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Rare Cloned Wild Horse Joins Others Like Him at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo recently got a new addition. A rare cloned wild horse, Kurt, joins the zoo, and he serves an important purpose. The Twitter account for the San Diego Zoo tweeted about Kurt a few days ago. They shared a video with the caption: “Happy hooves. Kurt—the world’s first successfully cloned Przewalski’s horse—is thriving at the Safari Park thanks to mentorship from his partner Holly. The two were successfully introduced in 2021 & are critical to restoring genetic diversity in remaining P-horse populations.”
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San Diego, California

With warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters that evoke images of the Mediterranean, the so-called “Birthplace of California” certainly isn’t the worst place to put down roots. San Diego boasts the ideal climate to enjoy the city’s miles of world-class beaches, 340 parks and 40,000 acres...
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San Diego Zoo is probably the most famous zoo in the U.S and for good reason, it was recently voted the #1 zoo by thousands of voters on Tripadvisor. The San Diego Zoo has 660 Species 3,700 Animals on over 100 Acres. It is definitely one of the most beautiful...

Wild horse produced through cloning from DNA preserved 42 years ago

The endangered Przewalski's breed horse which was cloned in 2020 is now with others of his kind at the San Diego Zoo in US. The rare horse named Kurt was cloned from the DNA of a Przewalski's Horse that was frozen 42 years ago.To acquaint it with the wild surroundings, the horse has been introduced to a female of his species, named Holly. Wildlife care experts at the zoo hope that the introduction will result in Kurt learning the behaviors of a wild horse. It's hoped that once he reaches maturity in three or four years, he will be able to breed and bring more genetic diversity to his species, which had gone extinct in the past. ThePrzewalski's horse has survived for the past 40 years almost entirely in zoos around the world.Several wild herds have been reintroduced to their native habitat, the grasslands of China and Mongolia. (With inputs from AP) Also watch: Why Swiggy 'cannot hold its horses' while delivering your food