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Colorado state senator explains his party switch

A state senator has thrown a big wrench into Republicans' hopes to take control of the Colorado State Senate this November.  A month ago, Sen. Kevin Priola switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. In his first in-depth interview since making the decision, Priola said he "has no regrets." For 15 years he campaigned as a Republican in Adams County. Now he is campaigning against Republicans, who have launched a recall effort against him. When Political Specialist Shaun Boyd asked Priola on Thursday about his decision, he cited Republicans' opposition to climate change legislation and support of President Donald...
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Abbott, O'Rourke to face off in only televised debate before election

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) — Greg Abbott and challenger Beto O’Rourke face off Friday night in the only televised debate before Election Day. Abbott carries the lead in polls showing it’s his race to lose. Political experts say that means during the debate O’Rourke has the most to prove.
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Republicans struggle with cohesive message on family policies post-

Republican efforts to advance new policies to support families have proceeded unevenly and haltingly despite pressure to act in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Republicans have proposed a range of federal and state measures to help mothers with unexpected pregnancies, such as added funding for...

Tribute to Women: Niese honored with Republican award

Denise Niese, a member of the Wood County Republican Women’s Club, was recently honored by the Ohio Federation of Republican Women with its Tribute to Women award. Niese was recognized for her accomplishments in support of the Republican Party, the Federation of Republican Women and her community. The event...

Sounding off: Borders, elections, abortion, turnpike among week's letter topics

I’m sick and tired of all this “open borders” claptrap. Our borders haven’t been open since 1883. Instead, there is a mess at the border, and it’s been that way for decades. In 2006, a bipartisan group in the Senate drew up a reform plan, but Republican House members torpedoed it, and immigration reform has been a joke ever since.

Shayne Looper: No angst over declining political clout

What changes would the Republican Party make if Christians, who have been a key bloc within their base, could no longer deliver enough votes to compete with Democrats for national offices? How would the party react to a 12 percent drop in giving from Christian donors over the next decade? Would they stick with the Christians?

The GOP’s 2022 Platform is a Grab Bag of Nuttiness

Let me say one word to you: Nuts. Now, let me say one name to you: Ted Cruz. They’ve become synonymous, with the Texas lawmaker perennially topping national lists of goofy, right-wing political goobers. Only, Ted can’t rightly be called a lawmaker, for he’s not a serious participant in that process, instead devoting his senatorship to political stunts and picking silly PR fights with a growing list of enemies.