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First woman Chess Grandmaster sues Netflix because The Queen's Gambit said she never faced men

Last year saw the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit become something of a lockdown hit: the show, based on a 1981 novel by the same name, follows chess prodigy Beth Harmon on her journey from playing in basements to playing the world's best in the Soviet Union. The show is a work of fiction. In portraying the journey of a young women player in an 'authentic' 1960s chess scene, however, the show now stands accused of denigrating the history of a woman who actually did it.
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‘The Queen’s Gambit’: No Season 2, But Emmy Winners Look To Reteam With Anya Taylor-Joy & More On Future Project

Even with an Emmy win for Best Limited/Anthology series and a tie with The Crown for the most Emmys this season at 11, don’t count on a second season, or even sequel movie, for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.  73rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Deadline’s Full Coverage “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I worry — let me put it differently — I’m terrified that if we try to tell more, we would ruin what we’ve already told,” said Emmy-winning director and EP Scott Frank on Sunday when asked by Deadline. Added EP William Horberg, “We’re all certainly going to...

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Star Anya Taylor-Joy On Connecting With Beth Through “Her Yearning To Be Part Of A World Where She Made Sense”

For Netflix’s limited series, The Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy felt compelled to tell the story of Beth Harmon, a young chess prodigy with a sheltered past who struggles with an addiction problem. While dealing with her addictions and navigating a new world, outside of the orphanage she grew up in, Harmon finds her purpose in chess. She aims to beat the grandmasters, while countering everyone’s preconceived notion that only men can be masters at chess. Taylor-Joy connected with the character on a deeper level, as a person searching to find a place where she fits in. DEADLINE: How did you get...
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6 DIY The Queen’s Gambit Group Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s been about a year since The Queen’s Gambit debuted on Netflix in October 2020. The chess-centric story of Beth Harmon’s rise as one of the first women chess players on the competitive circuit in the 1950s and ‘60s was a surprise hit and one of Netflix’s biggest shows of the year. With its recent 2021 Emmy wins, the show is back in the spotlight and ripe for use as part of this year’s Halloween costumes. So, these DIY The Queen’s Gambit group Halloween costumes are perfect for anyone looking to be both timely and fashionable.

If You Love ‘The Queen's Gambit’, Watch These Shows Next

It's the swinging sixties and chess is the name of the game. The 2020 breakout hit, The Queen's Gambit, stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, an introverted orphan turned child-prodigy in this Netflix series based on the Walter Tevis novel from 1983. The Queen's Gambit takes us to Beth's early years at a Kentucky orphanage, where she's sent after the death of her brilliantly smart but disturbed mother, and follows Beth's mastery of chess as she's taught the game by a kind janitor named Mr. Shaibel (Bill Camp), using the escape to the chessboard as a way to cope with the hardships of her young life.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Dominates the Emmy Craft Awards Across the Board

After becoming the must-see cultural phenomenon last year during the pandemic, Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” dominated the Creative Arts Emmys this weekend with nine awards. Scott Frank’s Cold War-era limited series about orphan chess prodigy Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) was honored across the board for casting, cinematography, period costumes, editing, period makeup (non-prosthetic), original dramatic score (Carlos Rafael Rivera), production design, sound editing, and sound mixing. We’ll have to wait and see if this translates to “The Queen’s Gambit” winning Outstanding Limited Series at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards on September 19. Regardless, Frank assembled a talented team of craftspeople (including cinematographer...

The Queen's Gambit: Mondo Music Release Of The Week

Mondo releases new vinyl special editions every single Wednesday. They are the ultimate edition of whatever they put out, featuring extensive liner notes, brand-new commissioned artwork, and always have a limited-edition size. The vinyl itself is usually colored or a photo disc, as well. Basically, it's like the Criterion Collection of movie and gaming soundtracks. This week sees the release of the soundtrack to one of the most acclaimed shows on Netflix, The Queen's Gambit. Featuring music by Carlos Rafael Riviera, the score is spread over two 140 gram colored discs and can be preordered this coming Wednesday at the Mondo Music Shop. Check it out below.
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The Queen’s Gambit: The Dance Songs of a Downward Spiral

Music supervisor Randall Poster walks us through the meaning of the retro hits from the Emmy-nominated episode. Except, no. She doesn’t. When Anya Taylor-Joy’s chess prodigy goes through her self-destructive spiral in the sixth episode, it’s set to these lines from Shocking Blue’s “Venus.” What she’s actually got is a bad pill and alcohol problem that’s preventing her from being on top of her game. But the music gives her crisis a good beat. She can dance to it.

‘The Queen’s Gambit: Watch the Music Video for the Emmy-Nominated Song ‘I Can’t Remember Love’

Netflix’s drama “The Queen’s Gambit” was one of the biggest TV sensations of 2020, and among its many period charms is a contender for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. “I Can’t Remember Love,” the melancholy piano-driven track from the limited series’ sixth episode, garnered attention from audiences not long after the show debuted on Netflix last October. Below, IndieWire premieres an exclusive music video for the song, which was performed by Anna Hauss, who co-wrote the music with Robert Wienröder. William Horberg, lyricist and “The Queen’s Gambit” executive producer, previously told IndieWire he suggested that Hauss sing the song live in the...

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit is still selling out chess boards

The release of Netflix’s chess drama, The Queen’s Gambit, coupled with three national lockdowns, has led to an increase in demand for chess sets, which are even selling out at some retailers.Four weeks after its release in October 2020, Netflix announced The Queen’s Gambit – a series that follows the life of an orphan chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon – had been watched by 62 million households, becoming the platform’s biggest scripted limited series to date.Almost a year on and three national lockdowns later, interest in the board game is still growing.Many chess sets and pieces sold by high-end supplier...

Where Is ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Filmed?

The Queen’s Gambit took the world by storm about a year ago, and the Netflix-original series wowed and delighted viewers across the globe. Fans of the series might be surprised to learn about where the bulk of the show was filmed, and that you can visit many of the filming locations of some of the most iconic scenes of the show. Learn more about The Queen’s Gambit, where it was filmed, and which locations you can visit below.