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Oklahoma Is Working To Freeze Daylight Savings

As many differences as we all argue about in our everyday lives, here's just another commonality that ties us together in agreement. Everybody hates adjusting their clocks for daylight savings twice each year. Admittedly, the Fall time change is usually easier on the body because most people take advantage of...
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Oklahoma Hunting for Gun Business

Oklahoma has its fair share of prime hunting. The most prized trophy for state lawmakers, though, might be getting their hands on firearm or ammunition companies. Oklahoma legislators recently held a hearing to figure out what they might do to bring gun-related businesses to the Sooner State. It’s an interesting development as states are increasingly taking note of the value of firearm-related businesses. Tennessee just landed Smith & Wesson for their new headquarters, manufacturing and warehousing. Texas recently passed laws to protect the firearm industry against discrimination by corporations. Now, Oklahoma wants gun and ammo companies to know that they’re open for business and are looking for ways to make rolling out a welcome mat look even more attractive.
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This Land Lager

Notes: Beer is arguably 10,000 year old. Many cultures throughout history have made their mark on beer culture both in flavor and innovation. However, when it comes to clean refreshing bier, few can rival the Germans. This Land Lager is a German-style Helles. Ask Brewmaster Eric Marshall about his favorite beer in the world and his eyes light up. It's the beautiful simplicity of the Helles.

Oklahoma Might Soon Be Home To A New Car Manufacturer

When we first talked about this possibility earlier this year, things were left up in the air. The deal for a new vehicle manufacturer to move to Oklahoma was still an idea, but as we move into the fourth quarter of 2021, things are looking good for new manufacturing jobs to come to the Sooner State.

If Tornado Sirens Ever Fail, This Oklahoma Man Has You Covered

Everyone has heard of the mythical exploits of Florida Man. The character is crazy, entertaining, and never fails to grab headlines. However, it is about time for a new character to make an appearance. Allow me to introduce you to Oklahoma Man. There aren’t any gators to catch in Oklahoma unless someone’s pet gets loose. However, the Sooner State has plenty of extreme weather.

More active than May: An October tornado recap

(KTEN) — Several rounds of severe weather brought heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes to the Sooner State this week. While spring is the main severe weather season in Oklahoma, fall is known as the “second” severe weather season for the state. This week’s active weather brought...

The Top 27 Bucket List Destinations in Oklahoma

While it isn’t usually what pops into your head when considering travel destinations, Oklahoma is an amazing place to visit. From awesome historic sites and beautiful natural areas to super fun museums and delicious food, this state has a little bit of everything, and we could easily spend weeks exploring it all.

Check Out The Public Mansions You Can Explore In Oklahoma

I'm convinced that most of what drives someone crazy is a lack of having a life. Social media has made this even worse as we tend to live our lives online rather than in person these days. Instead of doing the same thing day in and day out, maybe a little travel is just what you need.

Thunder Schedule: OKC Wraps Up Preseason Play This Week

After a nice little gap between Oklahoma City’s first preseason game and the second contest, the Thunder will play the rest of their three preseason contests this week. Starting on Sunday, the Thunder will visit the defending NBA Champions, and then return back to the Sooner State for a pair of contests against their division rivals, the Denver Nuggets.