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Gnosia now available for PC

Playism has released Gnosia for PC (Steam), priced at $24.99. The release comes in the form of a shadowdrop during a Playism Game Show presentation. Gnosia is a 'sci-fi social deduction RPG' that borrows components from Mafia/Werewolf-style deduction games. It made RPG Site's top ten RPGs of 2021 while also winning our category award for Best Design and Immersion. For more thoughts on the game, you can check out Josh Torres' review of the Nintendo Switch release.
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The 10 Best PS Vita Games Of All Time

The PS Vita is one of the best handheld game consoles of ever from a design perspective. Unfortunately, its forward-thinking technology and excellent design didn't lead to massive sales. Sony only moved 18 million units during the Vita's short run, but hey, it did have an OLED screen long before Nintendo upgraded the Switch with the better display technology. The Vita was also great for remote play on PS4 and had a quietly impressive library. We've rounded up the best PS Vita games of all time.
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Zenith: The Last City, an Ambitious PSVR MMO, Launches 27th January

There was scepticism regarding PSVR when it first launched from fans perhaps burned by the PS Vita and other side-projects from Sony. But credit where credit is due: PlayStation has kept its virtual reality headset flush with software for over five years now. On the eve of PSVR2’s launch, then, there’s one major project stilly vying for your attention: Zenith: The Last City.

PlayStation 3 games appear priced on the PlayStation 5 Store

After the appearance, on the playstation5 Store, titles playstation3 priced, the question arises less and less as to a new backward compatibility to be expected on the side of Sony’s ghost machine. Nothing ever really goes out of fashion, since the world is such that he sometimes looks back...

Persona 4 Golden Rumored For Switch and PS4 In 2022, Persona 6 To Be a PS5 Exclusive

Persona 4 Golden was released on Steam and Atlus is working on a port for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, so it sounds like a safe bet that more games are coming. In a recent podcast, YouTuber NateTheHate and MVG discuss the release schedule of Nintendo Switch in 2022 and mention some of the things that they have heard regarding the announcements.

PS Vita/PSP: ARK (PSP/ePSP Custom Firmware) 9.7r2 released

We haven’t talked about ARK, the Custom Firmware for PSP (compatible with both PSP/Vita) in several years. But the project has been back in activity (thanks to Acid_Snake) for about a year now, so it’s high time we fixed this mistake: ARK is back, it’s been improved, so it’s high time we talked about this new release.
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Random: Fan-Made 'Next-Gen PlayStation Portable' Concept Imagines A World Where Sony Takes On Nintendo (Again)

Remember the shock of Sony entering the handheld market with the PSP? Many experts predicted that the sleek console would spell the end of Nintendo's dominance in the portable sector, and while the PSP was undoubtably a commercial success, it wasn't enough to unseat Nintendo's DS, which sold a whopping 154.02 million units worldwide (compared to the estimated 82 million units of the PSP).

Jeff Ross Wanted Resistance After Days Gone 2 Was Rejected

Jeff Ross has been all over the news recently. For those unaware, he was a Game Director for Bend Studio who made the recent open-world zombie title Days Gone. He has recently spoken up on the game and the drama behind it. Bend Studio and Jeff Ross didn’t get a...

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates H coming to Switch

Compile Hearts will release Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates H on Switch in Japan, the company just announced. The game, developed by Felistella, originally launched for the PS Vita in 2016. It has never seen an English localization. Here’s some information about the RPG, courtesy of Play-Asia:. Collaborating with developer...

Top 10 Games Turning 10 in 2022

Time only moves in one direction and we’re happy to remind you of that cold, unrelenting fact. As the calendar flips over to 2022 and we get excited for the slew of new titles that we’ll be playing this year it’s a good time to look back at how we got here. Back in 2012, gaming was in the middle of a transition. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were entering their final years as Sony and Microsoft’s primary game systems and Nintendo was finally seeing the 3DS find success as well as gearing up for the launch for Wii U. Oh and the PS Vita launched too! All in all, it was an exciting time and we’re going to look back at that era with the top 10 games turning 10 in 2022.

Counter Strike on the go? Someone ported the original game onto the Nintendo DS

The game runs smoothly on the old portable console – and it even cross-play with the PS Vita. Sometimes, you just want to play on the go. With online streaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now, you can play CS:GO on your mobile phone. But what if all you have is a Nintendo DS? Well, someone has successfully ported the tactical shooter game onto the venerable portable console.

Two PlayStation Exclusive Titles Have Shut Down Their Servers

PlayStation seems to be having a bit of a struggle with some of its exclusive titles already in 2022 as two of them shut down their servers. Over the holiday weekend, the decision apparently came down to formally end services to two game servers, those being Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars. While both games come with single-player content and doesn’t completely render them useless to play, it does take away a lot of what made them standouts to begin with as more than half of each game was based on the online content. We completely understand why both games were given the axe as, for one, they were both released in 2013 and 2014, respectfully, so they are older titles that only have dedicated players interacting with them. It may be small, but both still had loyal fans getting together to play them.

Someone Has Made Counter-Strike Playable On The Nintendo DS

If you've ever wanted to play Counter-Strike on something other than PC, now you can as someone has adopted it to the Nintendo DS. It's been 21 years since the original game was released by Valve, and while most people spend their days playing Global Offensive, there are still many who have a place in their hearts for the original version. So much so that when word came down that someone was attempting to port the game to a different system for remote play, it sparked a ton of chatter as people were anticipating what the new mod might look like. Now we have an idea as an Alpha has been created on the DS system.