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Jim Jordan says Jan. 6 call with Trump happened after attack

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Wednesday told a House panel his Jan. 6 phone call with former President Trump took place after the attack on the Capitol, though he waffled on the possibility and timing of other calls. Why it matters: The Jan. 6 select committee is casting a wide...
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Media Roundtable; Jacksonville Music Experience: DJ Sessions

Today’s Media Roundtable discussed some of the top stories in the First Coast, including:. City Council President Sam Newby terminated the city’s police reform task force abruptly, shocking the committee’s chair, Councilwoman Joyce Morgan, and community activists who vowed to protest when City Council meets Tuesday. The working group’s vice chair, Councilman Michael Boylan, resigned from the committee Monday, saying community activists are unwilling to back down from their demands for a Civilian Review Board.

Illinois House Republicans push to end Pritzker’s ‘unilateral’ COVID-19 emergency orders

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Gray TV) -House Republicans are renewing their call for lawmakers to end Gov. JB Pritzker’s use of emergency orders during the pandemic. They argue the legislature should always have a voice in important decisions to share resident concerns and keep the executive branch in check. Republicans noted Pritzker had issued 91 executive orders since the pandemic started. They also said Democratic leaders of both chambers continue to prevent lawmakers from stepping in to discuss the changes.

Senator Wants State Hospital Staffing Info Made Public

State Sen. Sue Serino wants to make information about staffing shortages in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities available to everyone. Serino, R-Hyde Park, recently introduced S.7437 in the state Senate. It would require the state Health Department to post on its website the total number of people employed or affiliated with health care facilities, people who are no longer employed by the facilities, the number of requested personnel from the state Surge and Flex Operations Center and the number of people sent to health care facilities by the state. Serino’s bill calls for the information to be posted retroactively back to Aug. 16, 2021.

Steve Bannon suggests contempt vote is ‘set up’ from Joe Biden

Steve Bannon appears to believe that the contempt of Congress vote against him is a “set up” orchestrated by President Joe Biden. The former Trump White House Chief Strategist has refused to comply with the subpoena for documents and testimony from the January 6 Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot. Former President Donald Trump has sued the committee to avoid having any documents relating to the insurrection released to the investigation. He has also told his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to not cooperate with the committee. The House Rules Committee held a procedural vote on Wednesday...
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Illinois legislator pushes bill to allow inmates to vote from prison

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - A state representative says his bill to allow convicted felons behind bars to vote absentee in elections will pass the House. A state senator doesn’t see it happening. State Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago, said his amendment to House Bill 828 would make Illinois the third state in...

Jan. 6 probe getting very, very uncomfortable for Republicans

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio loves few things more than a bombastic interrogation, so long as he’s doing the interrogating. But when it came to answering a few meaningful questions while on the witness stand at a congressional hearing Wednesday, Jordan folded like an amateur in Vegas. Nearly three months...

Cheney presses Republicans to back Bannon contempt vote

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) pressured her Republican colleagues to support a vote to refer former Trump White House strategist Stephen Bannon for criminal prosecution, encouraging them to buck House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Cheney called on Republicans to back the contempt vote during an appearance at the House Rules...

Full House to vote on Steve Bannon criminal contempt referral tomorrow

Jan. 6 Committee Co-Chairs Rep. Thompson and Rep. Cheney appeared before the Rules Committee to make their case for holding Bannon in contempt. Also, as negotiations over key Biden agenda items continue today, Sen. Manchin emphatically denied a report that he was considering leaving the Democratic Party.Oct. 21, 2021.

Quinn again pushes voter initiative plan for city

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn was back in Evanston’s Civic Center Monday evening, pushing the idea of creating a ballot initiative process for the city. Undeterred by the rejection of a 2019 version of the plan by the courts, Quinn noted that local ballot initiative options exist in several other states and in many towns that house major universities.