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How to remove Work or School account in Windows 11/10

A lot of users connect their Work or School accounts with their Windows computers. However, a time may come when you want to remove them. In this guide, we are going to see how to remove the Work or School account in Windows 11/10. What is Work or School account?
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What is UNCServer.exe? Is it safe? Can I remove it?

If you are seeing a process named UNCServer.exe in the Task Manager of your Windows 11/10 computer are wondering what it is and if it is safe, then this post is sure to interest you. What is UNCServer.exe and why is it running?. UNC is an abbreviation of the Universal...
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How to customize the Windows 11 Start Menu

Compared to other Windows versions, Windows 11 has a new look and feel. The Start Menu is the center of those changes, as it now lives in the middle of the screen. It also has a new Recommended section, too. Contents. But if you're not happy with how your Start...

Leaked Video Shows Microsoft’s Now Canceled Andromeda OS for Dual-Screen Mobile Devices

Microsoft’s Windows Phone (WP) initially launched on October 21, 2010 and then eventually discontinued in 2020. It’s essentially a family of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune, but what if they continued development? A recently leaked video gives us a glimpse at Andromeda OS, which is designed exclusively for dual-screen mobile devices. Read more for a video walkthrough and additional information.

God of War PC Audio not working after plugging controller: How to fix it?

Unable to hear any audio while playing God of War? Does the audio disappear on plugging in your controller? Well, we have a simple fix to tackle the issue. God of War PC was released on January 14, 2022, after the popular action-adventure game franchise broke their PlayStation-release-only rule. The release even broke Sony’s previous records on the PC platform, according to official player count statistics. Not only in terms of numbers, but the game itself is also wonderful and features an intriguing story. God of War is an award-winning franchise, after all. Fans are immensely happy with the game’s visual and sound design. Fortunately, the audio issue is something that can be easily fixed with a workaround. It’s actually not an issue on the game’s side. Read this article to know how to fix the “no audio when controller plugged in” issue in God of War PC.

5 Best Ways To Disable Background Apps on Windows 11

If you are using the Windows operating system, you might know that many apps run in the background. If you have sufficient RAM, you can run as many programs as you want in the background without worrying about the performance issue. However, if you don’t have sufficient RAM and experiencing...
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How To Install Android Apps On You Windows 11 Computer

Windows brought a lot of changes and exciting additions to the Windows ecosystem along with a revamped visual aesthetic. Among the numerous changes, Microsoft announced that people can install Android apps on Windows 11 computers. This was one of the biggest announcements, and it made Android users take notice. While...
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Fix GfxUI.exe High CPU usage on Windows 11/10

If in your Task Manager you see a process named GfxUi.exe consuming a lot of your resources, and are wondering what it is, then this post will be able to help you. Even though it is a genuine process, it is not supposed to consume high CPU, Memory or Disk usage. So, if GfxUI.exe is causing high CPU usage on your computer, then check out the article, to resolve the issue.

What graphics card do I have? Here’s how to check your GPU

If you want to play the best PC games on your rig, knowing what graphics card you have is crucial information. After all, a GPU released ten years ago will not be able to run modern graphically-demanding titles. Knowing what GPU you have makes it easier to see if your rig meets a game’s minimum requirements. But how can you find out what graphics card you have?

New to Windows 11? 8 Amazing Features You Need to Try

Microsoft released Windows 11's stable builds to the public following a long developer and beta testing phase. You might have updated to Windows 11 since it is generally available. If you did, it may take some time to get adjusted to Windows 11. There are many new features in Windows...
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Camera not working on Zoom in Windows 11/10

If your camera is not working on Zoom, this article may help you fix it. Some users have complained that their camera has stopped working on the Zoom app, whereas some users said that their camera shows a black screen while using the Zoom app. If the same thing is happening to you, you can try the solutions explained in this article in no particular order and see if they help.

How to Disable Device Advertising ID in Windows 11

Your Windows PC/Laptop also has a device advertising ID like your Android device. When you first install Windows 10/11, the unique advertising ID for each user profile on your computer is automatically generated. Also, With Advertising ID enabled, location-based apps can track and access your location to provide you with...
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Stardock's Start11 1.1 restores Start Menu folder support on Windows 11

A new version of the alternative Start Menu application for Windows 10 and 11, Start11, introduces support for Start Menu folders. Microsoft removed folder support from the Windows 11 Start Menu among other things. I reviewed Start11 back in October 2021 when Stardock unveiled it officially. The program replaces the...

Stardock’s Start11 1.1 lets you put folders in your Start Menu

A few months ago, Stardock released Start11, a utility that lets you make your Windows 11 Start Menu look more like the one on Windows 10 or Windows 7. It works the other way around too, letting you make your Windows 10 Start Menu look like the one from Windows 11. The company has a long history of releasing utilities that fix Microsoft’s Start Menu mistakes, going back to Start8 and the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8.

Stardock releases Start 11 1.1 including folders and Windows 10 layout import

The folks at Stardock are keeping our pal Brad Sams busy, today releasing an update to Start 11, the excellent 3rd party customizer for the Start Menu and Taskbar in both Windows 10 and 11. The $5.99 app lets you choose from several Start menu layouts, position the taskbar, restore the taskbar context menu, adds enhanced search capabilities, and a lot more.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11: All the Major Changes

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest Windows release, and with it comes a lot of promises and changes from Microsoft. From a fresh, modern look to brand-new features, Windows 11 is quite a bit different than Windows 10. While most of these differences are cosmetic, there are some notable changes...
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How to move the Start Menu in Windows 11

Annoyed with the centered Start Menu? We've got you covered. Windows 11 brings quite a few changes with it. While some of these changes have been liked, others have annoyed long-time Windows owners. One such controversial change has been the location of the Start Menu / Start button. Windows 11...