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Biggest evacuation flight under Taliban rule departs Kabul for Doha

A flight carrying more than 230 Afghans, Americans and other international civilians departed from Kabul's airport for Qatar's capital, Doha, Sunday, Qatari official Lolwah Al-Khater announced. Why it matters: A Qatari official told Reuters 236 passengers were on the plane — making it the biggest evacuation flight since the full...

Afghan Refugees' Arrival In Tulsa On Hold Due To Measles Cases

The head of the nonprofit responsible for helping resettle roughly 800 Afghan refugees in the Tulsa area said Wednesday that the State Department has advised their arrivals will be delayed by roughly three weeks due to cases of measles. "It turns out that maybe five or 10 people tested positive...
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There’s a deeper story behind the World Bank’s ratings scandal

On Thursday, the World Bank announced that it would discontinue its flagship “Doing Business” report. The sudden announcement that the World Bank would end its most famous report sent some shock waves through the business regulatory community. Irregularities in some of the data pertaining to China, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and...

Trump's coercion and role in Jan. 6 warrant a special prosecutor

In August 2020, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo turned a diplomatic mission to the Middle East into a political event when he addressed the Republican National Convention in a video from Jerusalem with the Western Wall in the background. Pompeo made repeated references to President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies, the subject of his official diplomatic mission.

More Than 400 Infections Linked To Pre-K Through 12 Schools In State

(St. Paul, MN) — More than 400 COVID-19 infections are reported among pre-K through 12th-grade students and staff in Minnesota. The State Department of Health reported yesterday that the figures were tabulated in the week ending September 4. The total of 410 more than doubles the 152 from the previous week.
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The decline and fall of Afghanistan hyperbole

Remember Afghanistan? It would be understandable if some readers did not, since mainstream media coverage of events there has nosedived over the past few weeks. If you recall, however, a month ago, a lot of U.S. analysts and commentators (myself included) were fretting about the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Kabul and the rapid Taliban takeover of the country. The frenzied efforts to get Westerners and Afghan allies out of Kabul in the face of a Taliban deadline of Aug. 31 seemed daunting.

Submarine deal: France cancels meeting with British Defense Minister

The rapid attack submarine USS Missouri leaves Pearl Harbor-Hickam: A new security alliance between Australia, Great Britain and the USA is causing tension. Great Britain and the USA want to equip Australia with nuclear submarines and thus create tensions with France. In the midst of the dispute, Paris has now...

The Affordable Care Act Can Help Au Pairs Avoid Medical Debt

In 2016, Isis Mabel, of Mexico, was in her 20s and wanted to improve her English. On advice from an aunt, she enrolled with an au pair agency to come to the United States to live with a family and care for the children. The job typically pays about $200 a week on top of lodging and meals. Along with her application, the agency requested $360 from Mabel — a one-time charge that was to cover certain costs, including visa fees and health insurance, the agency explained.
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Biden has put more pressure on Egypt’s repressive regime. Will it be enough to bring results?

President Biden’s decision to withhold $130 million in foreign military assistance to Egypt and condition its release on a set of human rights demands will not end the enduring and dreadful abuses of power under President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi. It would have been a stronger signal to withhold $300 million that Congress had tied to broad progress on democracy and human rights. But Mr. Biden’s policy does represent a shift in direction, one that should be watched closely for whether it brings significant change.
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How Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and an irrational system make us more vulnerable to the next 9/11

Only 57 percent of key national security positions in the George W. Bush administration had been filled. The commission that investigated the attacks of that day. in the nomination and confirmation process for those jobs to lessen the chances of an American government ever being caught so flat-footed again. There was widespread agreement on the need for reform.

Glenn Beck announces rescue of Afghan soccer players targeted by Taliban, says State Department ‘blocked’ flight plans

Glenn Beck announced Sunday the secure passage of nearly 100 people who were being held at the Mazar-i-Sharif airport in northern Afghanistan. The group, which includes 32 female FIFA soccer players and their families, are members of religious minorities or persecuted minorities. Beck explained on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program”...