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When big-rig trucks are required to get smog checks, California’s air will get better

In September the federal government determined that the San Joaquin Valley air district had attained a key milestone in its battle against pollution. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the Valley had reached attainment for a 24-hour standard of PM2.5 pollution. “PM” stands for particulate matter, the microscopic bits of air pollution that can get into a person’s bloodstream once inhaled. PM2.5 causes a multitude of health problems, including heart and respiratory disease.
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Oil, ag parry accusations they use too much water during drought

The second year of an extraordinary drought has revived a debate over whether two pillars of Kern's economy, oil and ag, are using more than their fair share of the state's precious water supplies. A coalition of environmental groups sent a letter Tuesday calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to take...
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Dry, warm November stalls winter plans for Tahoe resorts

Dry, warm conditions have stalled lifts, challenged snowmaking efforts, and kept skiers and riders from enjoying early season turns at local resorts. A significant storm at the end of October allowed resorts like Palisades Tahoe and Boreal Mountain Resort to have their earliest openings in several years while several other ski areas raced to begin the 2021-22 winter year.
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The loss of California Sequoias is tragic

Pretty much anyone who has had the privilege of standing next to one of the biggest, oldest giant sequoia trees understands the rush of awe. Here is a tree so burly, cars could — and once did — drive through a tunnel carved out of the massive trunk. (Thankfully, we don’t do that anymore.)

The American West went through #climate hell in 2021. But there’s still hope — The Los Angeles Times

From The Los Angeles Times (Sammy Roth, Tony Barboza, Anita Chabria, Ian James, Anna M. Phillips, Lila Seidman, Hayley Smith, Alex Wigglesworth and Rosanna Xia):. To visualize the hellishness of the climate crisis in 2021, look no further than General Sherman, the world’s largest tree, wrapped in fire-resistant foil to protect the legendary giant sequoia from flames burning a path of destruction through the Sierra Nevada.

Stanislaus County experiencing exceptional drought

Despite some rainy weather to start the fall season, a lack of recent precipitation coupled with pre-existing drought conditions means the need for water conservation in California is far from over. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor’s latest California map released on Wednesday shows that about 80% of the state is...

The Drought That May Never End

Last week, like many of you, I took a few days off work. I went up into the mountains, to Lake Tahoe, hoping to ski—the slopes at the nearby Northstar resort having been, as recently as a few days earlier, advertised as being open as of November 19. But when I got there, there was no snow. The weather had been so warm that all of the early-season October snows had melted away, and because it wasn’t freezing at night, the snow machines upon which the big resorts rely on to kick-start their seasons in November hadn’t been able to lay down artificial snow either. The slopes were shuttered, and, as I write this two weeks later, there’s still no definite opening date.