by her beauty, and his mind was taken beyond space.
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“Ada Masali”: this week’s schedule of “The Tale of the Island”

“There is a problem” is one of the most popular Turkish soap operas in Spain, where it is broadcast on the Divinity signal. The romantic comedy “The Island’s Tale” starring Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan, as Poyraz Ali Özgür and Haziran Sedefli, respectively, has captured the public’s attention for the plot and chemistry of the actors, managing to be a ratings hit .
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Ilaria Capalbo Tells The Tale of “Karthago” on Debut Album

“It’s a musical tale of resilience, courage, and vulnerability; part ancient history, part myth,” a press release explains. Capalbo’s writing is lush, with arrangements that span the spectrum between an intimate duo on “Mare Nostrum” and chamber orchestra sounds that evolve into chaos on the title track. Her rich bass tone, delicate touch, and thoughtful melodicism tie it all together into a cohesive sound.

Tales From The Box Office: How Red Tails Ended Lucasfilm's Pre-Disney Era With A Whimper

Lucasfilm will always be tied directly and most closely to "Star Wars," one of the biggest, most beloved, and influential franchises in cinematic history. But let us not forget that the studio had other movies under its belt, including the "Indiana Jones" movies and "Willow." As most of you reading this likely know, Lucasfilm was eventually purchased by Disney in 2012 in one of the biggest, game-changing deals of the modern era.

‘Cyrano’: Read The Screenplay From Erica Schmidt That Gave Joe Wright A New Way In To Classic Tale

Editors note: Deadline’s Read the Screenplay series debuts and celebrates the scripts of films that will be factors in this year’s movie awards race. Cyrano filmmaker Joe Wright had long mused about tackling a fresh screen interpretation of Edmond Rostand’s classic century-plus-old play Cyrano de Bergerac, the tale of the admired but solider who, inwardly deeply insecure about his prominent snout, expressed his hidden feelings for his love Roxanne by putting his words in the mouth of her handsome suitor Christian. He was enraptured by the 1990 film version starring Gerard Depardieu. “I saw it when I was an anxiety-riddled adolescent and the...

Revisiting the tale of West Virginia's lost Branch Mountain Treasure

Tales of hidden treasure appear throughout the annals of West Virginia history. Legends of hoards buried by prehistoric peoples, retreating soldiers, and reclusive misers could fill a book. One of the best-known tales is that of the Branch Mountain Treasure, which allegedly included $40,000 in gold secreted by three deserting Rebels who had robbed a Virginian bank.